Chapter 985 Zhao Mushen's last resort

The mysterious monstrous silhouette hovered in the void behind Zhao Mushen, and although it was much clearer than before, it was still impossible to see its true face. But it’s mysterious, ancient and wild aura flooded the air and caused even the world to tremble.

Zhou Yuan scanned the mysterious monster silhouette and somehow felt that it resembled Tuntun after Tuntun’s transformation.

This thought flashed to his mind, and he was a little dumbfounded. He shook his head to suppress the thought and fixed Zhao Mushen with a cold stare. Zhao Mushen was an enemy more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. Even a trump card like the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune had failed to get rid of Zhao Mushen.  

But he guessed that Zhao Mushen must have performed an incredibly rare and powerful defensive technique. Otherwise, with Zhao Mushen’s strength alone, it would have been impossible to escape from the Law Domain vortex.

“What else do you have?” Zhou Yuan's cold gaze was piercing, and he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Rather, his blood was bubbling. He had always longed for a battle of this level where he could distinctly feel his strength progressing little by little.

Zhao Mushen’s gaze was similarly chilly as he stared at Zhou Yuan. If he hadn’t activated the Divine Death Substitute Curse at the critical moment, he would have likely died then. 

His heart ached at the thought of the Divine Death Substitute Curse. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu had gifted him that treasure, and it could help him avoid a situation with the danger of death. It could only be used once because it would vanish immediately afterwards.  

If he wanted to receive another divine curse, he would most likely need to win the nine regions tournament first.

Zhao Mushen had never felt the aura of death ever since reaching the Divine Dwelling stage. But this time, even he felt a chill down his spine during that moment of instant annihilation.     

Watching Zhou Yuan soar into the air, Zhao Mushen’s face darkened. He hadn’t expected the guy whom he had chased like a mouse to push him to this state. 

But it should end here.

Zhao Mushen sat down cross-legged, his hands folding into a seal with lightning speed. Mighty and vast Genesis Qi gushed from his body, turning into a Genesis Qi light shield that enveloped him.  


He bit the tip of his tongue, and blood squirted out.

He drew multiple fine blood-red runes in the void with his blood-stained fingers. The runes landed on the light shield and flowed around like fish, making the shield appear particularly deep.

Zhou Yuan wrinkled his brows. Zhao Mushen had created a turtle shell; did he intend to withstand his attacks? This was not a wise choice.

His eyes flashed, and he immediately flung his sleeve. The more than 90 million Genesis Qi stars flickered brightly in the air before roaring down like an azure-golden dragon. They pounded the light shield.  


The shield rippled under the berserk bombardment.

Zhou Yuan manipulated the powerful Genesis Qi to strike again and again. He knew that the shield would shatter sooner or later if he continued his onslaught. After all, he had an advantage in the strength of his Genesis Qi. Zhao Mushen had unexpectedly given up attacking and formed a light shield with Genesis Qi. Did he think he could withstand my attacks with that thing alone? 

What is this guy trying to do?

Within the shield, Zhao Mushen abruptly looked up at Zhou Yuan’s fierce bombardment. With an indifferent face, he folded his hands together, and his voice rang out, “Swallow and transform!”    

The moment his voice faded, Zhou Yuan immediately sensed two extremely powerful waves of Genesis Qi whizz across the air and shoot through the Genesis Qi light shield. The shield suddenly erupted with a thousand rays of light, and it resembled a crystal shield from afar.

Following the addition of these two powerful Genesis Qis, Zhou Yuan’s bombardment suddenly grew weaker, and the shield rippled less frequently. 

Such a change surprised Zhou Yuan. Where did these two powerful waves of Genesis Qi come from? They clearly didn’t belong to Zhao Mushen.

But is there anyone else here?

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. He abruptly turned his head toward where Wu Yao and Su Youwei were sealed, and his pupils rapidly shrank. He was shocked to see that the two Sacred Lotuses under them were slowly rotating, steadily drawing out powerful Genesis Qi from the two women’s bodies and transferring it to the Genesis Qi shield around Zhao Mushen.  

Zhao Mushen was using the Genesis Qi within their bodies to fortify his defense! This meant the Genesis Qi light shield had combined three people’s power!

As increasing amounts of Genesis Qi were drawn from the two women, the Sacred Lotuses below them seemed to reach their limits, and the lotuses burst apart into specks of light. 

The two women finally escaped, but their beautiful faces were deathly pale as they weakly controlled the limited Genesis Qi in their bodies to float down from the sky.  

Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes were icy, and her entire body exuded a chilly aura that made people’s hearts pound with fear. She fiercely stared at Zhao Mushen with pure hatred. 

Su Youwei didn’t look much better. If Su Youwei and Wu Yao were to fight head-on against Zhao Mushen, even if Zhao Mushen won in the end, he would have had to pay a heavy price to achieve victory. But who would have thought that Zhao Mushen would have schemed against them both and sealed them with his Reversal Art? 

However, Zhao Mushen was also surprised that he had successfully sealed them in the Sacred Lotuses. After that day, the two women would no doubt be on guard against him at all times and might even practice special Genesis arts to counter him in preparation for another battle in the future. There was no way that the future battle would be as relaxed as it was for Zhao Mushen that day. 

Zhou Yuan glanced at the two women from afar, then turned his gaze to Zhao Musan, who was within the bright crystal-like Genesis Qi light shield.

Although he didn’t quite understand why Zhao Mushen would put so much effort into building such an indestructible turtle shell, he knew that this was the beginning of Zhao Musen’s last resort. 

“What do you actually want to do?” Zhou Yuan looked at Zhao Mushen pensively and no longer wasted Genesis Qi to strike the light shield because it would no doubt consume a huge amount of his strength to break it apart. After all, the Genesis Qi shield combined the powers of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

Zhao Mushen lifted his head and fiercely stared at Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, you are pretty good to have forced me to this point. Everyone underestimated you. But unfortunately, I will still be the one to have the last laugh! Because, compared to me, you are still lacking!”

Zhao Mushen performed a seal with lightning speed, then pressed his hands against the ground. Suddenly, the Taotie Blessing behind him unleashed a thunderous roar and transformed into a black vortex with terrifying force similar to a black hole.  

The ground quaked.

Wisps of Alpha Spiritium broke through the ground from the statue’s depths, and they were all swallowed into the black vortex. Countless Genesis Qi stars emerged in the void behind Zhao Mushen and gradually showed signs of fusing together.

Zhou Yuan’s expression abruptly changed, and countless gasps of astonishment rang out under the starry sky.

Everyone knew what Zhao Mushen was planning: he wanted to make a breakthrough and step into the Heavenly Sun stage!

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