Chapter 1016: Sleeping Dragon Cliff’s Origin

Chapter 1016: Sleeping Dragon Cliff’s Origin

Wo Longxuan began to contemplate. Only ancestor-level characters in the cliff knew about this secret, but now, this stranger named Chu Yuntian knew this many things. This was too shocking.

“There’s no need to be alarmed or have thoughts about killing me.” Li Qiye lazily looked at her: “Even if you were in your prime state, I would still kill you as easily as crushing a chicken.”

“Such a big tone! Maybe, if you were a Godking.” She coldly retorted. However, no matter how she tried, she couldn’t see the cultivation of this Chu Yuntian before her.

“Whether I am a Godking or not is not important. I don’t really worry about people of your level.” Li Qiye smiled and looked at her: “However, old dwellers of the depths, eh. If I really crushed you to death, it would be a huge shame. A bloodline like yours has not appeared for a very long time so it is quite precious, even more than an Immortal Medicine.”

“What do you want to do?!” She was shocked after hearing this. This Chu Yuntian knew too many things. He would be more dangerous than anyone if he had any bad ideas about her.

“What can I do?” He slowly glanced at her: “Am I going to drink your blood to nourish myself? Or should I rape you to give birth to my child? I won't do either.”

“Your race has a particular fishy smell so I won’t be drinking your blood. As for you bearing my child? I’m sorry to say that although your bloodline isn’t bad, it would be pushing it for you to bear my children. Even a woman with the bloodline of a true immortal wouldn’t necessarily be qualified to have my child.” Li Qiye teasingly winked at her and laughed.

She was livid after hearing this and glared at him while shaking. She was a great beauty. In both the northern sea and the Mortal Emperor World as a whole, she would be the focus no matter where she went, yet Li Qiye made it sound as if she was not worth a single coin.

She said with exasperation: “If you don’t have anything else, I want to meditate to heal.”

Li Qiye kept on looking at her and smiled leisurely: “Miss, don’t misunderstand, this is my room. You would be taking it over by doing something rude like that.” [1. The idiom here is a bit hard to translate, so it's localized. This is the literal translation — the guest acts as the host (idiom). The usual meaning is that it is a strategy to seize the advantageous situation, to have the host’s advantage. Li Qiye is using it to say that she is being rude.]

“Fine, are there any other rooms here? Let me have one.” She was going berserk from talking to him and struggled to get up.

Li Qiye swung his sleeve and stopped her from doing so: “Okay, I’m just joking with you. Even if you meditate for three to five years, you still wouldn’t be able to cure this wound. It is useless to rush it right now.”

She was quite angry and had just managed to quell this resentment. She coldly snorted and sat back down, still a bit irritated.

He looked at the angry girl and spoke: “Your defeat to the Jewel Pillar Saint Child is to be expected this time.”

Wo Longxuan was not down about it. She immediately replied: “Winning or losing is just part of the warrior’s way. This isn’t my first defeat anyway, so what’s the big deal? I’ll win next time!”

“You still don’t get it.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Jewel Pillar won’t give you a next time.”

His response caught her off guard. She coldly spoke: “You were secretly watching the entire time?”

“Wrong again.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I only saw the start of the fight but already figured out the outcome, so there was no need to keep on watching.”

“What do you mean? What else do you know?” She stared at him intensely.

Li Qiye smirked and didn’t answer. He lazily sat there while staring at her.

Wo Longxuan took a deep breath. In the end, she was still a sect master who had experienced many turmoils and was capable of letting go of her pride. She calmed her emotions and sat straight in a formal pose to look at Li Qiye: “This little sister has many questions. Please, Fellow Daoist, enlighten me.”

Despite dropping her posture, she was still as elegant and charming as ever.

“Some people say that women can change their attitude faster than one turning the page of a book. This saying is definitely correct.” Li Qiye smilingly quipped.

Wo Longxuan was annoyed once more, but she quickly controlled her emotions. She earnestly stared at him and spoke: “If Fellow Daoist only wants to tease me, then there’s nothing else I can do.”

