Chapter 973 Rivals Move

The crystal-like skeleton in the depths of the stone statue maintained a sitting, cross-legged posture as it continuously released pure, abundant Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan's mind was completely focused on the skeleton’s remains. From the looks of it, the remains should be that of an expert of the Nascent Source Stage because Zhou Yuan couldn’t feel any waves of energy at the Law Domain stage. 

Moreover, the remains of a Law Domain expert would be much more terrifying. 

He wondered if there would be the legacy of a Law Domain expert in the depths of the ancient statue. 

The vast amount of Genesis Qi seemed to have become an ocean in the depths of the stone statue. In that ocean, there were fish swimming back and forth, each crystal clear with shimmering scales. 

However, he didn’t attempt to take the Alpha Spiritium. Time was too precious right now, and he needed to connect all nine Divine Dwellings. Only by doing so would he have the chance to compete for the largest ancient stone statue. 

The Spiritium here couldn’t be compared to the amount contained in the other stone statue.  

Having made his decision, Zhou Yuan sent a stream of Genesis Qi out of his body without the slightest of hesitation. It swiftly arrived at the unfathomable ocean of Genesis Qi in the stone statue’s depths, whirling above the ocean as though forming a tornado.  

The rotating column of wind drew up Genesis Qi from the ocean like a dragon inhaling water into its mouth. Finally, the Genesis Qi began to flow endlessly into Zhou Yuan’s body. 

Zhou Yuan suddenly trembled. The Genesis Qi was so pure that it didn’t require much refining before it turned from its transparent color to the golden-azure World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.

Zhou Yuan controlled the endless stream of Genesis Qi, directed it into his Divine Dwellings and battered the barrier of his ninth Divine Dwelling.

As the barrier weakened, Zhou Yuan felt his mind shake as he once again felt a suppressive power spreading out from the ninth Divine Dwelling.  

A look of puzzlement crossed Zhou Yuan’s face. This kind of matter is unheard of. Could someone have done something without me knowing? 

Zhou Yuan immediately increased the absorption rate of Genesis Qi. Increasingly powerful Genesis Qi madly rushed into his body. 

As Genesis Qi tunneled into him, his body suddenly began to expand, and wisps of terrifying Genesis Qi escaped from his body, almost forming a turbulent flow of Genesis Qi around him. 

The barrier of the ninth Divine Dwelling gradually weakened under the Genesis Qi’s berserk force. It was only a matter of time until he connected through to the ninth Divine Dwelling.

While Zhou Yuan was making the best use of his time to connect the ninth Divine Dwelling, there were movements around the largest ancient stone statue in the deepest part of the starry sky.  

Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei cleared the Genesis Qi barrier almost at the same time and appeared above the ancient stone statue in a flash. 

They were the most dazzling people at the Divine Dwelling stage in Hunyuan Heaven, so countless people under the chaotic starry sky naturally cast curious looks their way when they saw the three standing facing each other. 

Among the three, Zhao Mushen was the first to make a name for himself and become well-known throughout the world overnight. As a result, he had firmly occupied the first position on the Divine Dwelling List for years.

Wu Yao and Su Youwei both gained fame a little later than Zhao Mushen, but their reputation was in no way inferior to his. 

Wu Yao's strength lay in the challenges she had experienced. After stepping into the Divine Dwelling Stage, she had been through numerous battles without losing a single one. There were even rumors that she had challenged Heavenly Sun stage experts, and although she had never won, she was able to escape unscathed.  

Compared to Wu Yao's fierceness, Su Youwei appeared to be much gentler, but nobody dared to look down on her. After all, she was ranked first among all experts in the Divine Dwelling stage of Hunyuan Heaven in terms of one’s Genesis Qi foundation.  

There was no record of a battle between these three people, and even Wu Yao and Su Youwei had only clashed briefly.

So, when the three stood facing each other, not only did the people present have a curious glow of excitement on their faces, even the Law Domain experts outside the Fallen Abyss gleamed with interest.   

Outside the statue’s Genesis Qi barrier, Wang Xi hovered in the void with a look of unwillingness mixed with bitterness. He finally drew a deep breath. His body suddenly gave up his defenses, and he let the Genesis Qi barrier squeeze him out. He then sat down cross-legged outside the barrier.

A faint halo of red light broke out from his body, and his originally blood-red hair turned a darker red, as if blood was dripping and flowing down his strands of hair.

“Once he completes his technique, his blood will start to burn and cause him endless pain. But if he can endure it, his strength will skyrocket.”  

“But it is said that to reach the peak state of this technique, one must strengthen it through constant battle and massacre. Wang Xi is brewing a murderous power. With him standing guard there, whoever dares to touch the first stone statue must pass him first.”  

“Once Wang Xi's murderous state reaches its peak, he will be able to break through the Genesis Qi barrier, rush into the first stone statue and compete with the other three!”


Gasps and exclamations rippled throughout the crowd. At this stage in the nine regions tournament, it was time for the rivals to use everything they had. 

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