Chapter 995 Rallying Together

“Zhao Xiansun, what do you mean?!”

Frost covered Chi Jing’s cheeks, and a Law Domain loomed behind her. She fixed Zhao Xiansun with an icy stare. This bastard wants to create trouble again. 

“Do you really think your Wanzu Region can dominate Hunyuan Heaven? Do you dare to not abide by the rules set by the nine supreme sovereigns back then?”

The other six Law Domain experts all wore different expressions, but no one interjected, and they just stared at Zhao Xiansun. As Chi Jing had mentioned, the supreme sovereigns of the nine regions had set the rules of the nine regions tournament, and no one could ignore them, not even the Wanzu Region.

Zhao Xiansun chuckled. “Grand elder Chi Jing doesn't need to tag me with such an unfair label. I, Zhao Xiansun, can’t take such slander.”

“Then why did you say you can't give the Ancestral Dragon Lantern to my Tianyuan Region?! Zhou Yuan won first place in the nine regions tournament, and according to the rules, the Tianyuan Region should be in charge of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern!” 

“Yes, according to the rules, that is right,” Zhao Xiansun said indifferently. 

He swept a glance over Chi Jing’s face, and the strange look in his eyes grew more intense. “But this is under the premise that the power in charge of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern must be one of the nine regions!”

Chi Jing emitted chilling intent from all over her body, causing even the Genesis Qi across the world to roam violently. The whispering voices around the mountain instantly froze, and a number of people cast bewildered gazes to the void.

The anger of a Law Domain Expert could be described as earth-shattering.

Everybody on the Tianyuan Region’s side was puzzled, and Zhou Yuan similarly scrunched his brows together in a frown. He vaguely felt somewhat uneasy. What was Zhao Xiansun planning now?

Chi Jing’s voice was icy cold, and vaguely, chilling killing intent filled the surrounding air. “From what you said, it seems you want to remove my Tianyuan Region as one of the nine regions? Haha, could this be supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s order? I’ll let you know that even if he’s a supreme sovereign, he can’t control my Tianyuan Region. If he’s that remarkable, he can try destroying the Tianyuan Region!” 

Her burgundy hair blew in the wind, and her clear eyes grew fiercer. There wasn't a hint of fear even when she spoke of the Wanzu Region’s supreme sovereign.

Although the opponent was a supreme sovereign, it didn't mean that she couldn't do anything. If Wan Zu thought he could kick the Tianyaun Region out of the nine regions without an explanation, he had overestimated his strength because although a Saint expert was strong, he wasn't the only one in Hunyuan Heaven.

Moreover, Cang Yuan, the Tianyuan Region’s backer, hadn't really fallen. The others might be unaware of this, but supreme sovereign Wan Zu certainly knew! 

Lu Xuangang from the Zixiao Region scrunched his brows. “Zhao Xiansun, the nine supreme sovereigns created the nine regions. Your Wanzu Region can’t do whatever you want!”

Jin Zhong from the Wu Shen Region nodded. “The Wanzu Region isn’t the ruler of Hunyuan Heaven.”

He interjected to repay Zhou Yuan for not going too far in the nine regions tournament and did not completely take away Wu Yao’s Sacred Dragon Blessing. However, he understood that the most important factor for why Zhou Yuan had stopped was supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s intervention.

The other Law Domain experts didn't say a word, but they evidently felt the same way. If the Wanzu Region really acted so domineering, it meant the Wanzu Region attached no importance to the other regions.

Under several Law Domain experts’ watchful gazes, Zhao Xiansun chuckled and said, “You all have misunderstood. Of course I’m not saying the Tianyuan Region will be removed from the nine regions. This isn’t in compliance with the rules anyway.”  

He continued after a pause, “However, you also know that the Tianyuan Region has become weaker and weaker over the years and that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan has been missing for many years. If the Tianyuan Region continues to deteriorate and still occupies one of the nine region positions as well as enjoy huge resources, isn’t that unfair to the sects and factions of Hunyuan Heaven?

