Chapter 988 One kick

The raging movements in Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwelling came to an abrupt end.

The monstrous flood in the Divine Dwellings subsided like the end of a storm. 

But Zhou Yuan’s attention wasn’t on that but on the brightest Genesis Qi star refined in his Divine Dwellings.  

The star was dazzling, shining and far surpassing the other Genesis Qi stars.

100 million!

Even Zhou Yuan was filled with boundless joy seeing 100 million twinkling Genesis Qi stars before him. 

He did it!

He had truly broken the Divine Dwelling stage’s limit!  

Most importantly, the Saint Runes could only temporarily increase the strength of one’s Genesis Qi, yet the 100 million Genesis Qi stars flickering brightly showed no sign of disappearing. In other words, even if the Earth Saint Rune dissipated, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi would remain at the same level and wouldn't return to the 93 million he had in the past.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan's foundation had reached 100 million!

One hundred million Genesis Qi stars flashed in the sky as light poured down overwhelmingly. Under that flowing light, Zhou Yuan could sense that his Divine Dwellings had grown. Moreover, there was a faint, glassy reflection of light at the end of his Divine Dwellings.  

All his Divine Dwellings had become more vast and tough.

“It’s a glass crystal wall?”

Zhou Yuan was surprised to see the glint of glassy light at the boundary of his Divine Dwellings. Only when a glass Heavenly Sun opened up would a glassy light bloom in the Divine Dwellings. A Divine Dwelling with a glass crystal wall could accommodate greater amounts of Genesis Qi, and it could also speed up one’s cultivation of Genesis Qi. Not only that, the glass crystal wall had the ability to purify and obstruct any external Genesis Qi attempting to break into the Divine Dwellings to create trouble.

In a sense, Divine Dwellings with a glass crystal wall could protect themselves better.

It was just that one must reach the Heavenly Sun stage and refine a glass Heavenly Sun to possess a glass crystal wall. So why would it appear in Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwellings?

Although his Genesis Qi stars had risen to 100 million, he could feel that he was still at the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage. Otherwise, the millions of Genesis Qi stars would have formed a Heavenly Sun already.

Although puzzled, Zhou Yuan didn't care too much because he had broken the limits of the Divine Dwelling stage. It wasn't weird for some strange matters to occur.

Zhou Yuan refocused his mind on the Saint Rune light sphere suspended inside his Divine Dwelling and whispered, “Thank you.”

The four Saint Runes undoubtedly played a critical role in breaking the limit since ordinary objects couldn't collide with that invisible barrier. 

The four Saint Runes from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp were indeed incomparably mysterious.


The light sphere released a ray of light as though in response to Zhou Yuan’s thanks.

Zhou Yuan smiled and withdrew his mind from the Divine Dwellings.

He stood quietly on the plain, his eyes slightly closed.

The countless Genesis Qi stars flickering in the void behind him had vanished unknowingly, and even the mighty Genesis Qi constantly emitted from his body had turned to nothing.

He stood there calmly and without a ripple of emotion, just like an ordinary person.

Countless puzzled and stunned gazes gathered on him.

“What happened? Why has all the Genesis Qi disappeared?” 

“There isn’t the slightest wave of energy around. What's going on?”

“Did he fail and encounter an adverse reaction that caused his Genesis Qi to disperse completely?”

“That’s possible. After all, it isn’t that easy to push the limits.”

Countless whispering voices sounded as many people closely watched Zhou Yuan. They thought Zhou Yuan must have failed, and they had never imagined that Zhou Yuan would succeed.

Wang Xi, Li Tongshen, Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun, the top heaven prides, also wore bewildered looks. They similarly couldn't perceive what exactly had happened because even they had never dared to dream about breaking the limits. 

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others tensed up nervously, and their faces scrunched up in worry.

They understood that if Zhou Yuan succeeded, he would no doubt become Hunyuan Heaven’s most dazzling new star. But if he failed, it would definitely lead to mockery from jealous people.

