Chapter 989 Zhao Mushen Eliminated

A deep thousand-foot-long mark had torn through the plain, like a scar on a beautiful jade-like face.

The entire world fell utterly silent.

Countless dumbstruck gazes stared at the end of the deep scar, where Zhao Mushen lay covered in blood and barely breathing. An incomparably miserable look had replaced the heroic spirit he had radiated when he was on the verge of breaking through to the Heavenly Sun stage. 

No one had thought Zhao Mushen’s breakthrough would end in such a way: that Zhou Yuan would kick his face and interrupt his breakthrough.

Zhou Yuan’s kick also no doubt put an end to the tournament’s final battle.

As people stared at Zhou Yuan standing in the same spot as before, many eyes gradually filled with awe. Even Wang Xi and the others wore incomparably complex expressions, but there was also an undisguisable look of fear in their eyes.

They knew that the old Divine Dwelling king of Hunyuan Heaven had been defeated and would be replaced by a new Divine Dwelling legend.

This kind of replacement didn’t involve any schemes whatsoever. No one would dare question Zhou Yuan’s power after he had broken the Divine Dwelling stage’s limit. The fact that he had torn apart the Genesis Qi light shield that combined the Genesis Qi of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei was enough to explain everything.

The present Zhou Yuan could most likely beat Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei together.

In the quiet world, the void around Zhao Mushen’s motionless body suddenly began to ripple, and a vortex swallowed his body.

Countless people stared speechless again because this indicated that Zhao Mushen was so severely wounded that it activated the mark within his body. It had formed a space vortex to kick him out of the Fallen Abyss. In other words, he had been eliminated.

Zhao Yuan had eliminated Zhao Mushen, who was thought to have the best chance of winning.

Countless people trembled at the result. Who would have thought that Zhao Mushen, who had dominated Hunyuan Heaven for so many years, would fail?

It was impossible.

Everyone on the Wanzu Region’s side fell into a trance-like state, particularly Liu Qingshu. Her expression changed indefinitely, and her voice turned sharp. “How is this possible!? How could my senior brother lose? It’s not fair! Zhou Yuan didn't wait for my senior brother to complete his breakthrough!”

The other members of the Wanzu Region, however, couldn't echo what she said because they could feel the contempt from the members of the other regions.

A failure was a failure, but Liu Qiushui still had to make excuses.

Why should Zhou Yuan wait for Zhao Mushen to break through? Do you think the nine regions tournament is a game for children? It is normal to even lose your life here!

If he could end the battle with one kick, why would he want more trouble? That isn’t self-confidence—that’s stupidity! 

Liu Qingshu closed her mouth amidst the many contemptuous gazes and clenched her hands and teeth. She couldn't accept this result.

She could accept Zhao Mushen losing to Wu Yao or Su Youwei, but not to the despicable Zhou Yuan!

Ultimately, this was because she had always felt superior to Zhou Yuan. After all, she was one of the Wanzu Region’s top heaven prides and had a powerful senior brother. What about Zhou Yuan? He had come from the deteriorating Tianyuan Region and had no outstanding achievement in the past.

These were the factors that made Liu Qingshu look down on Zhou Yuan, but she had never thought that the person she despised would crush the pride in her heart. But no matter how difficult it might be for her to accept it, the truth was in front of her, and she had no choice but to face it.

In the distance, Yuan Kun stroked his chubby face, looking a little dumbfounded. He then turned to say to Jiu Gong, “The Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage is going to change again.”

He knew that Jiu Gong thought extremely highly of Zhao Mushen, and the result of the battle most likely shocked her greatly.

Jiu Gong’s expression was indeed very complicated. As the reviewer of the Divine Dwelling List, she had witnessed Zhou Yuan achieve one amazing feat after another. She witnessed his rise to fame from a nobody in Hunyuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan had even broken the Divine Dwelling stage limit and had overwhelmingly defeated Zhao Mushen. 

From then on, nobody would dare look down on him anymore.

“I'm really curious now. I wonder how great of a wave he will cause when he reaches the Heavenly Sun stage,” Jiu Gong said softly. Once the nine regions tournament ended, each region’s top heaven prides would most likely start breaking through. As they continued their fight on a higher level, the Heavenly Sun List, new blood would be welcomed onto the Divine Dwelling List.

The majority of the experts on the Heavenly Sun List were previous generations’ top heaven prides. They had seniority and dominated the list for years. If those on the Divine Dwelling List were the junior-level fresh blood of each region, the Heavenly Sun List was filled with senior-level fresh blood.

As for the people ranked on the Nascent Source List, they were the true top fighting power of each region. There wasn't a list for the Law Domain stage because anybody who made it onto the list was an authority of a region.

Yuan Kun nodded in agreement. “The heaven prides on the Heavenly Sun List have always looked down on us and see a battle with us as a trivial matter. It would be fun to see Zhou Yuan enter the Heavenly Sun stage and destroy their structure.”

He cast a glance at the top of the ancient statue and sighed, “But who would have expected this result?”

He then smiled. “This is why I have good eyes and didn't have a conflict with Zhou Yuan. Instead, I had cooperated with him. Look at how Xu Ming and Zhao Mushen were eliminated. I realized that anybody who opposed him wouldn't end well.” 

Jiu Gong rolled her eyes at his smug face.


Zhou Yuan peered in the direction Zhao Mushen disappeared. Zhao Mushen was indeed a very difficult enemy. If Zhou Yuan hadn’t taken the risk to break the limit, the battle’s final outcome could have been entirely different. But no matter how dangerous the process was, Zhou Yuan had won in the end.

“It seems that my Sacred Dragon Blessing is superior to your Taotie Blessing,” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. He smiled and turned around. With a flash, he appeared in front of Su Youwei.

“How's it going? You okay?” he asked with a smile.

Su Youwei smiled brightly at Zhou Yuan. “Congratulations, Your Highness, for winning first place in the nine regions tournament.”

Zhao Mushen had been eliminated, and Su Youwei’s and Wu Yao’s Genesis Qis were exhausted, which meant the ancient stone statue belonged to Zhou Yuan.

Su Youwei was very happy from the bottom of her heart to see Zhou Yuan so dazzling in Hunyuan Heaven. In her view, given Zhou Yuan’s talent, he should have become the brightest star long ago and attracted everyone’s attention and worship.

She had always felt this way about Zhou Yuan, but other people didn’t believe in him. However, from then on, nobody would dare question Zhou Yuan’s ability again.

“I accidentally took your title of having the strongest Genesis Qi foundation among all Divine Dwelling experts,” Zhou Yuan joked.

Su Youwei moved her red lips and smiled softly. Then, she tilted her head to the side and said, “This is a trivial matter. You have another trouble to deal with now.”

Zhou Yuan followed her gaze and saw Wu Yao standing calmly in a bright red dress.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before striding towards Wu Yao.

He looked at the stunning and fierce face before him and indifferently said, “Wu Yao, I came to get back what belongs to me.”

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