Chapter 994 Change

Countless people cast their gazes towards the spatial vortex forming outside the Fallen Abyss.

After a series of extremely bitter battles, the nine regions tournament had finally come to an end.

The spatial vortex squirmed and twisted as countless figures flew out like locusts, and sharp whistles of wind rang out across the world.

The crowds on the mountain broke into wild cheers. No matter what the final result was, the teams that fought for their region deserved their respect.

Teams continued to pour out the vortex and land on a mountain, standing separate from the other regions.

Zhou Yuan, who led the Tianyuan Region’s teams, had no doubt become the focus of the onlookers. Gazes of surprise, admiration, and envy constantly swept over him.

In terms of overall strength and team size, the Tianyuan Region was still the most unremarkable amongst the nine regions. But who would have thought that the Tianyuan Region would be the one to shine dazzlingly in the nine regions tournament?

Of course, to be precise, it should be the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan stood at the forefront, his expression calm and indifferent, but Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others gazed at his back with awe. The respect and admiration they felt almost overflowed from their eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s reputation among the Tianyuan Region’s Divine Dwelling experts could be said to have reached its peak.

Even Lu Xiao, who was prejudiced against Zhou Yuan in the past, willingly submitted to him. Facing Zhou Yuan’s terrifying achievements, even he didn't dare to think jealous thoughts. If Zhou Yuan hadn’t reversed the tides, there was no way that the Tianyuan Region could have achieved such an amazing result.

Lu Xiao knew very well that he wasn't qualified to carry such an important responsibility. So, he was very glad that Zhou Yuan became the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master.

Han Yuan and his people gathered together, looking a little ashamed. After all, his team was the first from the Tianyuan Region to be eliminated.

“Chief Pavilion Master...” Han Yuan spoke in a respectful tone with a trace of awe in his eyes, because he had also witnessed Zhou Yuan’s earthshaking achievements through the huge light mirror. At that moment, his respect for Zhou Yuan had reached its pinnacle.

After all, who would have thought that Zhou Yuan could dethrone even Zhao Mushen.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. “I don't blame you. Xu Ming came for me, and you guys just got involved.”

He turned to the other team members behind Han Yuan and smiled. “You all did a good job.”

They immediately reddened with shame after hearing Zhou Yuan’s compliment. The majority of their team were Mountain Pavilion members, but facing Zhou Yuan now, they didn't dare to be as casual as they had in the past.

After comforting Han Yuan and his team, Zhou Yuan lifted his head at Chi Jing in the void. She was sitting on a light lotus flower, and her short burgundy hair was fluttering in the wind. She exchanged a glance with Zhou Yuan and smiled appreciatively at him.

It was obvious that Chi Jing was extremely satisfied with Zhou Yuan’s performance in the nine regions tournament.

As the teams came out of the spatial vortex, the Law Domain experts in the void swept glances over them, and many of those gazes flickered with curiosity as they passed over Zhou Yuan. 

As the host of the nine regions tournament, Zhao Xiansun wore an expressionless face as he said indifferently, “The nine regions tournament is nearing the end. The great battle is over. All teams, gather the Spiritium collected and prepare for the final ranking announcement.” 

His voice faded, and the commotion in the various regions’ teams continued for a while.

Yuan Kun from the Yushou Region was the first to step forward. With a wave of his wide sleeve, he formed a light sphere that contained tens of thousands of Spiritium flowing around like fish. But they were all ordinary Spiritium, and one thousand such Spiritium were needed to convert to an Alpha Spiritium.

Yuan Kun flicked his finger, and more than 200 light lotuses rose in his Divine Dwellings, rushing towards the Genesis Qi light sphere.

“My Yushou Region found a total of 23,000 ordinary Spiritium, and 208 Alpha Spiritium,” Yuan Kun reported.

“The Xuanji Region harvested 25,000 ordinary Spiritium and 300 Alpha Spiritium,” Jiu Gong said, loud and clear.

“The Shengwen Region, 30,000 ordinary Spiritium and 600 Alpha Spiritium.”

“The Xuehai Region, 50,000 ordinary Spiritium and 900 Alpha Spiritium.”

