Chapter 999 Summoning Order

The atmosphere in the great hall was somewhat still, and for a moment, even sect master Xuan Kun, Bai Ye and Bian Chang were unable to say a word. Looking at Zhou Yuan’s face, they couldn't stop the corners of their mouths from twitching. 

They had never thought that a youngster of the Divine Dwelling stage would be on an equal level with them.

So what kind of attitude should they face Zhou Yuan with?

A peer?

But how could they ignore Zhou Yuan's Divine Dwelling stage strength?

Sect master Xuan Kun could casually scold Zhou Yuan in the past, but what about now?

Therefore, facing such a situation, even three Law Domain experts felt extremely awkward. At the same time, they couldn't help but criticize supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s decision back then...It was definitely too hasty.

While the three grand elders were conflicted and silent, Zhou Yuan said with a faint smile, “Grand elders, although my master has set the rules back then, I don't need the status of grand elder, so you don't have to announce there is a sixth grand elder to the Tianyuan Region.” 

Yuan Kun’s and the others’ stiff faces visibly relaxed when they heard Zhou Yuan’s words. Evidently, their worries were alleviated.

“The reason why we want to announce this matter now is that the Tianyuan Region is about to face a huge war, and my appearance will reassure many people that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan hasn’t died. It’s just temporarily inconvenient for him to appear in Hunyuan Heaven.” Zhou Yuan slowly explained to the three, “This way, people with different intentions should be deterred, and they won’t dare to create trouble during this period of time.”

Xuan Kun and the others exchanged glances with one another and gently nodded in the end.  

Clan leader Bai Ye smiled. “Zhou Yuan...little friend is right, this news can put the mind of many people at ease.”  

Evidently, she was a little confused about how to address Zhou Yuan. After all, although Zhou Yuan was the chief pavilion master, she didn't attach much importance to him. But he was an official disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, which changed everything. 

Strictly speaking, their status was equal.

If Zhou Yuan insisted on becoming the sixth grand elder, they didn't have much reason to stop him. 

Sect master Xuan Kun cleared his throat and finally said with some difficulty, “It is no wonder that you’re so outstanding. It’s understandable that you could suppress the heaven prides of my Heavenly Spirit Sect. This is not shameful at all for them to lose.”

He had said it stiffly, but his attitude was evidently much better than before. He clearly wanted to protect his dignity. After all, even Law Domain experts had to accept harsh reality!

Patriarch Bian Chang also gradually accepted the truth. He then asked, “Little friend Zhou Yuan, when will the supreme sovereign return?” 

Everybody looked hopefully at Zhou Yuan. As long as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan returned, all problems would be solved. 

Zhou Yuan muttered, “My master can’t return for the time being. The matter he is occupied with involves a lot of things, but there is one thing that is certain—nothing has happened to my master.”

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others nodded. Although disappointed, the most important thing was that they received news that their supreme sovereign was fine.  

Patriarch Bian Chang’s crystal-like eyes lit up, causing the void to vibrate. “It’s really great to receive news about the supreme sovereign at this time. Grand elder Chi Jing, our Tianyuan Region has to fight with all our strength in this war. Since those dogs of the Wanzu Region dared to bite anyone, we should make them know what it feels like to have their muscles and bones broken!”

Murderous intent surged from him as he was speaking.

Sect master Xuan Kun said indifferently, “Speaking of this, it has been a while since a Law Domain expert of Hunyuan Heaven has fallen.”

His tone and words sounded a little domineering, and it felt as though he looked down on the Law Domain experts of the top five forces. But as a veteran Law Domain expert and someone who had received guidance from supreme sovereign Cang Yuan in the past, he indeed had the qualification to do so. 

Patriarch Bai Ye nodded with a smile.

Clan leader Mu Ni nodded gracefully. “When Hong Jiuyuan was wounded back then, he begged me for treatment. If I knew about today, I would have only left him with his hands and feet.”

Zhou Yuan grinned inwardly, watching the several grand elders express their opinions. He could tell that they didn't seem to think highly of the Law Domain experts of the other top forces. At the very least, the five Law Domain experts present wouldn't fear them.  

Chi Jing nodded, and they finally reached a conclusion.

“In the next few days, in addition to the prefecture lords and sect masters, all Divine Dwelling experts, Heavenly Sun experts and Nascent Source experts must gather in Tianyuan Utopia, ready for battle!”


Soon after Chi Jing returned to the Tianyuan Utopia, the news of the top five forces declaring war on the Tianyuan Region soon spread throughout the 900 prefectures.

The entire Tianyuan Region was shaken.

No one thought that someone would dare launch a war against one of the nine regions!

This made countless people in Tianyuan Region feel strong anger rise in them. After all, as citizens of the Tianyuan Region, they were proud of being part of the nine regions, and the top five forces’ action was undoubtedly similar to a wolf provoking a tiger! 

