Chapter 983 Heavenly Punishment Law Domain

When the lotus flower between Zhao Mushen's eyebrows bloomed with light, everyone’s eyes widened in shock. 

“It's the Reversal Art again!”

“How is that possible? Can that Reversal Art even transfer injuries caused by one’s self?”

“I've never heard that the Wanzu Region’s Reversal Art was so remarkable!”


Under the starry sky, there was an explosion of whispers. Everyone was incredibly stunned. If the Reversal Art could indeed transfer self-inflicted injuries to the opponent, wouldn’t that be too terrifying? It would have exceeded the capabilities of a little Saint Art. 

It’s not even an exaggeration to say that it’s a true Saint Genesis Art.

While everybody was dumbstruck, Zhao Mushen, who was nailed to the ground by the golden halberd, fixed his eyes on Zhou Yuan in the distant void. His expression was strange. The final seal changed.  

Reversal Art, Rebirth.

A mysterious wave seemed to ripple across the world.

Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank, and he increased his guard. Zhao Mushen’s Reversal Art was very bizarre and terrifying. Wu Yao and Su Youwei, who were struck by the technique before, were still situated in the seal.  

Following the activation of the Reversal Art, Zhou Yuan waited a few moments and didn’t notice any strange injuries appear on his body. 

All the gazes that were fixed on him turned puzzled.

“What happened? Did the Reversal Art fail?”

When Wu Yao and Su Youwei were struck, their bodies were immediately injured.


Zhao Mushen spat out a mouthful of bloody foam and slowly pulled the golden halberd from his chest. He staggered to his feet, saying, “You have overestimated the ability of the Reversal Art. Injuries caused by one’s self can’t be reversed onto the opponent.”  

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. So injuries can’t be transferred? Then why did you stab yourself with the golden halberd? Have you been beaten crazy?  

As though reading Zhou Yuan's puzzled thoughts, Zhao Mushen smiled and said, “Self-inflicted injuries can’t be reversed...however, I didn’t wound myself for this but for the seal.”

Zhou Yuan's face changed dramatically, and he spun around and swiftly turned into a shadow to flee.

But the second his body moved, the void rippled, and a Sacred Lotus rapidly bloomed below him. His body suddenly froze.


A commotion broke out in the crowd, and many people secretly shook their heads. Zhou Yuan has been tricked…

Now that he was caught in the seal, Zhou Yuan was like a fish on a chopping board, waiting for Zhao Mushen to slaughter him.

It’s a pity... Although Zhou Yuan has created a miracle, he will still be defeated in Zhao Mushen’s hands. The man who had dominated Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage was indeed frightening...

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others had turned ashen. The Sacred Lotus Seal was far more terrifying than the reversal of injury. After all, Zhou Yuan could still move if severely wounded, but once he fell into its seal, it would be impossible for him to reverse the situation. 

Wu Yao and Su Youwei were perfect examples!

The Wanzu Region team led by Liu Qingshu burst with joy. The battle’s outcome had basically been decided once the Sacred Lotus had imprisoned Zhou Yuan.

“I already said before that no one could shake my senior brother’s status. So what if Zhou Yuan possesses a foundation of 99 million Genesis Qi stars? Didn’t he also become a stepping stone?!” Liu Qiushui said with a satisfied look. 

Yuan Kun shook his head, a look of disappointment on his chubby face. In truth, he had hoped that Zhou Yuan could defeat Zhao Mushen. This wasn’t because there was enmity between Zhao Mushen and him. He just didn’t want Zhao Mushen to always be above him.

A complicated expression crossed Jiu Gong’s cold face. She had never thought that Zhou Yuan would be qualified to compete with Zhao Mushen. However, Zhou Yuan should be proud that he could force Zhao Mushen to such an embarrassed state during their battle. 

“After today, you will be the first person below Zhao Mushen.”


Mysterious light flashed across Zhao Mushen’s body as his flesh and blood squirmed and slowly repaired itself. He then soared into the air and slowly drifted towards Zhou Yuan, who was imprisoned by the Sacred Lotus.

Ten breaths later, he came to the Sacred Lotus and said with a faint smile, “The Reversal Art is an extremely well-known little Saint Art from the Wanzu Region. But you probably don’t know that my Genesis technique is called the Sacred Lotus Reversal Art and that our supreme sovereign had specially created it for me. This is why the Sacred Lotus has a wisp of the Law Domain stage’s power. If you want to break it, you will have to use the strength of the Law Domain stage. Therefore, it’s impossible for people below the Heavenly Sun stage to break free from its seal.”  

Heavenly Sun stage experts could rely on their strong Genesis Qi to forcibly break the seal. Of course, if Zhao Mushen were to use this technique once he reached the Heavenly Sun stage, it would likely make countless Heavenly Sun stage experts bow their heads.

“Next...I’ll swallow your Blessing. Is there a reason for me to not accept what’s delivered to me?” Zhao Mushen smiled, but there wasn’t a hint of a smile in his eyes. Rather, they contained indifference and coldness. He folded his hands together.


Roars of Genesis Qi resounded through the world, and a mysterious gigantic beast-like silhouette gradually emerged behind Zhao Mushen. Evidently, he had intended to devour Zhou Yuan’s Blessing since the beginning.

“You’re not afraid of it being poisonous, are you?” A whisper sounded.

Zhao Mushen's pupils suddenly constricted because he actually saw Zhou Yuan slowly lift his head while trapped in the Sacred Lotus Seal. Zhou Yuan mockingly looked him in the eye

“You're not sealed?! How can that be!?” Even Zhao Mushen couldn’t help but cry out in disbelief.

Zhou Yuan’s body was exuding a mysterious power that distorted and twisted the void. It was as if the power was forming an invisible boundary smaller than a foot around his body. 

It seemed to be...a Law Domain that was less than half a foot long!

It was just that this Law Domain lacked the earth-shaking power of a real Law Domain but still exuded the Law Domain’s terrifying energy.

“The power of the Law Domain?!” Zhao Mushen finally noticed the mysterious energy being emitted from Zhou Yuan’s body. He wasn’t unfamiliar with that wave of energy because the Sacred Lotus in the center of his eyebrows contained the same power!

But there was no way that his small amount of Law Domain power could form a small Law Domain similar to Zhou Yuan’s half-foot Law Domain!

The void around Zhou Yuan’s body violently twisted and distorted. Then, it collapsed and formed a black hole. Unable to withstand the force, the Sacred Lotus beneath his body shattered little by little before it completely turned into light specks that filled the sky. 

Zhao Mushen’s hair stood on end. Although he couldn’t understand how Zhou Yuan could create a half-foot Law Domain, he could feel it fluctuating with a terrifyingly dangerous power. He decisively halted his Blessing and frantically retreated.  

Zhou Yuan had deliberately lured him closer to him!

“Since you have come, why are you leaving?” Zhou Yuan slightly smiled and took a large step forward. His figure vanished and reappeared before Zhao Mushen. He opened his hand and said softly, “You treated me to a taste of your Sacred Lotus Seal, so I should return the favor. You should also try my old friend who has been lying unused for a long time.” 

He whirled his hand, and the half-foot Law Domain extended from Zhou Yuan's head and shrouded Zhao Mushen.

At the same time, there was a whisper.

“Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune…

“Heavenly Punishment...Law Domain.”

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