Su Youwei moved her red lips under countless gazes, and a gentle voice sounded, “The Zixiao Region, 60,000 ordinary Spiritium and 1,200 Alpha Spiritium.”

Wu Yao restored her usual fierce look on her beautiful face as she said, “Wushen Region, 60,000 ordinary Spiritium and 1,800 Alpha Spiritium.”

After everyone reported their results, on the Wanzu Region’s side, Zhao Mushen’s face was ashen. He had only just regained consciousness after being ejected from the Fallen Abyss. He said in a low voice, “The Wanzu Region harvested 90,000 ordinary Spiritium and 800 Alpha Spiritium.”

The 800 Alpha Spiritium were harvested by the Wanzu Region’s heaven prides who desperately competed for the last two stone statues after Zhao Mushen was eliminated. From this, it was clear that one mustn’t underestimate the Wanzu Region’s overall strength. Even if they lost Zhao Mushen, they still had the strength to capture the last two stone statues. 

Of course, the more important reason was that Zhou Yuan had already eliminated Xu Ming, who was from the Yaogui Region.

On the Yaogui Region’s side, Xu Ming’s face was livid because he was the first to be eliminated and had failed to occupy any stone statue or find any Alpha Spiritium.

Under countless mocking gazes, Xu Ming uttered in a hoarse voice, “The Yaogui Region harvested 30,000 ordinary Spiritium and...18 Alpha Spiritium.”

Low snickering laughter spread out. Although everyone expected the Yaogui Region to have the worst performance, they didn't think it would be that bad. The Yaogui Region broke the record of having the worst tournament result in many years.

Amidst the roars of laughter, the members from the Yaogui Region reddened in embarrassment. But such laughter didn't last too long because countless eyes were already cast in the Tianyuan Region’s direction. They knew that the Tianyuan Region’s result was the real highlight.

Under millions of gazes, Zhou Yuan stepped forward and said loud and clear, “The Tianyuan Region harvested 20,000 ordinary Spiritium and... 4,700 Alpha Spiritium.”

Zhou Yuan's voice echoed throughout the world, and countless people couldn't help inhaling sharply. Twenty thousand ordinary Spiritium were equivalent to 20 Alpha Spiritium and was insignificant, but 4,700 Alpha Spiritium was enough to crush everyone else.

This was the harvest from winning the oldest stone statue.

Although everyone had already expected the result, when Zhou Yuan personally reported his harvest, they still couldn't help but marvel. The winner of the nine regions tournament had finally appeared.

Countless gazes of admiration and amazement looked at Zhou Yuan. The Tianyuan Region’s achievements were only possible because of Zhou Yuan.

The Tianyuan Region members couldn't help but burst into earth-shaking cheers and applause.

In the void, Zhao Xiansun’s face was devoid of expression, but he clenched his fists tight and stared at Zhou Yuan with chilling intent flashing in his eyes. Zhou Yuan could be said to have completely crushed the Wanzu Region’s face and reputation.

Chi Jing breathed a long sigh of relief. She turned to Zhao Xiansun and said indifferently, “Zhao Xiansun, the results are out. Are you not going to announce the ranking?” 

Zhao Xiansun coldly smiled and didn't argue with Chi Jing. Instead, his indifferent voice rang out across the world, “The nine regions tournament has come to an end. The final winner is the Tianyuan Region!”

Exclamations of surprise continued to sound around the mountain. At this moment, the dust had truly settled.

Zhou Yuan finally revealed a smile. He had fought very hard for nearly two years since coming to Hunyuan Heaven. This day had finally arrived.

As long as the Tianyuan Region wins first place in the nine regions tournament, he would be eligible to take charge of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, and his first step towards awakening Yaoyao would finally be completed!

In the void above, Chi Jing smiled, then said to Zhao Xiansun, “Since my Tianyuan Region won first place in the nine regions tournament, I hope the Wanzu Region will hand over the Ancestral Dragon Lantern early and let my Tianyuan Region take charge of it.”

A strange smile curved Zhao Xiansun’s lips as he said leisurely, “Although the Tianyuan Region has won first place in the nine regions tournament, as for the Ancestral Dragon Lantern...I’m afraid I can't give it to you for the time being.” 

When Chi Jing heard these words, her expression instantly turned ice-cold.

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