However, there were a number of people worried. They were considered to have sharper senses, and they could feel that the sudden war felt like a conspiracy. 

The top five forces were acting on behalf of the Wanzu Region!

The Wanzu Region had the protection of supreme sovereign Wan Zu, but supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had been missing for many years, and it was uncertain whether he was alive. Many people couldn't help but worry why the top five forces would want to provoke the Tianyuan Region. Could it be that they were certain that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was unable to return? 

Thus, in the tense atmosphere of the Tianyuan Region, while countless people were infuriated at the top five forces’ provocation and were clamoring to take revenge, a lot of panic and uneasy emotions were secretly surging.


In just a few days, the Tianyuan Region’s defense grew much stronger, and all teleportation formations were temporarily closed. At the same time, a large number of Tianyuan Region’s shadow guards flew around within Tianyuan Utopia, removing the spies that the top five forces had placed in the city.

Chi Jing and the others were long aware of those spies’ existence. It was just that they weren’t a threat, so they allowed them to live during this peaceful period.

But a war was on the verge of breaking out, and the top five forces had directly made it onto Tianyuan Region’s enemy list. Therefore, they longer had to show mercy to those spies.

So for the next few days, violent Genesis Qi often erupted from various areas of the Tianyuan Utopia, but fortunately, it was very quickly suppressed.

The spies obviously didn't have the ability to escape in the Tianyuan Region’s headquarters.  

In addition, during those days, more and more experts of the Divine Dwelling stage, Heavenly Sun stage and Nascent Source stage rushed to the Tianyuan Utopia from various places, causing Tianyuan Utopia to be overcrowded. The smell of war and fire filled the entire world.

On an empty island in the northwest of Tianyuan Utopia.

There was only a huge square on the island, where endless crowds filled the square from one side to the other. The aura this crowd emitted was so great that it numbed people’s scalps.

Moreover, powerful Genesis Qi was roaming around every single person. Everyone’s strength was at least of the Divine Dwelling stage or above!

Summoned by Chi Jing, the experts of all clans, sects and forces that fit the requirements were sent to Tianyuan Utopia. 

In the southwest corner of the square.

The Four Pavilions’ people were all gathered.

Almost everyone of the Four Pavilions possessed strength of the Divine Dwelling stage and were elites of the young generation. Therefore, when they all gathered together, the momentum and imposing aura they exuded weren't weak in the slightest. 

Of course, more importantly, the slender figure standing at the forefront not only attracted awed gazes from Divine Dwelling experts. Even Heavenly Sun stage experts studied him curiously.

Naturally, he was Zhou Yuan.

He received so much attention because he had defeated Zhao Mushen and won first place in the nine regions tournament. It should be said that ever since the Tianyuan Region was established, the best result achieved was only third place, and they had never won first place in the nine regions tournament.

The Tianyuan Region had never achieved this honor even during its strongest time, but it happened to achieve it when it was at its weakest. How could others not find it unbelievable? 

Zhou Yuan seemed unconcerned about the countless astonished gazes, while Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling wore proud expressions on their faces.

“The summoned powers are too great. Many heaven pride experts have shown up.” Mu Liu couldn't help marveling when he saw the sea of people on the square.

The majority of the people on the square was once part of the Four Pavilions, and they were also the most influential figures. After leaving the Four Pavilions, they were appointed to various positions in the Tianyuan Region and were rarely seen after that. But they had all been summoned to the Tianyuan Region. 

Mu Liu smiled at Zhou Yuan, jokingly saying, “But no matter how powerful they are, they can’t be compared to you, the chief pavilion master who has made history. Isn’t that right, Lu Xiao?” 

Lu Xiao’s face stiffly twitched, and he didn't answer Mu Liu, but he kept scanning the surroundings, looking a little nervous.

“What are you doing?” Han Yuan couldn't help asking.

He found that Lu Xiao’s state was a little strange, like he was in a state of anxiety. It wasn't just him; the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples in the Four Pavilions also recoiled in fear.

Zhou Yuan swept a puzzled look at them.

Seeing Zhou Yuan's inquiring gaze, Lu Xiao uttered in a low voice, “Grand elder Chi Jing has issued a summoning order, which means all experts of the Divine Dwelling stage, Heavenly Sun stage and Nascent Source stage have to come today...”

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva before he continued, “In other words...senior sister Qin Lian will also appear.”

When he uttered the name, Zhou Yuan saw the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples shudder quietly, as if the temperature had dropped several degrees.

Mu Liu’s and Han Yuan’s faces also changed. They both inhaled sharply and cast a sympathetic look at Lu Xiao. “Hurry and apply to go into closed-door cultivation.”

Lu Xiao was tempted.

Zhou Yuan shook his head and pointed to the crowd moving aside in seconds to let a group of people pass. The group was led by an extremely imposing and tall figure, and where she passed, even Heavenly Sun experts withdrew one after another, their expressions changing.

“I don't know the details, but I'm afraid it's too late.”

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