Chapter 1013: The Hat Wearing Youth’s Identity

Chapter 1013: The Hat Wearing Youth’s Identity

“Leave life and death to fate!” She coldly said: “Let’s get started.”

With that, more splashing sounds came about. The tides rose again as she became ethereal, as if she was standing on a vast and endless sea.

“Good, let’s go.” The Mortal King didn’t waste time either.

“Buzz!” His Hell Suppressing Physique erupted. As he slowly floated off the ground, cracking sounds could be heard. The void itself shattered beneath him.

Many people shivered at this sight. An older character took a deep breath and murmured: “So powerful! Immortal Physiques are indeed unique. Even time and space was crushed.”

“Rawrr!” A loud cry resounded. Wo Longxuan casually unleashed an attack. A gigantic monster descended from the sky, creating great explosions. The entire sky shook in response.

“Draconic Whale! A primeval existence from legends!” A spectator cried out after seeing the monstrous creature diving down from the sky.

It was gigantic and spanned for miles, instilling fear in the hearts of the spectators. It resembled both a dragon and a whale; its body was that of a whale, but it had the head of a true dragon.

Its attack carried a world-destroying power that was sent towards the Mortal King. However, the Mortal King didn’t take a single step back against such tyrannical might. He met the Draconic Whale's attack with a fierce punch.

“Boom!” The impact shook the entire Buddhist Funeral Plateau. The gigantic creature instantly shattered against his punch. Its size was not enough to stop a fist from his Immortal Physique.

Only one drop of seawater was left behind after the monster disappeared. This shocked many people as well. Turning one drop of water into a Draconic Whale — this was quite a heaven-defying technique.

“My turn!” The king shouted after his swift dispatch of the whale. He spread out his palm and the sky suddenly turned dark. The entire location was plunged into darkness.

With the power of his physique, his palm immediately suppressed the heavens. Even paragons would tremble before its might. Ordinary paragons would be crushed underneath its power.

Wu Longxuan shifted her body with the movements of a dragon and the agility of a fish in the sky. She instantly dodged the palm and appeared outside of the firmament.

At this time, among the vast expanse above, she casually made her move and a great ocean appeared behind her. Fortunately, she was standing out in space at this moment. Otherwise, this great ocean would drown the entire plateau.

“My thoughts exactly. Let’s fight in space so that we don’t have to hold back.” The Mortal King shouted and leaped into the sky with one stomp. He headed for space then instantly sent another punch towards Wo Longxuan.

“Come, let us go watch.” The spectators couldn’t see them when they were out in space. The more powerful cultivators all ascended to the firmament.

“The outcome is already decided.” Li Qiye only chuckled while shaking his head after taking a quick glance. He didn’t fly out into space and instead turned around to leave.

“Brother, where are you going?” The youth with the flat hat immediately followed behind him.

“Going to take a stroll around. There are too many places at the plateau to check out.” Li Qiye slowly walked while speaking.

“Haha, I don’t have anything else to do either, I’ll just go with you then.” The youth followed Li Qiye.

Li Qiye paused and turned around to look at the youth before speaking leisurely: “What do you want to do? Trying to figure me out?”

“Ah…” The youth quickly stood up straight and cried out indignantly: “Brother, you are falsely accusing me. I just want to befriend you, yet you are mistaking it as having an ulterior motive.”

Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly said: “Sikong Toutian, others might not recognize you, but you cannot wash away that profiteer’s smell of yours.”

The youth immediately took several steps back with a shocked expression. He cautiously glared at Li Qiye: “Who are you?!”

Li Qiye smirked and said: “Who do you think?”

“Is, is it really you?” The youth was not completely certain and cried out: “Young Noble Li, no, Boss, is it really you?”

Li Qiye turned back into his true self before reassuming the form of Chu Yuntian again a second later. He smiled: “Sikong Toutian, having mischievous ideas about me is not a clever move.”

The youth quickly transformed as well. It was indeed that scoundrel Sikong Toutian. However, he looked around real quick before turning back into the hat-wearing youth.

