Chapter 982 Self-harm

Smoke and dust filled the air above the plain. 

The blast tore a deep ditch into the ground, and at the end of the ditch, the ground’s surface had cracked and showed signs of collapsing. 

Countless eyes gathered on the deep ditch, all wide with shock. After all, it was extremely rare to see Zhao Mushen in such a miserable state. 

But Zhou Yuan, who was standing in the void, didn’t show a hint of joy because of this. His eyes under the silver armor were staring coldly at the collapsed ground. Although his attack had been fierce, it would be underestimating Zhao Mushen, the king of the Divine Dwelling stage, to think he could be gotten rid of so easily. 


At the end of the ditch, the ground suddenly broke apart as an arm stretched out. A figure slowly climbed up. 

Zhao Mushen’s upper garment was torn, blood trickled down the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were particularly sinister. 

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his body shook violently. The torn clothes crumbled to powder and scattered in the air, exposing his strong upper body. Light runes surfaced on his skin, resembling a layer of net covering his body.  

A pale yellow color also emerged on Zhao Mushen’s skin, and an incredibly powerful force surged in his body.

Evidently, Zhao Mushen had also practiced bodily Genesis techniques.

Zhou Yuan carefully studied the mysterious net of light covering Zhao Mushen’s skin. That net was precisely what had neutralized the majority of his attack.  

Zhao Mushen said indifferently, “This is my Wanzu Region’s Magnetic Xuan Net Technique, a top protection technique. This is why your sneak attack had little effect on me.   

“Also, it's not really a good idea to touch my body.”

When his voice faded, he folded his hands together.


A roar of Genesis Qi reverberated throughout the world. Zhou Yuan threw his head back and saw a tremendous golden light formation appear thousands of feet above him. The formation rotated swiftly, swallowing the Genesis Qi across the world, and it exuded a terrifying wave of energy. 

“Little Saint Art, Unrestrained Golden Light!”

The golden light formation unleashed a deafening roar before it erupted with a tremendous light beam. The beam shot down towards Zhou Yuan at an astonishing speed, like an enraged golden dragon. 


The golden light cracked the void where it passed, and swallowed the shattered fragments, boosting its power. 

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank. Zhao Mushen is indeed a heaven pride carefully cultivated by the Wanzu Region. The number of little Saint Arts he has practiced is endless. In terms of treatment, he is treated much better than me, an official disciple of the Tianyuan Region’s supreme sovereign. 

When the golden light descended, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel the frightening power it contained. With a flash, he transformed into a shadow and vanished. 

Although his figure had disappeared, the golden beam didn’t slow down and constantly wreaked havoc in the void.    

Zhou Yuan’s shadowy face was overcast because he found that the golden light beam could accurately determine his location no matter how he evaded.  

He used a special method to mark my location when we made physical contact.   

Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. Zhao Mushen was really difficult to deal with. It was no wonder Zhao Mushen said it was not a good idea to touch his body.


The dragon-like golden light beam constantly changed its direction in the void above, leaving behind streaks of light. From this scene, everyone knew that Zhao Mushen was infuriated and that he was counterattacking with a killing move to force Zhou Yuan to flee in embarrassment.  

Liu Qingshu and the other Wanzu Region disciples secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Previously, when Zhou Yuan had slammed a punch at Zhao Mushen, their hearts had jumped into their throats. Fortunately for them, Zhao Mushen was strong enough to withstand the attack and hadn’t been wounded. He then took the opportunity to launch a counterattack, the Unrestrained Golden Light.

This little Saint Art was well-known throughout the Wanzu Region, and Zhao Mushen had spent many years mastering it. Its power was extraordinary.      

Now that Zhou Yuan was marked, the Unrestrained Golden Light would fall on his head regardless. Zhao Mushen had to get revenge for what had happened before.    

Liu Qingshu gritted her teeth and said, “You’re dreaming if you think you can win against my senior brother!”

In her heart, Zhao Mushen was almost invincible. In all these years, no matter what kind of strong enemy Zhao Mushen faced, they were all ultimately defeated at his feet and added to his famous reputation. This time, it would be no exception!    

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui, Lu Xiao and the others tensed up nervously, and their eyes unblinkingly followed the dragon-like golden beam. They rarely had the chance to interact with a powerful Genesis technique such as a little Saint Art. This rarity was enough to show that its power should absolutely not be underestimated.  


Zhou Yuan's figure constantly transformed into shadows and sped to and fro, but as time passed, he found that the Unrestrained Golden Light was moving much more quickly. 

“I can’t dodge any longer,” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, but he didn’t seem panicked. Although he had constantly evaded the attacks, he had also been preparing for a counterattack.  

And now, it was almost time.

You are not the only one with a little Saint Art.

Zhou Yuan folded his hands together, and the Genesis Qi within his body pulsed and whizzed from him like a torrent. 


Thunder suddenly rumbled, and his figure suddenly flashed and appeared from the void.

“You’re not going to run away anymore?” Zhao Mushen's eyes were cold.


The golden beam rumbled down with a strange vibrating buzz. Its sound waves had the power to shatter the Spirit. If it were someone with a weaker Spirit instead of Zhou Yuan, the golden light would have shattered their Spirit with its sound before it landed.  

The golden beam rapidly grew in front of Zhou Yuan.

Just as the light beam was no more than one hundred feet away from the top of his head, Zhou Yuan flung his sleeve. A clap of thunder echoed in the sky. 

“Yin Yang Lightning Rune!”


A black-and-white white divine lightning bolt shot out from Zhou Yuan’s sleeve, stunning the onlookers. The lightning sharply ascended with the wind and transformed into a tremendous black-and-white lightning dragon. Its roar tore apart the void. 


The golden light beam repeatedly collided with the black-and-white lightning.

The whole world seemed to still for a moment. Then, waves of light blanketed the world, violently quaking the void.

In the void, the two little Saint Arts frantically collided hundreds of times. Each collision caused the sky to tremble and the ground to crack. 

But in the end, the two little Saint Arts couldn’t do anything to each other, and as their Genesis Qi was exhausted, they gradually dispersed from the world.    

Zhao Mushen wrinkled his brows. He didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to withstand his Unrestrained Golden Light. This guy is really troublesome.

It seems I have to be even fiercer.

Zhao Mushen indifferently stared at Zhou Yuan standing in the void. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, and his golden halberd rose into the sky, hovering in the void like a golden python. It produced sharp booms. 

The golden halberd danced in the air at lightning speed, then suddenly blasted down. Zhao Mushen stretched out his hand as if to catch the golden halberd.   

“No!” Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly shrank. He knew that something was wrong when he saw the golden halberd speed straight down without slowing.  

Although he didn’t know what Zhao Mushen was up to, Zhou Yuan instinctively waved his sleeve and shot out a stream of Genesis Qi to engulf the golden halberd.   

The corners of Zhao Mushen's lips curved in a strange arc, and the golden halberd’s descent sharply quickened.


The golden halberd ultimately pierced Zhao Mushen’s chest under countless horrified gazes and nailed his body to the ground. A hideous wound appeared on his body, gushing out blood wildly.

Zhao Mushen lay on the ground, letting the blood flow out. The light lotus between his brows flashed once again.   

“Sacred Lotus, Reversal Art!”

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