Chapter 1002: Wang Dongtian

Chapter 1002: Wang Dongtian

This great army descended from the sky like a flood bursting through a dam. It was endless and surrounded the Wang Clan without leaving a single inch unoccupied. They became a great wall that suppressed the area.

It meant that once one was inside the Wang Clan, one could no longer fly out.

As this army besieged the clan, the scene became absolutely dark with flashing steel and dancing banners. An aggressive aura suppressed the entire clan, causing others to be short of breath. Even an expert would feel their legs giving in.

This was not just an army of tens of thousands, they numbered in the hundreds of thousands! What was even more frightening was that they did not make any sound while moving. It was a smooth deployment, the result of being well-trained!

“This, this is truly an invincible army!” A shivering soul murmured after seeing this.

After witnessing the army that numbered in the hundred thousands with Virtuous Paragon ancestors presiding over the ranks, any sect or race would quiver with fear.

“All of the lineages of the Blood-devil Tribe are participating in this war. Their elites are all here. This is nothing short of using their full strength!” A big shot spoke with apprehension.

Their solidarity made it easy for them to grow powerful. An enemy like Li Qiye warranted their full force. The elites of all thirty-five lineages came out for this battle. Their seclusive paragons and sealed ancestors all came into being without hesitation.

No matter one’s race or lineage, even if they were from an imperial lineage, they would tremble with horror before this showing!

Even an imperial lineage wouldn’t have such unity within their sect, but the Blood-devil Tribe did. Just how frightening was it for dozens of lineages to come together like this?!

Li Qiye remained on his throne and gazed at the great army before him. He was still smiling and calm. In his eyes, not to mention this army of hundreds of thousands, even an army a million strong was only a common sight.

From the gray-haired ancestors to the vivacious disciples, the Blood-devil Tribe wore cold expressions without exception.

There were more than one hundred Virtuous Paragons in this formation. All of them were at the ancestor level and wouldn’t easily come out. However, this crisis for the tribe caused them to not hesitate to come out.

The Heavenly Kings were too numerous to count. All of their blood energy ran strong with boiling momentum. It was as if, to protect their tribe, they would be fine with fighting to the very last man.

The spectators were dead silent. Such a great showing from the tribe left them utterly shocked.

Li Qiye revealed a smile as he glanced at the army: “No matter what, it has to be said that your Blood-devil Tribe is indeed incredible. From just a few short generations, you were able to grow from a medium size tribe to a great power. This was due to your solidarity that the other races lack, especially the humans.”

The human experts in the horizon became flustered after hearing this. Li Qiye was right, humans only worried about themselves and worked for their own wellbeing. If the humans could act like the Blood-devil Tribe, then they would be terrifying. No race in the Mortal Emperor World would dare to oppose the humans. They could even potentially sweep through the nine worlds!

“You know of our unity so you should also understand that we Blood-devils will not bow down to any enemy.” A coarse voice came out: “We will fight to the end until we destroy our enemies, no matter who they might be!”

An old man stepped out before everyone. He was adorned with an imperial robe and had God-Monarch circles pulsing around him. Despite his gray hair, he gave off a vigorous feeling. There was a strong momentum that seemed to declare that he was a blade that had yet to age!

The more dreadful part was the God-Monarch aura that he emitted. He let his aura run rampant, allowing it to roar like a gigantic dragon.

Without a doubt, this old man was a real God-Monarch, one at great completion. Someone that barely stepped into this realm like the Storm God couldn’t compare to him at all.

“Who is he?” Not too many people knew who he was.

A Blood ancestor recognized this old man’s identity and murmured: “Wang Dongtian! He used to be the leader of the Blood-devil Tribe and is currently the strongest ruler of the Wang Clan. I didn’t think that even he would come into being...!”

Wang Dongtian! The younger generation might not think anything of this name, but many ancestors from the previous generation got chills after hearing it. This was because the bizarre solidarity of the Blood-devil Tribe started with him. His reign was the reason the tribe became so prosperous.

Li Qiye leisurely replied: “It seems that you are very confident that your tribe will be victorious in this battle.”

Wang Dongtian stared at Li Qiye with a profound gaze and responded slowly: “I am aware of you annihilating the Saber Emperor School as well as your heaven-defying means. However, we have an army of more than a hundred thousand here—”

“Numbers are completely meaningless to me.” Li Qiye interrupted him and shook his head: “Even if you had a million soldiers here, I still wouldn’t give a damn!”

Despite this bold claim, no one dared to mock Li Qiye right now unlike the past!

“The strength of my tribe is beyond your imagination. Even if you are a Godking, don’t even dream about leaving this place alive!” Wang Dongtian spoke solemnly: “No matter how powerful or invincible you may be, our tribe will not falter against the enemy. We will fight to the end!”

“So courageous. In your opinion, should I be feeling despair right now?” Li Qiye smiled.

“My tribe can spare you a path of survival.” Wang Dongtian glanced at him and spoke: “If you swear loyalty to us, we can forgive you! However, you must make an oath with your true fate!”

His offer left the experts outside surprised. Li Qiye had killed so many people from his tribe and even destroyed the Saber Emperor School, yet he was still willing to spare Li Qiye in exchange for his loyalty. This was indeed a cause for astonishment.

“Maybe recruiting Li Qiye is a good choice!” A Blood ancestor saw something deeper and murmured: “At the moment, the Blood-devil Tribe is missing a capable successor who can take care of the bigger picture!”

“Interesting, how interesting.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile as he leisurely added: “If I am not mistaken, you must have received some news from the Blood Primal Ground.”

He paused for a moment here: “How amusing, I can understand if it was the Storm God being stubborn after receiving the news. She is a vixen who can’t tell right from wrong, all she does is whatever she wants!”

“But as for you…” Li Qiye smiled: “I have heard your stories before. After receiving those messages, you still want to work together with the Storm God — I find this to be very interesting.”

Wang Dongtian glared at Li Qiye. A cold glint flashed across his eyes but disappeared right away. He slowly spoke: “Those who kill our tribe’s disciples are our enemies! Your hands are stained with our blood — this won’t be resolved with just a few words!”

“Good, very well.” Li Qiye clapped in response and smiled: “In a certain sense, you are a great hero to your tribe. They really should build a great monument for you. However, after today, I’m afraid you will be condemned as an eternal sinner of the Blood-devil Tribe!”

“Hero or sinner, it doesn’t matter.” Wang Dongtian ignored Li Qiye’s words and slowly declared: "Man proposes but heaven disposes! Let the heavens be the judge!"

Many were confused by the dialogue between the two. However, a few Blood ancestors were astounded after hearing this since they could faintly guess a thing or two.

Li Qiye having ties with the primal ground was no secret. If the primal ground sent a message or even an order regarding Li Qiye’s situation, yet the Storm God and the Blood-devil Tribe still chose to oppose Li Qiye… this was something worth mulling over.

Like Li Qiye said, the Storm God was an unreasonable vixen, but Wang Dongtian — on the contrary — was a wise man!

Why would this intelligent leader do something like this? Thus, the Blood ancestors here speculated that this had something to do with the Blood-devil Tribe’s ambitions!

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