Chapter 1007: Turned Into Ashes

Chapter 1007: Turned Into Ashes

No one could see what was happening inside the chaos, but they could imagine the horrifying hell within from just listening to the pitiful screams.

Many were alarmed by this murderous aura; even existences sealed for many years got up from fear and became completely pale.

“Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation…” Inside Heavenguard, a very old ancestor gazed towards the horizon. He was both moved and excited as he murmured: “His Excellency has taken action. The nine heavens and ten earths shall quake in fear, the gods and emperors all have to prostrate!”

The several seclusive clans in the Holy City were alerted as well. Their archaic ancestors woke up after sensing the murderous aura that crushed all things. These ancestors didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad. One of them murmured: “The supreme glory, the pride of our human race! But how many corpses did it take to reach this level?”

“Shit, it’s just like the legends!” Inside the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain, the youth was also frightened and spoke in horror: “When an everlasting existence like this reveals his ace, even Immortal Emperors won’t want to mess with him! My luck really has to be the worst, having to meet him! Foolish Blood-devils, they don’t even know who they provoked!”

Even in the distant south, the Blood Primal Ground was roused. There were quite a few old ancestors awakening with expressions paled from the horror.

“Ancestor, if this continues, I’m afraid the entire Blood-devil Tribe will be wiped out.” An ancestor spoke his mind to the Bloodbull Godfiend.

The godfiend still didn’t come into being. He remained lying in the coffin and answered: “All of you will never know what he is capable of. Only death awaits those who try to stop him. This has been true for many eons, so how can we stop him? The Blood-devil Tribe needs this lesson anyway. They have become too arrogant and think that they can rule the Blood Race of the nine worlds in place of our primal ground, so much so that they would pay any cost to make it happen! One day, they might even cooperate with the fallen! They have sought their own destruction, so let them be.”

The other ancestors could only sigh after listening to the godfiend.


Inside the battlefield shrouded in chaos, fewer and fewer screams could be heard. Eventually, with a loud battle cry, someone wanted to rush out of the chaos by flying straight into the air. This was the leader who was praised to be the greatest leader of the Blood Race after Immortal Emperor Chen Xue.

However, he was laden with wounds and covered in blood like a dog that had lost its owner; he no longer resembled an invincible Godking.

“Emperors! Lend me your imperial blood, give us strength…” Vast runes emerged around his body as he tried to break out of the chaos so that he could reach the kingdom above to use its imperial blood.

However, he didn’t have this chance. Before he could finish speaking, a bright ray shot out with a buzz.

“Pluff!” Blood spurted in the air. He yelped miserably and fell back into the chaos. His shrill cry echoed for a long time.

The Blood-devil Tribe spent so much effort to open the kingdom of blood, yet they weren’t able to use it. In their plans, as long as they could open the kingdom and borrow the power of the emperors, the protection of the deities, and the imperial blood, they would be able to crush all enemies. Even Godkings would surely die under such immense power.

However, they didn’t know who they were facing and had greatly underestimated Li Qiye. They didn’t have time to borrow the imperial blood and the emperors’ power from the kingdom before being annihilated by the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation.

“Xshh!” Another beam of light rushed out from the chaos. It instantly shattered the kingdom of blood’s portal and pierced the kingdom itself.

If the kingdom in the sky was a powerful heart, then this beam of light that pierced it was a sharp knife with a bloody groove. Stabbing with it would result in a great amount of bleeding.

Sure enough, a splash could be heard after this beam pierced the kingdom. This huge volume of treasure blood that resembled a glossy, liquid cornelian poured down. It was extremely precious. Keep in mind that this kingdom had been refined by the longevity blood of three Immortal Emperors.

After the initial penetration, the beam of light drained the blood at a terrifying speed and ended up taking more than half of the treasure blood. At the same time, the kingdom reacted. One could see the sealing of the deities as the three supreme figures attacked with their Immortal Emperor laws. Each law turned into individual defensive runes in an attempt to stop the blood-sucking beam. At the same time, they began to retreat.