She was in a disadvantageous state at this moment, so her soft demeanor made her seem quite amiable. Anyone — as long as they were a man — would like a sensible woman.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing her method. He nonchalantly sat there and asked: “What do you not understand?”

She pondered for a moment before lifting her head and spoke: “The Mortal King was different this time.”

“Because he was going all the way? Not giving up until he killed you?” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

She slowly confirmed: “That’s right, this didn’t happen in our last two fights after a victor was decided.”

Li Qiye chuckled: “Then why do you think he wanted to kill you? Is it because your potential poses a sufficient threat in the future, so he would rather kill you before your wings are fully grown? Or is it because you no longer have any value, so he might as well kill you to augment his prestige?”

Wo Longxuan mulled over the two possibilities. She couldn’t come up with an answer right away.

“You know, but he doesn't.” Li Qiye smiled: “Although the saint child is a bit talented, his level cannot enter my sight. You have an ancient bloodline that he and even the person behind him in the shadows don’t know about…”

“... You still have a long way to go, it is normal to lose to him. First, you have only just begun to tap into your bloodline and are far from taking the next step. Second, he has seen your cliff’s dao laws, so you have lost your value as a training tool. The only thing that’s left for you in his eyes is to act as a stepping stone. He will kill you to show his might to the rest of the world.” Li Qiye paused here and stared at her.

She was quiet for a moment before finally lifting her head to ask: “You mentioned this person behind him, who is he?”

“Who do you think?” Li Qiye answered with a question.

She pondered for a moment before speculating: “A very, very powerful existence. Even though I lost to the Mortal King, I was still confident in leaving alive! The moment the Mortal King gave chase, I fled very far away in an instant. He did not give up and continued his pursuit…”

“I know that your dragon cliff has a particular escape art. Indeed, if you wanted to escape, the saint child, who is not versed in speed, would definitely not be able to catch up to you.” Li Qiye interjected.

“However, there was someone who suddenly ambushed me. That person was very powerful and I couldn’t see their face. I immediately felt danger and summoned a secret treasure from my sect to shatter the void and escape.” She was palpitating while recalling the event. The ambusher was too powerful. If she didn’t use a massive amount of blood energy to summon her secret treasure, she wouldn’t have been able to escape and would have been killed by that person.

“Then it is correct. It shows that the saint child was only using you as a sharpening stone.” Li Qiye claimed.

“You mean, this was just an experiment?” She was both startled and skeptical.

He continued: “That’s one way to put it. Judging from his recent battles, you can see that he is trying to find the most suitable offensive method. Think about it, who did he fight recently and what were the results?”

She pondered for a moment before speaking: “You could say that the Mortal King has challenged all the most famous youths in the Mortal Emperor World. Jikong Wudi, Zhan Shi, Lin Tiandi, Bai Jianzhen, Mei Suyao…”

“Normally, he would lose on the first challenge. During the second, he would have the chance to even the score.” Li Qiye said.

Wo Longxuan replied: “There are indeed signs of that. It was true when I fought him, and the same goes for Jikong Wudi. He lost to Jikong Wudi the first time and won the second. That was quite difficult to imagine for the people back then. No one thought that he could win because everyone knew that Jikong Wudi had an absolute advantage during the first battle!”

“This is because it is not just the saint child fighting, but also someone else. The person behind him in the shadows.” Li Qiye said: “One hundred wars to become a deity; one hundred victories to become an emperor. The saint child is not an extremely brilliant person. He requires countless battles to gain experience, borrowing war to find his enemies’ weaknesses to make up for his own!”

Li Qiye paused for a bit here: “The saint child is not afraid of losing because he knows full well that he won’t die due to the great person protecting him! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be going around the world asking to fight. This is proven because if he was truly a fanatic for battle or someone who loves cultivating, he would have challenged people in the past already.”

“He is a cautious person!” Wo Longxuan had a good understanding of him after fighting with the Mortal King.

“Yes, he is quite cautious.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But now, everyone is calling him a War Fanatic. Is he truly in love with battle to the point of insanity? No! He is only using others to sharpen himself.”

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