Chapter 1008: Meeting

Chapter 1008: Meeting

One battle to shock the world; the great Blood-devil army was annihilated; its overlords were murdered. Even the leader who was considered the greatest after Immortal Emperor Chen Xue couldn’t escape death.

Blood flowed through the ruins and filled the Barren Earth. Even after several days, the stench of blood remained. Anyone who smelled it would shiver uncontrollably.

In just one night, the southern region was silenced. The once-arrogant Blood race and all the other powerful existences, including Godkings and those buried underground, were all quiet.

“The Blood-devil Tribe won’t be able to rise for another three generations.” Even a Blood ancestor spoke forlornly.

All of their ancestors had died in this battle. From now on, it wouldn’t be an easy task for the fallen tribe to rise again.

Some felt sorry while others were ambivalent about the end of the Blood-devils. Of course, there were those who were celebrating as well… The tribe that been started by Wang Dongtian’s generation had flourished too much. They were unified, unyielding, and ruthless. Eventually, they became the biggest branch among the Blood Race of this region.

Ultimately, he was the reason for their downfall. The great efforts of several generations were all ruined due to his ambition! He was both their hero and sinner.

On the second day after the destruction of the Blood-devils, a different branch of the Blood Race, the Crimson Night Kingdom, sent out a message about the inauguration of their new king.

They supported a new king overnight. Moreover, this new king was an unknown disciple from the kingdom — Si Yuanyuan!

A few disciples in the kingdom couldn’t help but ask: “Who is Si Yuanyuan?”

A fameless disciple suddenly became the new king — this was a very difficult matter to accept, especially within a kingdom that had two emperors.

However, no one dared to question her crowning because something terrifying had happened in the kingdom on the day prior.

A few people managed to find out the real story. On that night, a very ancient Godking of the kingdom came into being. He personally exiled the majority of the imperial family, including more than ten ancestors.

“Immortal Emperor Chi Ye’s first branch once again has control over the kingdom. All of the Storm God’s confidants were either dismissed from their post or banished!” An informed person secretly sent out this news.

The appearance of this old Godking allowed Si Yuanyuan to become the new ruler overnight. It was a done deal, no one could do anything about it.

The complete transfer of power was the Thunder Tower Lord’s promise to Li Qiye. At the same time, this was a chance for rebirth for the kingdom.

This was because Si Yuanyuan was not only a person held in high regard by Li Qiye, the Bloodbull Godfiend had the same opinion of her. This had quite some significance for the kingdom.

Even though it was impossible to avoid spilling blood in this internal power struggle, they had an opportunity to escape the same fate as the Blood-devil Tribe.

“The Blood Race is changing completely, this is the passing of an era!” A wise man from the Blood Race recognized that something was amiss. The transformation of two great branches in the Blood Clan meant that the Bloods in the southern region would move in a different direction from now on!


While the southern region underwent these changes, Li Qiye and Su Yonghuang’s group had returned to the Holy City.

Inside their residence, a pleasant voice could be heard. This was a relaxing Buddhist chant with an unspeakable mysticism.

Su Yonghuang entered the room to find Li Qiye lying on Chen Baojiao; his head was resting on her firm and plump breasts while his legs were placed on Li Shuangyan. He closed his eyes and had a very comfortable and pleased expression.

Li Shuangyan was holding a Buddhist scripture and reading the profundities of this faith out loud to Li Qiye. At the same time, Chen Baojiao was peeling fruits and gently feeding them to her Young Noble.

Su Yonghuang, as the master, angrily glared at him after seeing him enjoying this situation so much. Alas, he deserved this type of emperor-like treatment. It was nothing compared to his overall accomplishments.

Li Qiye didn’t bother opening his eyes and gently tapped the chair next to him while leisurely speaking: “Sit down.”

Su Yonghuang sat down next to him despite being annoyed by his complacent state: “Don’t forget, I am your master!”

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes to look at Su Yonghuang who was within his reach and smiled: “I know, you took advantage of me.”

“Who would want to take advantage of you!” Even the noble Su Yonghuang had a hint of coquetry as she glared at him. [1. The word for coquetry here can be problematic and situational in an English translation. Coquetry/flirting/coy/childish are all part of this word, 嗲. As a noun, it refers to someone who speaks and acts in an overly gentle way that others can't resist feeling charmed or frightened. As an adjective, it describes the extremely gentle quality of one's tone or actions. The word originated in Shanghai in the first half of the 20th century. It is believed that "dia" was derived from the English word "dear". When Shanghai people first embraced "dia" in their everyday talk in the 1960s, a Shanghai newspaper launched a series of debates over it. Conservatives held that "dia" described a woman who intentionally plays up her feminine character to allure men. They saw it as a negative word. However, others argued that the word could be used in a positive sense and should be accepted. Now, the word can mean "good" or "wonderful", although it more often emphasizes a woman's appearance and inner qualities. I suppose the equivalent for Koreans would be Aegyo.]