“Rumble!” A series of explosions resounded. The kingdom sealed the portal and began to move. It slowly disappeared from the sky. It was a lot dimmer compared to earlier. Half of its treasure blood was taken by Li Qiye’s formation.

The chaos also disappeared with the kingdom’s retreat. Li Qiye finally emerged in sight with a pale expression! This was because he had used an extreme method to initiate the formation and expended a huge amount of blood energy. Even the Ginseng Ancestor wouldn’t be able to replenish him in a short amount of time.

However, he was able to seize half of the treasure blood. A great world expanded behind him and the blood was sent in there for refinement. He aimed to turn it into his own.

With this new addition, Li Qiye’s blood energy began to recover and his complexion regained its color.

Li Qiye smiled and murmured: “The treasure blood refined from three emperors’ longevity blood is extremely nutritious. I've wanted a piece of this nice toy for a long time now.”

Li Qiye clicked his tongue and cheerfully commented: “This is too much. It’s so pure and gentle, even a True Immortal Medicine would, at best, be at this level.” Nothing in this world was more delicious than this supplemental blood!

“What a shame I only could get half.” Li Qiye stared at the sky as he was not completely content.

At this point, the silver arrow appeared with a buzzing sound. Li Qiye grabbed it and looked at the tattered land to say: “A bit regrettable. My strength alone can only exert one-tenth of its power. Otherwise, everything would have been reduced to dust, and the entire kingdom of blood would be within my grasp as well.”

Li Qiye used his most heaven-defying means in the form of the vessels and used their powers to open the formation. However, this force was not enough to exert the formation’s ultimate strength. Otherwise, it wouldn’t only destroy the leader’s group in an instant, the kingdom wouldn’t have had the chance to escape either. Li Qiye could have captured the entire kingdom!

After a long time, the murderous aura slowly disappeared. The experts lying on the ground finally were able to get up. They quivered after seeing this scene.

The Wang Clan no longer existed. The mountains and rivers here were fragmented with blood and corpses everywhere. The army that consisted of hundreds of thousands of Blood-devils all fell. The majority of them were killed instantly without the chance to resist.

Even Wang Dongtian, the great leader, was nailed to the ground. His eyes were wide open, even in death not realizing who he had provoked.

He was full of regret in his final seconds. As someone who had a great vision for his entire life, he was able to bring the Blood-devil Tribe to prosperity. However, it was ultimately destroyed in his hands.

He absolutely wouldn’t have started this battle if he knew who he was messing with. He thought that with how strong the tribe currently was, on top of the Immortal Emperors’ power inside the kingdom of blood, he would be able to challenge the primal ground’s position. He didn’t expect that the primal ground didn’t even have to come out since they were already destroyed by Li Qiye.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret. Wang Dongtian paid the price for his arrogance. In the end, the tribe rose because of Wang Dongtian and fell because of him as well.

“Blechh!” Sounds of retching came about. A young cultivator couldn’t hold it in any longer after seeing this scene of carnage and became nauseous.

Even characters from the previous generations that had weathered many storms felt their legs quivering at this bloody scene!

“It is over for the Blood-devils. Even if the amount of surviving disciples is sufficient to survive, they would be reduced to less than third-rate tribes, never to flourish again.” A pale Blood ancestor murmured after seeing the corpses paving the ground for miles.

At this point, everyone trembled while looking at Li Qiye. They understood that he was a heaven-defying existence capable of slaying gods and devils.

“Well, it is finally over.” Li Qiye gently rubbed his palms together and came out from the destroyed sceneries towards Li Shuangyan’s group.

His approach made the people watching from the distance back off, including the ancestors. They receded like a tide since no one dared to be close to Li Qiye, lest they invoked his wrath and be killed in the process.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled while looking at the group: “Girls, long time no see, did you miss me?”

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