Chapter 1006: Massacre

Chapter 1006: Massacre

Because of this Immortal Blood Kingdom, the tribe finally had the capital to think about replacing the Blood Primal Ground.

“Today, even if your academy’s Realm God comes himself, he still wouldn’t be able to reverse the tide!” The leader smiled and glanced over at Peng Keng with full confidence.

Next, he turned back at Li Qiye and slowly uttered: “The kingdom of blood is here; it shall herald a new golden age for the Blood-devil Tribe. Today, all of you will be the first sacrifice.”

“Being confident is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, you all will never find out who you are facing.” Li Qiye smiled and clapped his hands: “Okay, ladies, enough warming up and playing around. Come back, it is time for your Young Noble to take action.”

Li Qiye’s words were not sonorous, but everyone here heard them clearly.

“Boom!” The Three Immortals Formation opened and the three girls quickly retreated. Meanwhile, the monarchs inside looked especially distressed. If it wasn’t for the imperial weapons protecting them, they might not have been able to survive inside.

Many people gasped after seeing this. These three girls were a bit too heaven-defying! They were actually capable of trapping God-Monarchs to death!

Li Qiye glanced at the group and said: “The Blood-devils came for me, so you all can back off. There is a very good saying — every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor. My feud with the Blood-devils will end today.”

“We’re waiting to see Young Noble’s domination.” The first to leave the battle was Niu Fen. He jumped out without any hesitation and laughed.

Arcane Guru instantly disappeared without another word. Peng Keng drank another gulp of wine then looked over at the leader and the grand army before shaking his head with emotion: “Blood-devil Tribe… I’m afraid it will become history after today.” With that, he turned around and left as well.

Wang Dongtian and the leader didn’t try to prevent them from leaving. Their only goal was Li Qiye.

However, this did indeed shock many people. If it was someone else, why would they not take advantage of the help of such powerful supporters? Li Qiye, on the other hand, chose to fight the entire tribe alone — one versus hundreds of thousands.

“Though we are enemies, I must admit that you are quite heroic for a junior.” The leader stared at Li Qiye and stated: “Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have opposed our tribe and destroyed your own future!”

The leader was an amazing Godking. He had once rampaged across the nine worlds and then accepted the Blood Primal Ground’s proposition to become the new leader of the Bloods!

Later on, he sealed himself and didn’t come out. As someone who had obtained supreme glory, very few things in this world could tempt him. The possibility of making him come into being was even lower.

But now, the Blood-devil Tribe was able to do so. This meant that they must have given him an offer that couldn’t be refused, the kingdom of blood! This was the thing he wanted the most!

Otherwise, how could a famous Godking like him come out for the Blood-devils?!

Li Qiye simply smiled and shook his head: “Xu Situ ah Xu Situ, you were once an incredible Godking and became the spokesman for the primal ground. Just imagine, oh how bright your vision used to be. Alas, you were blinded by greed and have ruined your lifetime’s prestige. You have grown old and senile.”

The leader’s eyes lit up and stared at Li Qiye. He felt astonished as well. Very few people in the current generation knew his name.

Li Qiye ignored the leader and glanced over at Wang Dongtian: “And as for you, you were quite brilliant back then as well, to be able to unify the Blood-devils like this and allowing them to flourish under your control. It is a shame that your brain has rotted from old age, to be this arrogant and think that with just your tribe and kingdom of blood, you would be able to challenge the primal ground’s authority!”

“You simply don’t know the primal ground at all!” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “Xu Situ knows how powerful it is but chose not to tell you. The only thing he wants is this kingdom of blood.”

Li Qiye’s revelation of the Blood-devil Tribe’s ambition of replacing the primal ground left many experts dumbfounded. Both Bloods and members of the other races were startled by how grand this goal was!

“Your efforts at creating a rift between us are useless.” The leader slightly shook his head: “Those who are not part of our race will always have ulterior motives. No matter what you did to confuse the primal ground, a Blood disciple has the obligation to maintain our pure bloodline!” [1. The first phrase is a nationalistic or xenophobic phrase. It is a popular one in historical novels.]

Li Qiye stood up from his throne: “Whatever you say. Regardless of whether your actions are for the tribe or for the kingdom of blood, let us end this.”

Having said that, he looked up at the kingdom in the sky and couldn’t help but reveal a bright smirk.

Wang Dongtian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat the moment he saw this smile coming from Li Qiye. An ominous feeling stirred inside him.

Wang Dongtian spoke with a deep voice: “Li Qiye, it is not too late to surrender.” His profound gaze was fixated on Li Qiye. The moment Li Qiye showed any opening, he would immediately subdue him.

“Surrender?” Li Qiye shook his head: “Wang Dongtian, you are too arrogant and are simply underestimating this situation. Even if your tribe wants to avoid trouble starting from now, I am no longer willing to let you go. Since it has escalated to this level, if I don’t destroy your tribe, how will I build my supreme prestige?!”

“Exactly what I want!” The leader took out an imperial weapon and raised his voice: “If there is nothing else to say, then let us fight to the death!”

“Very well, to the death!” Li Qiye grinned. The silver arrow appeared in his hand as he declared: “Watch me turn this place into hell!”

With that, the silver arrow instantly shot into the ground.

“Rumble!” The world shook while this location was submerged. In the blink of an eye, it seemed that this location was being recreated. All of the lands here disappeared, including the Wang Clan. There were no longer ancient buildings and tall peaks. Everything was engulfed in a torrential and endless chaos.

Primordial chaos was the only thing in sight, as if this was the beginning of the world. The grand dao had yet to form, and the same went for the universal laws. This was the primal state, ruled by the primordial chaos.

“Is this the primordial world of the legends?” Even people of the ancestor level were jolted after seeing the Wang Clan being immersed in this primordial chaos.

“Boom!” In a split second, three boats appeared in the endless chaos — the vessel of life, the vessel of genesis, and the vessel of athanasia!

Their emergence unleashed the three forces of life, creation, and everlastingness into this world encompassed within the chaos.

The three grand forces were powerful beyond imagination. The life force carried the blood energy of all the existences of three thousand worlds. The force of creation resembled a Creator God with matchless strength, the beginning of all things. The everlasting force was even more eternal; eons continued to turn without end…

“Zzz—” When this surging and boundless power poured into the primordial chaos, a mighty array emerged. The world was stunned while the deities trembled. An indescribable murderous aura swept through the endless stars and crushed all existences in this world. Even the gods and emperors felt insignificant inside this formation.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The majority of the experts in the distance immediately fell down. They were suppressed by this terrifying murderous aura despite being far away and lost their ability to fly.

In just a second, the sound of people falling rang out. All the spectating cultivators met the ground and couldn’t even stand back up. They could only hug the ground while continuously quivering. Even ancestors were helpless under this murderous aura. They were like fish on the chopping block and were overwhelmed with fear.

“Just, just what is that…” This murderous aura suppressed the entire Southern Barren Earth and spread to virtually all of the Mortal Emperor World.

Countless living beings were lying on the ground in the southern regions. They couldn’t stand up at all. Even Heavenly Kings became insignificant insects, let alone weaker cultivators.

The end of the world seemed to have arrived at the Barren Earth. All trembled in fear and hoped that time could move a little bit faster since this sensation was like torture, akin to millions of years of suffering.

“Ah—” Shrill bursts of screams came from inside the primordial chaos. The experts prostrating outside were scared out of their minds!

Many cultivators had experienced life and death battles before, but they were defenseless against this murderous pressure. While listening to the miserable screams, they felt that nothing could be more frightening than this. Some even soiled their pants! This was going to be the most terrifying nightmare in their lives!

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