Li Shuangyan stopped her chanting. Even someone as cold as her couldn’t help but simper.

Su Yonghuang looked over at her then to Chen Baojiao and spoke with a noble aura: “You are resting on a beauty’s chest in this debaucherous manner while listening to Buddhist chants, don’t you think this is disrespectful to Buddha?”

“You are mistaken there. In this vast world, I am the greatest. Just a Buddha is nothing. And even if Buddha was the greatest in this world, doesn’t he love all the common people? Anyway, he is not that different from us.” Li Qiye smilingly replied in a carefree manner.

“Then why are you listening to his scriptures?” Su Yonghuang was curious. She had never seen him listen to these chants before. It had always been Li Shuangyan reading the grand dao writings to him.

“Because I am Buddha and Buddha is me. I am not listening to the Buddhist Scripture, I am accepting the charm of the Buddhist doctrine.” Li Qiye smiled: “This is like a top class chef enjoying the delicacies cooked by another chef!”

“What are you trying to say?” Su Yonghuang wasn’t expecting this response and stared at Li Qiye who was still resting on Chen Baojiao’s milky breasts.

Li Qiye got up at this time to face Su Yonghuang. The two were only inches from each other, so close that they could even hear each other’s breathing. He gently lifted her beautiful chin while she looked into his profound eyes, letting him do as he pleased.

“Look at me, yes, just like that.” Li Qiye spoke in a bewitching manner, causing others to be lost in his voice.

The two continued to stare at each other. Li Qiye carefully looked at her bright eyes. His gaze pierced through her pupils and could reach the deepest part of her mind.

At this time, both Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao thought that Li Qiye was going to flirt with her, so they couldn’t help themselves from chuckling.

He continued to stare at her while her breathing became more rapid. A strange and misleading atmosphere arose, causing her heart to beat faster.

“A complete Yang Saint Physique is worthy of its fame!” Li Qiye let go of her chin and nodded: “This is a very pure version of the Extreme Yang Physique and can absolutely be considered unrivaled. You will reach grand completion before Li Shuangyan, so if she manages to surpass you... that would be too big of a letdown.”

Su Yonghuang glared at him and snappily retorted: “Letting you down? Those words should be coming from me since I’m your master!”

Li Qiye sat back down and rested on Chen Baojiao’s chest once more before smiling leisurely: “Don’t forget that it was me who taught you the supreme law.”

Su Yonghuang snorted in response and spoke while looking at him: “I have something to tell you. Half a year ago, a woman came to our sect.”

Li Qiye didn’t really care, so he casually asked: “Who?”

Su Yonghuang responded: “A woman who calls herself the Middle Continent Princess! She almost flipped our sect over and only left after she heard that you weren’t there.” [2. Princess Zhong Zhou, ship arc.]

“Middle Continent Princess!” He immediately sat up with a serious expression after hearing this.

“I almost forgot to tell you about this.” Chen Baojiao quickly added: “It is that Earth Immortal back at the corpse burial ground. Young Noble, in our opinion, she is definitely antagonistic towards you.”

“She is very powerful. I don’t think anyone in our sect can stop her. If you know her, then you should know that it would have been easy for her to destroy our sect back then.” Su Yonghuang spoke solemnly.

As the sect master, she must always be thinking about the safety of the sect.

“What did she say?” Li Qiye slowly asked while looking at Su Yonghuang.

“She wanted to meet someone named Chu Yuntian and was unrelenting about it!” She answered.

Li Qiye became silent after hearing this. This was an ill-fated connection inadvertently caused by him. In the end, it still had to come.

He eventually lifted his head and inquired: “What else did she say?”

Su Yonghuang said: “Before leaving, she said that if we find Chu Yuntian, tell him to come to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, she will be staying there for a while.”

Having said that, she glanced back at Li Qiye and revealed: “She also added that if Chu Yuntian doesn’t come to see her, she swears to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect one day!”

Li Qiye sighed softly after hearing this. This was started by him so it should be ended by him. Who would have thought that after so many years, this ill-fated connection would still remain?

“Who is Chu Yuntian?” Su Yonghuang noticed something from Li Qiye’s expression and asked: “Why did she come to Cleansing Incense to find Chu Yuntian?!”

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