“Ohhh. Boss, it really is you. No wonder why I couldn’t see through you.” He rubbed his palms together and tried to curry favor: “I should have guessed earlier that it was you, but I couldn’t confirm it. The only person in this world with a transformation technique that I can’t see through has to be you, Boss.”

He was very adept at transformation arts. It would be difficult to find someone as skillful as him in this regard. When Li Qiye came, he couldn’t see through him so he became suspicious and approached. He didn’t expect for the guy to actually be Li Qiye.

He beamingly smiled and said: “I heard Boss wanted to go to the Sacred Nether World, so I didn’t expect you to come back and immediately flex your might. In a furious rage, you massacred a grand army until rivers were overwhelmed with the Blood-devil Tribe’s blood…”

“Okay, don’t pretend to be so obsequious.” Li Qiye interrupted him while smiling: “Are you up to no good again?”

“Boss, what are you saying?” Sikong Toutian immediately swore: “This lowly one is your biggest fan, I heard about your conquest of the nine heavens and view you as my pride and glory…”

“Okay, I accept your sentiment.” Li Qiye smiled: “If you didn’t do anything bad, then why do you need to change your face at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau? Why the need to hide if you have no enemies here?”

“Ohh, Boss, you have the wrong idea.” Sikong Toutian laughed out loud: “This lowly one has retired, I have changed completely. I want to be a virtuous and kind person with love, justice, and continuous self-betterment…”

He continued to flaunt excessively while Li Qiye only smiled and looked at him without interrupting.

After he was finished with his long spiel, he couldn’t brag any longer as he became tired. He knew full well that he could hide from others, but definitely not from Li Qiye.

“Ah, Boss, here’s how it is.” He coughed and explained: “I only want to go visit a few temples. Nothing much really, maybe pick up a few souvenirs here and there to take back home.”

Li Qiye naturally knew what these “souvenirs” were. He looked at the guy again and said: “You already have too many treasures to count. And as for you lying and scheming all day, this is an affront to your Heaven’s Mystery Valley’s prestige.”

Sikong Toutian didn’t know how to reply. He smiled wryly: “Boss, I don’t want to do this either, but, but this is my chronic illness. If I don’t steal something each day or swindle anyone, I will feel incredibly uncomfortable all around.”

“This is a disease with no cure.” Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and could only shake his head.

Sikong Toutian laughed in response as well: “Boss, recently, that Mortal King has been acting very bullish. When will boss take him down a notch and let him know that you are the only invincible person in the nine heavens and ten earths?”

“Why, have you done something that warrants his attention?” Li Qiye glanced at him and smirked. How could he not know that this guy was thinking?

Sikong Toutian said: “Haha, I cannot be blamed for this. It can only be said that he was acting too bullish as he claimed to have the number one Immortal Physique. Moreover, his school’s disciples have been acting very arrogant as well, causing trouble everywhere as if they were the number one sect in the Mortal Emperor World. And so, my hands suddenly became itchy and I stole from his ancestral graves!”

“This is a very good thing. Wait until he captures you and grinds you to dust.” Li Qiye smiled. It would be strange if the Mortal King didn’t want to destroy someone who dug out his ancestral graves.

“I only stole a few treasures from there, does he need to act so crazily?” Sikong Toutian didn’t seem to mind at all and laughed.

Although the guy was not famous in the current generation, and what little fame he had was not of the good kind either, this didn’t mean that he was weak. He actually wasn’t afraid of the Mortal King since he came from the mysterious Heaven’s Mystery Valley and had great resources!

“Alas, Boss, it is not me trying to cause trouble, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.” He told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Let me be the judge of that. Say it.”

“The Jade Pillar School wants to take Miss Chen back. They are saying that since she came from the school and her family is also there, they hope that she would go back.” He explained.

The Miss Chen he referred to was Chen Baojiao.

Li Qiye only smiled in response. It was no wonder that the school would have this idea. Chen Baojiao had become powerful, so it would only be natural for them to want her back.

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