“Did he fail or succeed?”

A deep frown creased Wu Yao’s brows, and her beautiful face changed indefinitely. Even she herself didn't know whether she hoped for Zhou Yuan to succeed or fail. 

Su Youwei clenched her fists as she stared fixedly at the slender, motionless figure in the distance and whispered, “He definitely succeeded.”

Her voice was incomparably firm.

Many people from the Zixiao Region had said that she was the top heaven pride, but deep down, she knew that Zhou Yuan was the truly gifted one. He was born with the Sacred Dragon Blessing, and even if it was taken away, he changed himself a little and soared once again.

If even he couldn't push past the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage, no one else could.

Amidst these gazes, Zhou Yuan slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes turned an azure-golden color, and his pupils became similar to a dragon’s inverted pupil. An indescribable oppressive aura spread from him, causing the void itself to shake.

It was a strange phenomenon caused by the powerful World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi in his body.

Zhou Yuan clenched his hands lightly. The space around his fist trembled, forming cracks.

A Genesis Qi that was so powerful that it shocked even him was circulating within his body. The Genesis Qi was many times stronger than the previous 99 million Genesis Qi stars.

His foundation had only increased by 10,000, but there was a drastic difference in strength.

Under countless gazes, Zhou Yuan stretched his back and took a large step forward. With this step, he immediately appeared outside Zhao Mushen’s Genesis Qi light shield as though he had teleported. 

Zhao Mushen stared intently at Zhou Yuan, his eyes flashing.

Zhou Yuan, stop pretending.

It is already impressive to win second place in the nine regions tournament.

But before Zhao Mushen uttered a word, Zhou Yuan lifted his hand and stretched it through the light shield with a smile. He applied a little force and, like tearing down a piece of paper, easily tore the Genesis Qi shield that combined the powers of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei

The world quietened, and even the winds seemed to freeze.

Zhao Mushen's voice was stuck in his throat.

Countless eyes were filled with great shock.

The fact that Zhou Yuan could easily tear apart the Genesis Qi light shield of three top Divine Dwelling experts was already enough to demonstrate everything.

Even the eyes of Wang Xi, Li Tongshen and the others were wide with disbelief.

Zhao Mushen stared dumbstruck at Zhou Yuan as Zhou Yuan strode towards him with a mocking smile. 

“Your breakthrough isn’t complete yet?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile, glancing at the Genesis Qi stars that had begun to fuse in the void behind Zhao Mushen.

Zhao Mushen’s eyes flashed, and his voice was low as he said, “Zhou Yuan, you really are amazing. You actually achieved such a legendary thing!”

His expression was a little complicated because although he was extremely proud, his pride had been ruthlessly destroyed.

Zhao Mushen drew a deep breath and said, “If you’re brave enough, wait a moment. I want to see who is stronger, the you who broke the Divine Dwelling’s limit or me after breaking through! What do you think? Do you dare to wait!?”

Zhou Yuan tilted his head and smiled at Zhao Mushen’s provocative expression. Then, he suddenly spun around. His right foot was wrapped in terrifying Genesis Qi, and it instantly shattered the void. Zhao Mushen’s eyes widened in horror seeing Zhou Yuan aim a kick at his face.

Zhao Mushen’s nose instantly collapsed into his perfect face, which seemed to be carved by a knife. His face contorted and gushed with blood. 


Countless Genesis Qi stars exploded in the void behind Zhao Mushen, and his breakthrough was forcibly obstructed.


His body blasted away upside down and smashed huge craters one after another into the ground. In the end, a thousand-foot-long ditch was left on the plain.

Zhao Mushen's body was like a tattered leather ball: buried in a deep pit, covered in blood, and with his skin split apart. He only had a faint breath of life left. 

The entire world fell silent once again.

Zhou Yuan gently clapped his hands. He peered into the distance, laughing. “Isn’t it more efficient this way? Why would I wait for you to break through?”

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