Chapter 279

As soon as Remy Ades saw the streak of lightning heading towards him, he instinctively swung his sword.


His sword broke into countless pieces along with the sound of breaking glass. Since the sword contained his body’s spirit, the shock was entirely conveyed to Remy Ades.


Blood sprouted from his mouth, and Remy Ades flew backwards before collapsing on the ground.


“Oh, my…!”

People let out astonished gasps, and several swordsmen climbed up on the arena to help Remy. His upper body was coated with blood. After examining Remy’s condition, one of the swordsmen gave an affirmative nod. It meant that his life was not in immediate danger.


A loud roar containing disbelief erupted from the crowd.

“Did you see? Did you see that just now?”

“It was like lightning!”

“I can’t believe a spear can move at that speed!”

People exclaimed excitedly with boggled expressions. The scene that played out in front of them was like something from a fantasy. The spear had flown towards its opponent while leaving behind several afterimages, moving as fast as a lightning bolt. The crowd was still in disbelief.

The same held true for the cavaliers. No, rather, the impact they received was much greater compared to the ordinary people.

“What kind of a spear technique…”

All Valvas Cavaliers were able to handle spears. After all, the spear was the most useful weapon in a group battle. In addition, the spear was also very useful in one-on-one duels, unless the opponent possessed incredible sword skills. However, the cavaliers gathered here were all superb sword users. Their terrifying swordsmanship allowed them to deal with dozens of ordinary soldiers with a single sword. As such, they weren’t made nervous when Isla appeared with a spear.

All of them had absolute confidence in their skills. However, no one expected Remy Ades to fall so easily, especially after Arturo suffered a crushing defeat.

Who were Arturo and Remy Ades?

If one gathered all of the Valvas Cavaliers, numbering around a thousand, then lined them up according to their skills, Arturo and Remy Ades would number within thirty at the least. They were strong warriors.

However, they had suffered crushing defeat, before even exchanging 30 blows with their opponent. Moreover, the most shocking fact was that Isla was without a single wound. Even after defeating two opponents in a row without much rest, Isla looked to be completely fine.


Isla withdrew his spear while collecting his breath. The cavaliers could only watch with shocked expressions.


As soon as they heard the sound of Samora Ades grinding his teeth, they came to a realization. It was not arrogant of Isla to say that it did not matter if all of the clans’ representatives attacked him all at once.


Isla’s low voice brought the cavaliers back to their senses. Then, as if they had promised beforehand, the clan cavaliers began to exchange glances with others. Sometimes they were enemies, and sometimes they were allies, but cooperating with each other in the presence of such a large crowd would act as a major setback in their reputation and pride. However, they realized that it would be difficult to defeat their opponent in a one-on-one battle. They could not afford to lose as a price to keep their pride.

Above all, the opponent had already gained momentum.

“Isla! Isla!”

It was evident from the way that the crowd was fervently chanting his name.

“What do you think?”

“It might be possible with two.”

“We should not leave any room for any other outcomes. Would you not agree?”

The heads or the representatives of the clans started to whisper amongst themselves. The representative cavaliers they brought were not the strongest warriors of their clans.

Even though Count Herreran had spoken as a guarantor, it had not made sense for the strongest warriors from each clan to show up when the opponent could have been a simple swindler. Thus, in order to protect their pride while guaranteeing their victory, most of the clans had brought cavaliers who could be considered within five fingers of their clans. Of course, there was one exception.

The eyes of the four clan representatives headed to a certain person. All the cavaliers gathered here implicitly recognized Ortiz as the strongest.

“I have no such thoughts.”

Ortiz replied with a smile, and the representatives turned their gazes away. They had been expecting such a reaction.

‘Is he hoping that we will lose?’

‘Well, I guess it’s only natural. If the four cavaliers worked together, the opponent would not be able to escape without a scratch, even if they were to be defeated…’

Even if they won, it would leave a bitter aftertaste. However, if they lost, they would be presenting the dish to Ortiz on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, the four clans had to work together.

They needed to win to achieve their goals, regardless of the circumstance. Then, they would be able to hold their heads high in front of Valencia as well.


“There is no other choice.”

After making their decision, the four clan representatives gestured towards the cavaliers who would participate in the battle.


The faces of the four cavaliers were distorted. They had been worried about a situation like this. Even though Elkin Isla was strong, they had their pride. It was hard to accept the fact that the four were to attack at once. However, the clan’s decision was far more important than their individual pride.

With stiff expressions, the cavaliers climbed onto the arena with their weapons.

“It’s Alvaro of the Medien Clan!”

“Miguel of Ramirez, and Mario of Santana Clan!”

“Miranda, the beast of Orca is here too!”

As the renowned cavaliers entered the arena, a storm of excitement once again swept over the area.

“Are all four of them going to fight him at once?”


“How does this make any sense?”

“Why not? Cavalier Isla said it before. He doesn’t care if all of them come at him at once!”

