Chapter 980 Just a Little More

“A foundation of 93 million Genesis Qi stars.”

Outside the Fallen Abyss, the Law Domain experts all stared at the Genesis Qi stars behind Zhou Yuan. As they faced a Genesis Qi foundation of such a level, even their eyes assumed a strange expression.

Since they could reach the Law Domain stage and become the top experts in Hunyuan Heaven, they were naturally amazingly talented cultivators. When they were at the Divine Dwelling stage, they were also known as kings of their stage and had suppressed many people of their generation with their strength.

But even they hadn’t possessed such a powerful foundation when at the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage. From this, it was clear that Zhou Yuan was very extraordinary. His foundation was strong enough for him to compete with Zhao Mushen.

Some people cast their eyes to Zhao Xiansun, whose smile had faded slightly. Evidently, Zhou Yuan’s appearance had destroyed what he had in mind. 

He was bound to be somewhat annoyed. After all, Zhao Mushen was preparing to take away Wu Yao’s Blessing, but Zhou Yuan had suddenly appeared and obstructed him.

“Haha, Chi Jing, there is finally someone outstanding in your Tianyuan Region. It seems victory in the nine regions tournament will fall to the Tianyuan Region this time!” A roar of laughter sounded like thunder.   

It was from the Wushen Region’s Jin Zhong.

He, of course, was glad to see Zhao Mushen’s plan ruined. After all, Wu Yao was the fresh blood the wushen Region had painstakingly cultivated. She was destined to have a bright future, so he couldn’t let Zhao Mushen destroy her.

Staring at Zhou Yuan’s figure, Chi Jing was also overwhelmed with emotions. She was confident in Zhou Yuan from the start, but this was only because of her master, Cang Yuan. Zhou Yuan had finally proved himself with his strength. 

He is indeed qualified to catch Cang Yuan’s attention.

Chi Jingsimply chuckled at Jin Zhong’s words. Although Zhou Yuan’s strength had skyrocketed, Zhao Mushen wasn’t easy to deal with. She had witnessed him defeat Wu Yao, Su Youwei and other equally outstanding people with his own hands. 

Therefore, she couldn’t be too happy before the battle outcome had been decided.

Zhao Xiansun’s face was expressionless. He, of course, knew that Jin Zhong was deliberately getting revenge, but he didn’t argue, and just cast his icy gaze onto the gigantic mirror.  

Although the increase in Zhou Yuan's strength somewhat disrupted the plan, Zhao Xiansun still believed Zhao Mushen would eventually suppress Zhou Yuan.

The king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage is bound to be Zhao Mushen! 

On the plain.

Countless eyes gathered on the two slender figures. Who would have thought that the final battle of the nine regions tournament would be Zhao Yuan challenging Zhao Mushen’s status as the Divine Dwelling king? 

But after witnessing Zhou Yuan’s terrifying Genesis Qi foundation, even people who had been dismissive of Zhou Yuan had to admit he was strong enough to threaten Zhao Mushen. Therefore, the battle’s final outcome hinged on the fight between them.  

Under countless gazes, Zhao Mushen remained calm and composed, even if the 93 million Genesis Qi stars behind Zhou Yuan were incomparably dazzling. It had to be said that, from Zhao Mushen’s bearing alone, he was worthy of the title King of the Divine Dwelling Stage.

But even Wang Xi, who was arrogant and unyielding, had willingly moved aside from the Genesis Qi barrier when facing the pressure of Zhou Yuan’s 93 million Genesis Qi stars. 

“A foundation of 93 million is indeed very powerful, but you should bring out the Tianyuan Region’s four Genesis Runes. Otherwise, you won’t have an advantage against me.” Zhao Mushen smiled. Behind him, powerful ocean-like Genesis Qi surged violently, and the 95 million Genesis Qi stars twinkled brightly.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “As you wish.”

The four Genesis Runes surfaced from his body.


The Genesis Qi throughout the world pulsed and bubbled violently like a pot of oil. 

Zhou Yuan’s imposing aura rose once again, and the number of Genesis Qi stars in the void rocketed. 

Even Su Youwei, who possessed ten Divine Dwellings, had failed to break the Divine Dwelling stage’s limits and bring the number of Genesis Qi stars to the level of 100 million. They were very curious as to whether Zhou Yuan, who had a stronger foundation than Su Youwei, could create a miracle. 

The Genesis Qi stars rapidly soared in number and, as they neared 99 million, suddenly stagnated and no longer increased. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned solemn because he found that as the number of Genesis Qi stars approached 100 million, the obstruction force grew stronger. With the four Genesis Runes, he had increased his foundation by another 14 million in the past, but now, there was only an increase of six million! 

He waited a few seconds until the first of the four Genesis Runes was completely exhausted before changing to another seal.

“Four Spirits Origin Diagram!”

Rays of light spread from the four Genesis Runes, forming a light diagram on Zhou Yuan’s body. The Genesis Qi stars that had stagnated behind him surged once again.  

Genesis Qi stars materialized one by one at a very slow speed. 

Countless people across the world stared wide-eyed at the miracle.

When the number of Genesis Qi stars reached 99.99 million, however, the stars stagnated again, and an indescribable power formed an obstruction and prevented them from breaking through. 

He was just ten thousand Genesis Qi stars away from 100 million!

Countless people gasped in disappointment.

Zhou Yuan sighed softly in his heart. Ten thousand Genesis Qi stars didn’t have much importance in ordinary times, but now, it was like an uncrossable mountain stream and made people despair.  

Although disappointed, no one could ignore the oppressive pressure brought about by Zhou Yuan’s 99.99 million Genesis Qi stars.

The void around him seemed to quake repeatedly, and it rippled vaguely.

Su Youwei and Wu Yao, trapped in the Sacred Lotus Seal, also saw the impressive spectacle. Su Youwei’s pure and stunning eyes flickered with joy and admiration.  

Your Highness, I have said before that you should never belittle yourself. As long as you want, even in Hunyuan Heaven, you are the most dazzling, Su Youwei spoke in a soft voice in her heart.   

The look in Wu Yao’s eyes was much more complex. When she met Zhou Yuan for the first time in the Great Wu, Zhou Yuan had only just reached the initial Divine Dwelling stage, whereas she was at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. 

But now, the prince of the Great Zhou could soon become the king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage. 

Facing Zhou Yuan, who was able to rise after the devastating disaster that happened during his childhood, even Wu Yao couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s no wonder that he carries the Sacred Dragon Blessing.”  

Genesis Qi pressure filled the sky. Zhao Mushen lifted his head, and his eyes reflected 99.99 million Genesis Qi stars. At that moment, there was even a hint of seriousness on his calm face. Facing such an unprecedented strong enemy, Zhao Mushen finally felt the pressure. 

This, however, didn’t make him fearful. Instead, his eyes blazed as he stared intently at Zhou Yuan. A fiery heat seemed to be swallowing his opponent. 

“Zhou Yuan, only someone as remarkable as you is worth swallowing!”.


Mighty Genesis Qi erupted, and the void trembled. The Genesis Qi was like a giant endless wave crashing down on Zhou Yuan with tremendous force. 

Zhao Mushen had finally made a move.

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