Chapter 79

“What is young master doing here? And you as well, Lady Sophia?”

Ruv Tylen, who had too many gray hairs for being in his forties, greeted Enzo and Sophia with wide eyes. They were accompanied by about twenty soldiers and ten mercenaries. With great effort, Enzo got off his horse with the help of two servants and made a solemn face.

“I have come to punish the one responsible for disrespecting my father in Elma and dishonoring my fiancée Sophia, the daughter of Lord Bresia.”

“What? I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying…”

Ruv Tylen tilted his head. Sophia also dismounted off her horse and walked up to Tylen. She spoke with an arrogant expression.

“Let me explain from the beginning, Sir Tylen. It is just that a mercenary dared to insult me and my family earlier today in Elma. But we heard that he headed to a village called Toro.”

“Toro… Ah, why don’t we go in first?”

Finally understanding the situation, Tylen hurriedly led the two people in. The three people entered Tylen’s mansion, which was quite large and fancy for his status, and headed to the reception room before sitting down on the chairs.

Maids brought tea, and the conversation continued.

“So…. That mercenary named Raven insulted you on the streets of Elma, and Sir Filmore just let him go. Is that right?”

“Yes, he was so glib with his tongue. I could not do anything in the situation either because it might have troubled Baron Nobira. But Sir Filmore and Baron Nobira had a conversation regarding the man, so I’m sure some sort of action will be taken soon.”

“I see. But there was no reason for the lady and the young master to come here personally…”

Ruv Tylen was quick-witted. There was a reason he was able to take control over two villages and organize his own soldiers while maintaining Baron Nobira’s faith in him. Sophia gestured towards Enzo with the corner of her eyes as Tylen’s expression turned strange.

Enzo hastily spoke, feeling the gaze of Sophia burning his back.

“W, well, I made the decision as Sophia’s fiancé and the next lord of Elma. I, I thought that to leave such a rude man alone would be to…. Would be a great shame for Elma and would further tarnish the reputation of Bresia’s High Lord. Wouldn’t you agree?”

An awkward expression was apparent on Enzo’s face as he stuttered. Anyone could see that he wasn’t speaking his own mind, but instead relaying someone else’s thoughts. And there was only one person who could order around Enzo Nobira to say such things.

‘The girl’s got the stupid pig under her control. The heavens are helping me with this.’

Enzo Nobira was the only son of the lord. The next lord had come to intervene in the dispute between two of his knights.

When Tylen had first heard the name Raven Valt, he was quite surprised. He never imagined that there was another Valt besides Gray. Of course, it didn’t really matter whether Raven Valt was related to Gray Valt by blood.

He must have come to claim ownership of the confiscated land. But Raven Valt had stepped into the wrong neighborhood if he wanted revenge. All Tylen had to do was make the young man kneel before him and involve him in the treason case from three years ago.

‘But that’s not enough. I should take this opportunity to get the Lord and the High Lord to also get their foot stuck in the mud as well.’

Unlike his insidious thoughts, Tylen nodded with a somber, understanding expression.

“You are absolutely right. As a knight of Baron Nobira, and as a servant of High Lord Bresia, I cannot stand idly by while watching such an event unfold.”

“Oh! I knew you would be able to see the truth, Sir Tylen. Ah, anyway, so that is why I brought my soldiers and the mercenaries. If we can catch that Raven guy…”

“Then I can do whatever I want with Ramelda. That is what you are saying, right?”

“Oh, uh? That’s…”

Enzo sank into his thoughts at Tylen’s words. Even though Enzo was stupid, he knew that what Tylen had suggested was beyond his authority. But Tylen stood up while nodding his head with a determined look.

“Alright. The young master’s words are the words of the Lord, and your will is his will. I will do my best to follow the orders of the young master and the lady as a knight of the Nobira family and of Sisak. It is already late, so please, go and have a rest. Ah, there are separate bedrooms but if you…”

Tylen went even further this time and used the word ‘orders’ when Enzo had not spoken such a word. But Enzo was distracted by Tylen’s last words, and Sophia hurriedly replied in an embarrassed voice.

“W, we will take care of that. Anyways, good luck, Sir Tylen.”


Tylen gave a meaningful smile at the two, then left the reception room.

“H, hey, Sophia…”

Enzo, who had already forgotten the reason for his visit, slowly inched his large buttocks towards Sophia. Right now, his head was dominated by the last words spoken by Tylen.

‘Oh, my God, this filthy pig…’

Sophia frowned as Enzo’s oily face slowly approached her. She wanted nothing more than to push him down and step on him with her feet, but she knew better not to. She knew how to deal with pets, all too well. She took off her shoes with a fake seductive smile. A small, white foot was revealed along with smooth calves, and it headed towards Enzo.

“Oh, oh…oh…..”

Enzo started to drool unconsciously and carefully grasped Sophia’s feet as if he were handling precious treasure. Sophia got goosebumps, but she held it in. She had to do at least this much in order to have the pet pig listen to everything she said in the future.

“All right. If you catch him tomorrow, you bring him to me. I am going to make him pay the price for ignoring… Ahh! Ignoring me… Mmm!”

A soft moan escaped Sophia’s lips as Enzo’s tongue caressed her calves and feet.


Clink. Only the sound of an iron armor’s hinges fitting together could be heard in the silence.

After putting on the gauntlets over both hands, Raven tightened the leather strap of his greaves and finally stood up. The armor reflected the light of the morning sun. It was a full-length plate armor that looked exactly the same as the White Dragon Armor, but its color was very different.

Raven glanced back after looking at his formidable black armor.

“What do you think?”

