Chapter 987 Past One Hundred Million!

When Zhou Yuan landed on the ground and his body started to bleed and his face began to contort,, everyone noticed his oddness. Zhou Yuan’s expression then changed, and his eyes began flickering. They could tell he did not fully understand what he was doing. 

Wu Yao and Su Youwei, who were also on the plain with him, didn't know what Zhou Yuan was planning. However, they could sense that his Genesis Qi was surging again. 

The Genesis Qi stars filling the sky behind him began to increase again at a slow speed!

Both women's stunning faces changed uncontrollably as they guessed Zhou Yuan’s plan.  

He wants to break the limit and increase his Genesis Qi foundation to over 100 million?!

What a bold, crazy plan!


Everyone’s eyes finally fell on the growing number of Genesis Qi stars, and shock erupted in the audience. 

The onlookers finally realized Zhou Yuan's intention, and they were dumbstruck with horror. In their view, Zhou Yuan’s crazy plan was more scalp-numbing than Zhao Mushen attempting to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage.

Throughout Hunyuan Heaven’s history, rarely had anyone broken the Divine Dwelling stage limit and achieved 100 million Genesis Qi stars. As a result, many people thought the Genesis Qi foundation in the Divine Dwelling stage could never exceed 100 million. 

But Zhou Yuan was challenging the impossible under countless gazes!

He’s crazy. This was everyone’s thought.

Even Wang Xi, Li Tongshen, Jiu Gong, and Yuan Kun, the top heaven prides, looked amazed.

Everyone stared at the void behind Zhou Yuan. They didn’t particularly care whether Zhao Mushen could break through, because even if he did and became a glass Heavenly Sun expert, in many people’s view, it wasn’t as astonishing as Zhou Yuan surpassing the Divine Dwelling stage’s limit of 100 million stars. 

The glass Heavenly Sun was indeed stunning and dazzling, but it wasn’t unique in this world. On the other hand, it was incredibly rare to see someone breaking the 100 million limit in the Divine Dwelling stage, as it was a feat only existing in legends.

Liu Qingshu gritted her teeth, and her expression changed. “He’s just pleasing the crowd!”

She didn't believe that Zhou Yuan could accomplish this legendary feat!

In her view, Zhou Yuan just wanted to take away the brilliance that belonged to Zhao Mushen by challenging the limit. But this method was ridiculous, and everybody would laugh at Zhou Yuan's arrogance when he fails!

Under the close watch of countless blazing gazes, the void behind Zhou Yuan vibrated, and the number of Genesis Qi stars began to grow. 

The increase wasn’t rapid, but it grew at a slow and firm rate.

Zhou Yuan’s foundation was only 10,000 away from 100 million, but to fill that gap still required the support of tremendous amounts of Genesis Qi. Fortunately for him, he possessed a great opportunity, namely the presence of the Earth Saint Rune and the Law Domain remains in the stone statue’s depths.  

The refinement of each and every Genesis Qi star drew gasps of astonishments from throughout the world.

Even the veins on Zhao Mushen’s forehead were visibly throbbing. Although he didn’t turn his head once, he cast sidelong glances through the light shield towards Zhou Yuan’s direction.  

“That bastard.” Zhao Mushen clenched his fists, then quickly retracted his gaze. I mustn’t be distracted. Otherwise, I will fall into Zhou Yuan’s scheme. That guy just wants to use this trick to make my breakthrough fail!

How would it be that easy to break the limit of 100 million?!

As long as he quietly completed his breakthrough, what was happening on Zhou Yuan’s side would be nothing more but a ridiculous show. 

“Seven thousand!

“Eight thousand five hundred!

“Nine thousand three hundred!”

Astonished exclamations rang out under the starry sky as countless shocked eyes stared at the dazzling Genesis Qi stars in the void behind Zhou Yuan. 

Finally, amidst the trembling voices, the Genesis Qi stars rose to 9,999.

Zhou Yuan's foundation was only one step away from breaking the 100 million limit!

Everyone shuddered at the sight.

Even the many Law Domain experts outside the Fallen Abyss wore solemn expressions on their faces. For people of their level, juniors of the Divine Dwelling stage were like children to them, and it was rare for their actions to attract their real attention. 

