Chapter 992 Dust Settles

Outside of the Fallen Abyss.

The Law Domain experts present all sensed that the Genesis Qi had frozen under the starry sky. They immediately exchanged glances with one another, looking a little bewildered. It was obvious that nobody thought the matter would draw the attention of a supreme sovereign.

Some gazes swept over Wushen Region’s Jin Zhong. The person who intervened and protected the Sacred Dragon Blessing in Wu Yao’s body had to be the supreme sovereign of the Wushen Region.

There wasn't a ripple of emotion on Jin Zhong’s face, and he made no comment on the matter.

Zhao Xiansun's expression was cloudy ever since Zhao Mushen was eliminated, but he couldn't help but remark coldly, “Supreme sovereign Wu Shen really protects his juniors well. He even personally came forward to intervene and broke the rules.”

He was unhappy because he expected Zhou Yuan to kill Wu Yao and make the relationship between the Tianyuan Region and the Wushen Region drop to a freezing point, but supreme sovereign Wu Shen had come out and messed it up. How could he not be disappointed and angry?

Jin Zhong responded indifferently, “If you have an opinion on this, you can go to the Wushen Region and speak to the supreme sovereign yourself.” 

Zhao Xiansun snorted coldly and shot a fierce stare in Chi Jing’s direction.

Chi Jing ignored him and continued to stare at the light mirror. She slowly relaxed her clenched hands in her sleeves, relieved to see that Zhou Yuan hadn’t taken away the last bit of the Sacred Dragon Blessing. It wasn't the time for the Tianyuan Region and the Wushen Region to tear each other’s faces yet. But she also understood the reason for Zhou Yuan's action. He was just taking back what belonged to him.

The present situation was what was best for the Tianyuan Region.

After all, Zhou Yuan had defeated Zhao Mushen and won first place in the nine regions tournament, which would inevitably attract countless attention. Some forces might even feel unconvinced and indignant. Therefore, the Tianyuan Region could be said to be at the eye of the storm, and it would be unwise to become enemies with the Wushen Region at this time.

“Zhou Yuan, leave the last bit of the Sacred Dragon Blessing in Wu Yao’s body for now. There is going to be another opportunity in the future,” Chi Jing said in her mind. When Cang Yuan returns and the Tianyuan Region rises again, as long as Zhou Yuan fairly defeats Wu Yao again, even supreme sovereign Wu Shen wouldn’t be able to interfere anymore.

He had to be tolerant and forbearant for now.


On the plain.

Zhou Yuan withdrew the Genesis Qi circulating around his body and swept a glance over Wu Yao without saying anything. He then turned and strode towards Su Youwei.

Wu Yao stared at his back and said through clenched teeth, “Zhou Yuan, you won this time. I promise that I won’t touch the Sacred Dragon Blessing in you when you lose to me next time.”

In her view, Zhou Yuan had only stopped due to the oppression of supreme sovereign Wu Shen. Wu Yao, who had always been competitive and feisty, couldn't accept this sort of behavior because she never liked using power to intimidate people. There was absolutely no need for the power of others for her to prove herself.

Zhou Yuan said snappily, “Lose to you? You’re indeed arrogant.”

Wu Yao took a deep breath and said, “You did come in front of everyone this time, but you shouldn't be so overconfident. After the nine regions tournament ends, everyone will start breaking through to the Heavenly Sun stage, and you won't have such a huge advantage over them then.” 

Zhou Yuan didn't respond. He would similarly prepare to attack the Heavenly Sun stage after harvesting all the Alpha Spiritium born from the remains in the depths of the statue. He didn't believe that he would lose to Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and the others in breaking through to the Heavenly Sun stage, given the fact he had broken the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage.

He came to stand next to Su Youwei and said, “You should stay here and recover your Genesis Qi first.”

Su Youwei and Wu Yao had both exhausted their Genesis Qi. In their present state, they couldn't compete with the others for the second stone statue.

Zhou Yuan whispered, “I would give this place to you, but it’s very important for me to win first place in the nine regions tournament...”

Su Youwei smiled. “You won with your own strength. Why are you saying this to me?”

She gazed at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful eyes. Even if Zhou Yuan gave her this place, she wouldn't accept it, but his gesture filled her heart with sweetness.

Zhou Yuan sat down, exhausted. His face was grey with fatigue, but the battle with Zhao Mushen had indeed been thrilling. Zhou Yuan could finally relax. “That guy...he was really tricky to deal with.”

