Chapter 1010: Buddhist Funeral Plateau

Chapter 1010: Buddhist Funeral Plateau

After leaving the Holy City, Li Qiye went to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau alone. Because he was not in a hurry, he cultivated during the trip as well.

Back during the fight against the Blood-devil Tribe, he devoured half of the treasure blood from the kingdom. This was extremely nutritious to him and also gave him other benefits, thus he needed to digest it in order to fully utilize it.

At the same time, after unlocking the seal on his dao foundation, he became like a tiger that had just left the mountain. His foundation was already solid before, but after the sealing, he refined it once more. After removing the seal, if he were to enter the Virtuous Paragon realm right now, his cultivation path would surge greatly.

Of course, he was not in a rush to begin the path of heaven by rushing to open a heavenly dao. He slowly took his time and refined his dao foundation some more.

In his eyes, he must complete the Nine Ants. Right now, he had created the three vessels, but there was still a long way to go. In order to perfect the nine ants, he needed them to work together and not stay as independent existences.

At the same time, Li Qiye also had his own idea about his heavenly dao. He wanted to fuse together several supreme things in order to create a supreme grand dao that belonged only to him. It should be capable of being referred to as the number one dao across all eons! Thus, the path was still far off. This was only the beginning, he had a long way to go.

Despite his training along the way, it didn’t take long before he eventually entered the plateau.

The Buddhist Funeral Plateau was at the westernmost point of the Barren Earth. It covered a large expanse, to the extent that no one knew how big it was.

It was considered the highest location in the Mortal Emperor World, the place closest to the firmament.

One could see the clear blue sky once they entered the plateau, as if they could touch it by merely reaching out with their hand. In this place, people could truly feel the immensity of this world.

There was also a majestic sensation. However, this aura was not overbearing or rough at all. It had an indescribable gentleness, like the gentle breeze of spring that would welcome all newcomers or like a mother softly caressing her children.

One would forget many things upon entering. This gave the gentle feeling of home. People would become lost in this sensation!

They would faintly hear the sounds of Buddhist chants. It didn’t come from any other place but from the depths of their own hearts. It was as if there was a Buddha meditating inside.

“Buddhist Funeral Plateau…” Li Qiye entered and felt the Buddhist sensation touching his face. He couldn’t help but murmur: “After millions of years, it has continued to become stronger. I am actually eager to see if the day will come when the Buddhist doctrine will defeat all else!”

Li Qiye smiled while looking at this blue world that was so close to the sky before continuing on.

Despite being the highest location in the Mortal Emperor World, it was not a difficult place to get to. On the contrary, there were people everywhere here.

There were a lot of followers in this place. They would bow after every step. Many of them were cultivators; even those ones respectfully headed for the depths of the plateau.

There were towns everywhere in this place. Of course, there were more temples of the Buddhist faith. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there was one temple for every peak.

Their sizes varied. Some only consisted of one room while others carried a grand aura with more than ten thousand monks as if it was a huge city.

The Buddhist Funeral Plateau was one of the twelve burial grounds. Many people would shiver when talking about these burial grounds since they understood the dangers within.

However, no one would sense anything dangerous after entering the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. This was a place with Buddha in every household and temples everywhere. Visitors and worshipers were abundant in this prosperous land. No one would believe that this was considered a dangerous ground.

No one knew why it was considered one of the twelve. Some even said that it was safer than anywhere else in this world. There were no inter-sect disputes here. It was very peaceful because the citizens and cultivators here had taken up the Buddhist doctrine. Thus, they rarely competed in mundane matters.

Because of this, very few people knew why this plateau was listed among places like the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground or the Prime Ominous Grave.

Buddhism was in decline. In the nine worlds, there were fewer than few Buddhist lineages. However, there was only one doctrine in the plateau, Buddhism!

Many people would bring up the Nalanda Temple after talking about the plateau or the Heavenly Buddhist Kingdom. However, not all the temples here were under the jurisdiction of the Nalanda Temple.