But it was different this time. Even these Law Domain experts couldn’t break the 100 million level at the Divine Dwelling stage in the past.

If Zhou Yuan succeeded, he would have done enough for them to remember him.

And under countless watchful gazes, just when Zhou Yuan was one Genesis Qi star away from 100 million, the increase stagnated. It seemed Zhou Yuan still couldn’t pass the limit, regardless of the Genesis Qi’s strength and majesty as it poured into his body.  

Countless people secretly sighed, but it wasn’t clear whether it was from disappointment or relief.

The one seemingly insignificant Genesis Qi star formed a barrier that was enough to make people feel despair. Perhaps there had also been remarkable heaven prides obstructed by one Genesis Qi star in the past. 

Zhou Yuan's face also became extremely distorted.

He completely focused his mind on his Divine Dwellings. Suddenly, earth-shaking movements sounded from within his Divine Dwelling. 

The boundless Genesis Qi seemed to have turned into a monstrous flood that caused havoc in the Divine Dwellings. It completely submerged them, causing the Divine Dwellings to no longer be able to withstand the Genesis Qi, and they began to produce faint cracking noises.  

An intense pain spread throughout Zhou Yuan's body and almost tore him apart.

Zhou Yuan's mind was still solely focused on the 99.9 million Genesis Qi stars suspended within his Divine Dwellings. He was unwilling to be obstructed at the last step!  

But no matter how he activated his Genesis Qi, he still failed to refine the last Genesis Qi star. The feeling was similar to an invisible chain restricting the Divine Dwelling’s limit.

The restriction could no longer simply be broken with abundant Genesis Qi.

“I won’t accept this!”

Zhou Yuan's growl echoed throughout the Divine Dwellings.

“Give me the last star!”

His roar contained incomparable determination and faith, and it was during that roar that the light sphere formed from the four Saint Runes seemed to be drawn by some kind of force. It began to vibrate within the Divine Dwellings. The four Saint Runes suddenly bloomed with a mysterious brilliance. 

Even the mysterious and unpredictable fourth Saint Rune began to tremble.

The light sphere pulsed with ripples of sacred light. All the Divine Dwellings shook violently, as though the sacred light was fiercely colliding with some invisible restriction.  

Zhou Yuan couldn’t see the mysterious collision, but he felt that he had to put all hope on the sacred light sphere if he wanted to refine the last Genesis Qi star!

“Saint Runes, help me!” Zhou Yuan yelled in his heart.

He knew that the four Saint Runes born from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp were incredibly ancient and were filled with intelligence. And in terms of grade, even the four ancient Genesis Runes within the Four Spirits Origin Tower couldn't compare to it.

As though the runes sensed Zhou Yuan’s cry for help, the light sphere suddenly vibrated even more fiercely while the four Saint Runes erupted with sacred light.

The Divine Dwellings shook incessantly, and the two sides seemed to have become deadlocked.

But in truth, Zhou Yuan was a little worried because the inside of his Divine Dwelling was too chaotic. If this continued, his Divine Dwellings could shatter any moment, which would be a real disaster for him!

“Four Saint Runes, hang in there!”

While Zhou Yuan was praying incessantly, the light sphere’s vibration suddenly came to a halt.

But the stillness only lasted for a moment before a dazzling ray of light burst from the Saint Rune sphere, hiding all movements. The berserk Genesis Qi raging like a flood in the Divine Dwellings also gradually subsided.  

Zhou Yuan stared intently at the light sphere, wondering if it was an illusion, because he vaguely sensed that something seemed to be spinning inside it.


Wrapped in mysterious force, the light sphere fiercely pounded the space above the Divine Dwellings.

It clearly struck nothing, but a faint crackling noise sounded.  

The inside of the Divine Dwelling seemed to freeze. 

Endless light poured down, and the flood-like Genesis Qi began to evaporate, turning into wisps of steam. A glimmer of light finally blossomed above the 99.99 million Genesis Qi stars. It erupted in a blaze of light.

The last Genesis Qi stars had appeared!

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