Chapter 993 Bountiful Harvest

Zhou Yuan lay down on his back on the ancient stone statue’s head amidst countless gazes. He gradually closed his eyes because it was time for him to enjoy the tournament’s final result and reward.

A force in the depths of the statue attracted Zhou Yuan’s attention.

Zhou Yuan released his Spirit, and by the time his Spirit stabilized, he found that he was situated outside a tremendous ball of light. Thousands of fish-like wisps of flowing light slowly rose within the ball of light,and eventually changed into thousands of beings, including fish, birds, flowers, plants and insects.

It was like an independent world.

Watching the ever-changing flowing lights, Zhou Yuan felt a burning sensation in his heart because the wisps were all Alpha Spiritium!

The quantity of Alpha Spiritium was several times greater than that inside the stone statue he was at before.

With one thought, Zhou Yuan gathered Genesis Qi in front of him to form a vortex. The thousands of Alpha Spiritium strands suddenly gushed over from all directions and poured into the vortex one after another.

There wasn't any obstruction during this period.

It took about an hour for Zhou Yuan to extract all the Alpha Spiritium. In the end, even he felt a little emotional with harvesting so much. It was no wonder that everybody wanted to fight for this place, even at the risk of breaking their skulls. 

Zhou Yuan stored away the Alpha Spiritium with a satisfied smile before studying the huge ball of light ahead of him again.

He could faintly feel a body sitting cross-legged in the deepest part of the ball of light, where an indescribable oppressive pressure was faintly exuded, causing the void to vibrate.  

It was the remains of a Law Domain expert.

Zhou Yuan's heart pounded with excitement. Law Domain experts stood at the top of the world and were second only to Saint experts. The legacy of a Law Domain expert was incredibly rare, and it had a much greater appeal than Alpha Spiritium for experts of the Heavenly Sun stage and the Nascent Source stage.

Zhou Yuan slowly drew closer to the huge ball of light and soon saw a mysterious ten-foot light shield around the remains in the depths of the light ball. A thousand streams of golden light flowed within the light shield, and each one made Zhou Yuan’s heart pound a bit faster.

The golden lights seemed to possess a remarkable spiritual nature.

Zhou Yuan felt a sudden flash of insight when the golden light shone on him. He felt his mind clear up, and any obstruction he encountered in his Genesis art cultivation was instantly resolved.

Zhou Yuan cast his greedy eyes on the thousand streams of golden light, his heart trembling. He knew they were Law Domain Sources!

The Law Domain Source was the core of a Law Domain expert. Even Chi Jing and other Law Domain experts greatly cherished their Law Domain Source. The thousand streams of golden light inside the light barrier should be formed from the source released when a Law Domain shattered.

It was a really good thing!

Zhou Yuan felt that if he obtained them, it would greatly reduce the effort required to cultivate Genesis techniques and little Saint Arts in the future. Perhaps he could even master the Seven Cangxuan Arts and integrate the true Cangxuan Saint Arts!

Moreover, the more one was exposed to Law Domain Source, the greater one understood the Law Domain before stepping into the Law Domain stage in the future.

Therefore, many Law Domain experts would fight over a strand of Law Domain Source.

Zhou Yuan let out a wisp of Genesis Qi and guided it close to the light shield. But just as it was inches away, a beam of golden light shot out and instantly turned the wisp of Genesis Qi into nothing. At that moment, even the void showed signs of shattering.

The moment the beam of golden light evaporated the wisp of Genesis Qi, it aimed directly for Zhou Yuan as though sensing something.

Zhou Yuan’s hair stood on end. It was only when his Spirit body hastily drew back that the golden light beam slowly returned to the light shield.

A cloudy expression came to Zhou Yuan’s face. It seemed that he wasn't strong enough to touch Law Domain Source yet. Only a golden light beam shot out, but he already felt deadly danger from it. If thousands were to surge out, he would most likely be evaporated instantly. Not even a single bone would remain.

“It’s so difficult. No wonder I haven't heard of anyone obtaining a Law Domain Source from the nine regions tournament in the past.”

Zhou Yuan was incredibly troubled about what to do. Should he just collect some Alpha Spiritium and leave?

But he was reluctant to leave! A mountain of treasure was standing before him, so how could he go back empty-handed?