Among the thousands upon thousands of monasteries here, only eighteen temples were not under Nalanda’s order.

In this place, there were many cultivators who came from the other great lineages in this world; some even from the other eight worlds.

Legend states that those who stayed at the plateau for a long time, regardless of whether they were mortals or cultivators, would start to gain an affinity towards Buddhism. Even the most powerful cultivators would join Buddhism after a long time.

It was a land of Buddhism, so not many experts were willing to stay here for long. They were afraid of the plateau affecting their dao heart.

Of course, there were also those with strong dao hearts who liked to come here. They wanted to borrow the power of the plateau to train their dao heart. Nevertheless, some failed and from then on would become members of the Buddhist doctrine.

Li Qiye walked among the plateau and saw all sorts of people. There were mortals, cultivators, humans, Bloods, demons, golems… People came and went, resulting in a very bustling community.

Gold and jade, as well as green bricks and white tiles, painted the numerous temples in a glorious splendor. There were also more humble temples in the form of huts…

Anyone would be astounded by the number of temples in this place. Perhaps there were more temples here than the rest of the nine worlds combined; the number from the other worlds might not reach ten percent of the ones here.

Li Qiye felt the buddhist affinity in this place with each passing step. He remained nonchalant and carefree. Even though this Buddhist presence in the plateau was unfathomable, it couldn’t affect Li Qiye’s dao heart in the slightest.

At this time, a small distortion came about. Li Qiye stopped and took out an item. It was the yellow silk cloth.

A little figure condensed on the cloth. This was the existence that Li Qiye called “little girl”.

The voice of the little figure was very pleasant and clear. She asked with surprise: “Where are you at?”

Li Qiye smiled: “Buddhist Funeral Plateau. Oh? Why do you suddenly feel interested? I’ve been to many places, but you didn’t seem to care before.”

“Because there is a force I’m familiar with in this place!” The little figure tilted her head and said: “Buddhist Funeral Plateau… I’ve never heard of it before.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Because it didn’t have this name back then. Later on, a person named Di Shi came and changed this location, giving it the name Buddhist Funeral Plateau.” [1. Di Shi means Buddhist Emperor. You have seen him being talked about before back in the Heavenly Academy Arc. I don’t know if this is a title or name, but Di Shi fits better here.]

“Di Shi?” The small figure tilted her head as if trying to recall this person in her memories.

Li Qiye slowly said: “He is an extremely ancient existence to the point where people have forgotten the era he lived in, to the point where people have forgotten the existence of the person with the name Di Shi.”

The little figure was unconvinced and said with a sneer: “Hmph, even older than me?”

Li Qiye smiled: “Don’t be like that. Although you are an old grandma who can’t get any older, there are even older eras. There’s no need for me to say more about this matter.”

“You…” The little figure was quite furious after hearing this. It coldly spoke: “Bah, you’re the old grandma!”

Li Qiye continued on: “What is this force that you are familiar with? Since you don’t know the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, it wouldn’t be the Buddhist affinity.”

“A very powerful force, it controls everything in this place.” The little figure carefully sensed it and shook her head: “I have lost my body so I can’t feel it completely.”

“I know what it is.” Li Qiye answered: “Because there is a broken pot here, an unfathomable pot. You should know what it is.”

“Are you talking about that pot?” The little figure was startled before shouting: “Yes, you are right, I’ve sensed it now, it is that thing!”

“That thing has been here for a very long time.” Li Qiye chuckled: “One thought to become Buddha, one thought to become Devil... such a heaven-defying item… Alas, Di Shi was one step earlier than anyone else!”

“It is an unequaled item.” The little figure added: “If you can get ahold of this item, then you will simply be able to flip the heavens over. Meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil!”

“Killing gods and devils?” Li Qiye smirked: “Even without this thing, I can still meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil!”

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