The crowd jeered and shouted with excitement, and the expressions of the four cavaliers became darker. Unlike the superficial knights of the mainland, Valvas Cavaliers were proud men. There could be nothing more disgraceful than their current situation.

But what could they do? The trigger had already been pulled. Now, they just needed to do their best.

“I am Alvaro of Medien.”

“Miguel Ramirez of the Ramirez Clan.”

“Mario Santana. Elite swordsman of the Santana Clan.”


The four cavaliers took turns speaking. Their personalities were as strong and unique as their appearance.

“Elkin Isla. Knight of the Pendragon Duchy.”

Isla gave a light bow with his spear position at his side.

Shing! Chchang!

The four cavaliers unsheathed their respective weapons.

One pulled out a dagger called a Mangoshu along with a rapier, another pulled out a wooden spear with metallic tips, the third unsheathed two identical short swords, and the last cavalier pulled out a large, iron mace from his back…


The four people erupted their spirits.


As representatives of their clans, their spirits were domineering.

Moreover, they were experienced warriors. Their killing intents, honed from numerous killings, added to the atmosphere. Instantly, the arena was filled with an overbearing atmosphere.


Isla’s unique breathing technique leaked out between his lips. His spirit once again began to swirl around his body and black spear.

When the four cavaliers saw the sight, they began to silently circle around Isla, positioning themselves to surround Isla.


The crowd’s hands were dampened with sweat when they saw the confrontation between a single man and four cavaliers. Regardless of the outcome, the scene before them would remain a legend that would be passed down in the history of Valvas, or the entirety of South. When they realized that they were personally witnessing a legend in the making, the crowd became intoxicated with emotions beyond mere excitement.


The five cavaliers stood in their place, silently observing each other without batting an eyelid. Then, a thin stream of wind passed between the cavaliers. Like fate, the wind started to blow in the directions of the four cavaliers. With the wind carrying small amounts of dust towards them, the cavaliers frowned or blinked.

Isla had been calmly observing his opponents. When the cavaliers became distracted by the dust, a brilliant glimmer appeared in Isla’s eyes. He took a large step forward.


The spear in his hand stretched out towards Miguel of the Ramirez Clan, who was standing on Isla’s right.


In only a single blink of an eye, Isla’s spear arrived in front of Miguel Ramirez. He hurriedly crossed his short swords in order to block Isla’s strike.


A clear, metallic sound rang out.

However, the devastating power contained in the blow forced Miguel to back down with his knees bent. The moment he retreated, the remaining three cavaliers made their moves.


The rapier and the spear rushed towards the sides of Isla. The rapier aimed to penetrate his exposed waist, and the spear bent low towards his ankle.

After pushing back Miguel, Isla’s spear headed straight for the ground. In an instant, the spear struck the ground like lightning, and with Isla holding the tip of the spear, his body rose into the air.


The rapier and the spear struck nothing but air.


The crowd burst into a roar.

The amazing sight was imprinted in everyone’s minds. Isla was defying gravity, holding himself in the air with one hand on the spear.

It was truly a beautiful sight.

However, it only lasted for an instant.


With a harsh shout, the remaining cavalier swung his mace towards Isla.

Miranda had been called the Beast of Orca ever since he was a teenager. His ferocious attack aimed to decimate Isla’s head. However, as soon as Miranda charged, the muscles in Isla’s arms contracted. Isla pushed down on the spear with instantaneous force, and his body soared into the air.


The iron mace swung through the air at a terrifying speed, barely missing Isla’s head. As several strands of hair flew into the air, Isla rolled in the air before landing on the ground. He stretched out his hand without looking.


The spear, which was starting to fall sideways, fell into his outstretched hand like a magnet. After failing their initial attacks, Alvaro and Mario Santana aimed their spirit-imbued rapier and spear towards Isla’s unguarded back.

Shing! Chang!

Isla’s black spear bent like a bamboo tree and deflected the two attacks. It was as if he could read the trajectories of the attacks without seeing.


Alvaro and Mario Santana groaned before retreating. The power and spirit contained within Isla's spear was enormous. They felt fortunate that their weapons were still in their grasp.

Isla ignored the two men, who had taken two steps back, and charged towards the direction he was facing. He shot forward like an arrow leaving the bow.


Miranda and Miguel Ramirez became shocked. They had expected Isla to turn around and deal with the other two.


Isla’s spear moved in mysterious ways and created several vortexes like a blue disk. Miranda and Miguel Ramirez’ bodies seemed to be sucked into the whirlpool.

Chae-chaeng! Crack! Thud!



Sharp metallic ringing and dull impacts were accompanied by screams.


The broken pieces of metal were swept away by the storm of spirit, which made it seem as if silver and blue snowflakes were descending to the ground. Within the beautiful scene, the two cavaliers, who had been completely fine until a moment ago, knelt down on the ground one after another.



Everyone’s gazes contained shock as the two cavaliers collapsed on the ground with broken limbs. Only a short period of time had passed since the initial stream of wind disrupted the arena. However, two of four cavaliers were already lying on the ground in defeat.

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