[Not a good idea. It does not suit you at all.]

Raven gave a bitter smile at the immediate answer.

“I’m not asking if it looks good or bad. It is not going to resemble the White Dragon armor, right?”

[That is why it is not good.]

As usual, Soldrake’s voice was indifferent, but Raven could see that she felt quite sulky.

“It’s to conceal its identity. We can return it back after we finish this.”

[Ever since I made that armor, no Pendragon ever asked me to change it to that color. I only did it because it was Ray who asked.]

“Okay, thank you and sorry. Just let off the steam and let us head out.”

Raven patted Soldrake on the shoulders, and she responded with a nod. Then, she stood up next to him.

“I’ve already said this, but do it in moderation. Don’t ever use Aura Blade and go easy on them.”

[I will not kill.]

“Well, I’m not saying to not kill them… Just take it easy.”

[I will do my best to do what Ray wants. I will take it easy.]


Raven felt even more anxious that Soldrake answered so casually. He breathed a light sigh and left the room.

“Good morning, my Lor…”

Isla, who was waiting outside the door, frowned and stopped his greetings.

“With all due respect, it doesn’t look too good on you. The White Dragon armor looks the best when it is in its original form.”

“…I know.”

Raven shook his head and moved along after hearing the words he already expected. Ramelda was already in the pub along with three young men and the mercenaries.

Perhaps due to the news of the soldiers’ movement last night, the pub’s atmosphere was heavily subdued. Everyone had heard that Baron Nobira’s soldiers and mercenaries had headed to Ruv Tylen with Enzo Nobira at the lead.

“You’re late. We’re going to leave right after breakfast.”

Leo’s turned his head to scold Raven, but his eyes widened when he saw Raven come down the stairs. Regular full-body plate armor was very expensive. Therefore, lords usually only granted plate armors to the knights, and regular soldiers were clothed with chain armor.

Furthermore, the White Dragon armor was custom made for Alex Pendragon. It was made from a part of Soldrake’s horn by the hands of the best dwarven craftsmen of the time. It was a relic among relics, a true heavenly treasure. And when Raven came down the stairs fully armed with such a relic, the air in the pub quickly froze.

Even Jody, Scylla, and Gus could only stare at Raven with their mouths wide open. Just the presence of the armor seemed to change Raven’s atmosphere completely. His aura was fierce and very much alive.

“Is the horse ready?”

Leo came to his senses at Raven’s blunt voice.

“Oh, it’s ready right outside…for you.”

Even the tone of Leo’s voice seemed to have changed when addressing Raven. Raven nodded slightly before moving along.

“I’ve already had breakfast, so let’s go take a look at the horse.”

Soldrake and Isla followed behind Raven, and the three people left the pub amongst the dozens of gazes looking at them.

“Whew! I guessed it, but it really is quite something.”

Jody’s voice broke the silence.

“I know. Wow, he really must be something. The armor looked ridiculously expensive, right?”

Scylla agreed with Jody and turned around to look at Gus.

“I must correct what I said yesterday. That cannot be stolen for sure. It is customized. It was made from the beginning with the wearer in mind.”

Everyone nodded with Gus’s judgment. He was sure to have made an accurate assessment as a former thief. But there was no way for any of them to know that the White Dragon armor could only be equipped by the direct heirs of the Pendragon family. Moreover, its shape also changed accordingly to fit the current owner.

“What do you think? Aren’t you glad you decided to trust in my instincts one more time? If we are lucky, we might get to see an unbelievable sight today…”

Jody grinned and looked around at the men of the Ramelda family.


Leo called out to Ramelda with an expression of disbelief.

“Luck always accompanies misfortune, I guess today’s the day we experience that. I think it is better to leave that man alone. No matter how the situation turns out, leave him alone.”

Now that Enzo Nobira had personally led troops to side with Tylen, Ramelda had nowhere to retreat to. He couldn’t fight against the son of his lord, but he couldn’t stand still either. It would mean the end of his family.

Ramelda looked over the whole pub with a heavy expression. He met the gazes of the dozens of mercenaries who had come to help them and parted his chapped lips.

“Whatever the case, we’re going to the village of Moncha. Whoever wants to leave, you can leave right now. For the deposit I gave you… you can think of it as my last gift to you.”

Leo and Ramelda’s two nephews bit their lips. Now that their lord’s son had intervened in the dispute, they couldn’t blame their acquaintances for choosing to leave the battle.

They couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t do the same thing if they were placed in the same position. Sure enough, the mercenaries looked around and shared gazes with each other.

“We’re in. I have never left a battle after being paid the deposit. I’m a mercenary for a reason, it would be an embarrassment to leave now.” Jody chortled and spoke up.

“I need all the money I can get to make myself look pretty. I need money to see his Grace Pendragon.”

“Pretty? My stinky ass… If I think I am about to die, I am going to run. But I am going to do my pay’s worth first, you can trust in that.”

Scylla and Gus stood behind Jody.

“Dammit! Good! I’ll have a go, win or lose.”

“Leo! Now all our previous debt is settled, okay?”

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this at my age… I should’ve made some better friends when I was younger.”

All the mercenaries rose while speaking their mind, both young and old. The faces of Leo and his two cousins lit up with surprise and various emotions.

Toro’s knight, Derek Ramelda, looked around at the mercenaries with trembling eyes before equipping his helmet. Only one thing seemed certain amid a flurry of emotions. The man named Raven Valt and his companions had shaken up the atmosphere.

“Let’s go.”


Derek Ramelda regained the life in his eyes for the first time in many years and led the mercenaries out from the pub.

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