Su Youwei sat down gracefully beside him. Absorbing the universe Genesis Qi, she pursed her lips and said, “But Your Highness had the last laugh. After today, your name will cause a sensation in Hunyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan scratched his head, saying, “Are you not going to change the way you address me? You are now the pearl of the Zixiao Region, and my identity as the prince of the Great Zhou is a joke in Hunyuan Heaven!”

But Su Youwei, who was always gentle and well-behaved, shook her head firmly, refusing to discuss the topic with Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan felt helpless. Although Su Youwei looked gentle and well-behaved, she was extremely stubborn and wouldn't change what she had decided.

The two sat together, chatting happily. Their posture showed their closeness and trust in each other. 

Wu Yao quietly sat cross-legged not far away and restored her Genesis Qi. Occasionally she swept her phoenix eyes over them. Her expression was indifferent, but a trace of envy flickered in the depths of her eyes. Ever since her mother had passed away, she had been alone. Even after she had come to the Wushen Region, she had focused all her attention on cultivating. 

Of course, she hoped to have true friends she could trust. However, the people she had met weren’t pure-minded, so she really admired Su Youwei, who treated her with hostility just because of Zhou Yuan.  

A cloudy look flashed across Wu Yao’s eyes. She peered blankly into the distance, and a kind face emerged in front of her. It was her mother. Her mother’s eyes were still the same as when she was a child, filled with warmth and care.

Wu Yao bowed her head, and rare tears welled up in her eyes.

But that weak state of mind lasted only a few breaths, before she took a deep breath and suppressed it in the deepest part of her heart.

Wu Yao, you once said in front of Mother’s tomb that you would become the strongest person in the world. Only then would Mother not have to worry about, keep working hard. 

Feeling the Genesis Qi gradually restoring in her body, Wu Yao stood up. Without saying anything to Zhou Yuan, she moved slightly and soared into the sky, her body a stream of light. She finally rushed out of the Genesis Qi light barrier.

A whistle of wind sounded behind her. She glanced back to see Su Youwei skimming across the air.

Wu Yao said indifferently, “The second stone statue belongs to you. I’m tired, and I don’t want to fight with you anymore.”

Su Youwei smiled. “Second or third place doesn't matter. Wu Yao, you’re very amazing. I wanted to have a real fight with you today, but it’s not possible anymore. I hope we will have a chance in the future.”

Wu Yao was taken aback because she keenly felt that Su Youwei's hostility seemed to have reduced greatly. She nodded. “Just tell me when.”

Su Youwei didn't say anything more. With a slight movement, she transformed into a stream of light and descended directly onto the third stone statue. 

Wu Yao gazed blankly at her beautiful figure and, after a moment, landed on the second stone statue.

As the two took their positions, the situation under the starry sky gradually became clear. Wang Xi no longer clung to the first stone statue because he knew there was a more powerful existence than Zhao Mushen. Moreover, Wu Yao and Su Youwei shouldn't be provoked. In the end, he had no choice but to occupy the fourth stone statue, which was the same number as his ranking... 

No, with Zhou Yuan's sudden rise in strength, Wang Xi’s ranking would most likely fall to the fifth in the future.

The fifth, sixth and seventh stone statues were unsurprisingly occupied by Li Tongshen, Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun. 

The Wanzu Region occupied the last two remaining stone statues because Zhao Mushen’s elimination had stimulated the Wanzu Region’s teams to take action. The heaven prides attacked wildly, and after several rounds of fierce battle and paying a great price, they managed to secure the last two stone statues. 

Of course, the majority of the other regions’ teams didn't want to be locked in a fierce battle with the Wanzu Region. The Wanzu Region had already lost a lot of face, and if infuriated, they could do anything.

More importantly, after Zhao Mushen had been eliminated, even if the Wanzu Region’s heaven prides snatched the last two stone statues, they still could not shake the situation.

The outcome of the nine regions tournament had basically been determined.

Zhou Yuan descended onto the first stone statue. He lifted his head to the starry sky and exhaled a deep breath, as though releasing all the exhaustion in his heart. But his eyes were filled with excitement.

After more than a year of hard work, he had finally achieved his first goal of coming to Hunyuan Heaven: he won first place in the nine regions tournament!

Gazing at the void, he could see Yaoyao’s cold and beautiful face appearing in front of him. Her clear eyes seemed to be speaking to him, making his heart flutter.

Zhou Yuan held out his hand and clenched it in the air.

Yaoyao, I won first place in the nine regions tournament...Maybe we'll see each other again very soon. 

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