The other six Law Domain experts fell silent. What did Zhao Xiansun mean? The Tianyuan Region’s strength had indeed deteriorated over the years, but it still possessed a remarkable foundation, so besides the other eight regions, no other sects or factions dared to challenge the Tianyuan Region.

Chi Jing stared at Zhao Xiansun, her eyes filled with chilling intent. “So, do you think there are other sects and factions that want to wage war on my Tianyuan Region?”

Zhao Xiansun wasn't afraid of her gaze. “The nine region positions are reserved for those who are capable. The Tianyuan Region is deep in the quagmire now, so it is understandable that someone might come forward to challenge the Tianyuan Region.”

“Is that right? If there are forces that want to challenge my Tianyuan Region, then please come out!”

Chi Jing scanned the surroundings. In the void, besides the nine regions’ Law Domain experts, there were the leaders of the top sects and factions in Hunyuan heaven.

If there were threats to the Tianyuan Region other than the other eight regions, it would be the top sects and factions present.

The atmosphere in the void had almost solidified. It was so oppressive that it felt suffocating.

On the mountain below, the various sects and factions kept quiet out of fear, because they could feel the argument in the void above wasn't a small fight anymore. There was a real possibility of it escalating into a real battle.

And such a battle would shake the entire Hunyuan Heaven!

Under Chi Jing’s icy gaze that could freeze the sea, the Law Domains vibrated, and a figure wielding a crimson light sword slowly floated up.

“Haha, I, Hong Jiuyuan from the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect, pays respect to grand elder Chi Jing.” He was dressed in a crimson robe and had a pale face, and when he smiled, the void behind trembled. A fiery red Law Domain faintly formed around him, roaring with monstrous sword hums. The sound waves caused even the void to show faint signs of burning.  

Hong Jiuyuan was the sect master of the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect!

Chi Jing’s icy cold gaze paused on the crimson-clad man. She said indifferently, “So it’s your Crimson Cloud Sword Sect that plans to declare war on the Tianyuan Region?”

Hong Jiuyuan chuckled as he met Chi Jing’s heart-chilling gaze. “Although my Crimson Cloud Sword Sect has expanded pretty well over the years, there is still a huge gap between the Tianyuan Region and us. Therefore...” 

“Therefore, there’s also my Venomous Dragon Palace!” A low voice rang out, and a thin old man flew over on a dragon’s silhouette, his wrinkled body exuding terrifying power.

“There’s also my Spirit Swallower Pavilion,” said a figure shrouded in black Qi that concealed even his face. But within the black fog, there seemed to be countless spirits wailing miserably.

“Thunder Mountain.” A giant-like burly figure stood tall in the void, his body flashing with lightning that caused the world to quake. 

Four top forces of Hunyuan Heaven showed hostile intent. Was there going to be a huge earthquake set off in Hunyuan Heaven?

But it wasn't over. Another white-haired old man appeared. His hair was completely white and so was his beard, and he resembled an immortal. “How could my Tri-Mountain Alliance be missing from such a grand event?”


Even the pupils of the other six regions’ Law Domain experts shrank rapidly. Nobody thought that even the Tri-Mountain Alliance would take part. Amongst the many top sects and factions, the Tri-Mountain Alliance was considered one of the strongest because there were three Law Domain experts in the sect! 

Lu Xuangang’s and Jin Zhong’s expressions grew serious. They swept a glance at Zhao Xiansun and understood that the Wanzu Region had arranged everything.

It seemed that the Wanzu Region’s supreme sovereign had no intention of enduring any longer and wanted to bare his teeth to the Tianyuan Region.

Faintly, they could feel a foul wind and a rain of blood that could impact the entire Hunyuan Heaven brewing.

The combined strength of the top five forces could indeed shake the Tianyuan Region!

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