But the Law Domain Source was like a tiger’s tail—the tiger would rage when its tail was touched.

Just when Zhou Yuan was hesitating, his Divine Dwellings vibrated suddenly, and he was stunned to see a ball of light fly out of his Divine Dwellings and beam into the depths of the stone statue.

“It’s the Saint Rune light sphere!”

Zhou Yuan's Spirit stared intently at the light sphere, the four mysterious Saint runes slowly flowing on its surface.

The light sphere hovered in the air for a moment, then floated over to the light shield under Zhou Yuan’s surprised gaze. He was taken aback, but there was nothing he could do to stop it. He could only prepare to retreat at a moment’s notice, since he knew he couldn’t withstand that kind of power.

Under Zhou Yuan’s nervous gaze, the Saint Rune light sphere easily pierced through the light shield.

Like a rabbit seeing a hungry wolf, the golden light source, which Zhou Yuan had feared, fled frantically seeing the Saint Runes light sphere.


The light sphere revolved, creating a suction force that pulled the thousands of golden strands into the light sphere in a tyrannical manner.

Zhou Yuan stared dumbstruck as the light sphere absorbed the terrifying streams of golden light. The golden light didn’t even show a shred of resistance.

However, he realized it was normal after careful thought. After all, the four Saint Runes, born from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, were sacred treasures that only Saint experts were qualified to come into contact with. The power they possessed could split the world apart.

In less than a few dozen breaths, the light sphere cleanly absorbed the thousand streams of golden source. It then vanished from the void with a slight vibration, but Zhou Yuan could feel movement within his Divine Dwellings and knew it had returned.

Zhou Yuan peered blankly into the empty light barrier. With the golden light source sucked dry, the light shield began to shrink, and even the remains started to show signs of crumbling.

Clearly, after the loss of the Law Domain Source’s protection, the remains gradually became nothing.

From then on, Alpha Spiritium would most likely no longer be born within the statue.

Zhou Yuan felt a little guilty. He bowed respectfully to the body before withdrawing his Spirit into his body.


Outside the Fallen Abyss.

In the void above, the several Law Domain experts fell quiet for a moment when the dust had finally settled under the starry sky. Their expressions changed indefinitely, revealing the surging waves in their hearts.

The tournament’s result was clearly unexpected to everyone.

No one thought that the person who would eventually occupy the oldest stone statue would be Zhou Yuan…

He had defeated Zhao Mushen.

It was undoubtedly shocking.

Countless people rushed from the mountains when they learned of the final result from the huge mirror in the void. Exclamations and gasps of surprise rippled throughout the crowd. 

“The Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan really is a dark’s too terrifying.”

“The entire Hunyuan Heaven will be turned upside down when this matter comes out. The title of being king of the Divine Dwelling will most likely go to Zhou Yuan.”

“Yes, who would have thought that he could breach the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage...that’s 100 million Genesis Qi stars! I really don’t dare to imagine it.” 

“Divine Dwelling experts are already considered strong with a foundation of tens of millions, but compared to him, it’s like comparing the brightness of a firefly to the moon…”

It was obvious how much shock the final result of the nine regions tournament had brought.

Xu Ming from the Yaogui Region was pale and ashen-faced, and his eyes were filled with envy. The person he had looked down on had stepped on his head and ascended to being the king of Divine Dwelling stage.

Moreover, what made him feel even more despair was Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation. 

If he were to face Zhou Yuan again, he knew he wouldn't even last one round. So no matter how bitter and angry Xu Ming felt, he understood there was a huge gap between them. But he was relieved to know that Zhao Mushen had been eliminated since it would undoubtedly reduce the pressure on him.

“Hmph, Zhou Yuan, don't be so proud. You made the Wanzu Region lose face, and the Wanzu Region’s people won’t leave the matter at that!” Xu Ming sneered. The title of being king of the Divine Dwelling stage might be terrifying, but Zhou Yuan was still just an ant to the Wanzu Region.

They could easily send an expert on the Heavenly Sun List to teach him a lesson.

Time quickly passed amidst countless exclamations of shock. Soon, the void outside the Fallen Abyss began to distort. It twisted into a vortex and formed a spatial channel.

The atmosphere between heaven and earth was buzzing.

It was a sign that each region’s heaven prides were finally coming back out.

The nine regions tournament had come to an end.

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