Chapter 972 Chaos in the Starry Space

Outside the Fallen Abyss.

The many Law Domain experts were seated in the air, their gazes fixed on the mirror reflecting the starry sky in the depths of the Fallen Abyss.

They were currently viewing the outcome of the battle between Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming.

Space distorted, and Xu Ming was eliminated.

This result made even the Law Domain experts’ eyes ripple a little before several of them glanced at Chi Jing in surprise. Even existences like them were somewhat surprised by this ending.

People like themselves could naturally see Zhou Yuan’s enormous potential. Once he unlocked his ninth Divine Dwelling, he would gain the strength to compete with the top four.

However, Zhou Yuan had yet to unlock his ninth Divine Dwelling when he had eliminated Xu Ming.

That silver battle armor was quite amazing.

Amidst the Law Domain experts’ surprised gazes, Chi Jing’s taunt body relaxed a little as happiness flitted across the depths of her eyes. She knew that having so many powerful foes around put Zhou Yuan under a tremendous amount of pressure, but he had ultimately managed to endure.

After all, as someone who was regarded so highly by her master, this little junior brother of hers had excellent character.

“Hehe, Zhou Yuan’s silver armor is rather interesting. Could it be one of the Tianyuan Region’s Saint artifacts?” laughter suddenly sounded.

It was Zhao Xiansun. He smiled as he looked at Chi Jing, then shifted his gaze to another Law Domain expert. “If so, Law Lord Zhen Yu, Xu Ming’s loss is not shameful.”

Zhen Yu was the Law Domain expert from the Yaogui Region.

He had fair skin and no eyebrows. A glowing bead was currently spinning in his hand. His expression did not look too good. After all, he had not expected Xu Ming to be the first one to be eliminated. Since this happened, it was very likely that the Yaogui Region would place last this year.

Chi Jing chuckled icily. Zhao Xiansun was undoubtedly trying to stir things up. However, Zhen Yu and Zhao Xianxun were clearly in cahoots and had repeatedly tried to suppress the Tianyuan Region. As such, seeing Zhou Yuan eliminate Xu Ming greatly pleased Chi Jing.

Chi Jing indifferently said, “Zhao Xiansun, even ordinary Law Domain experts are unlikely to own a true Saint artifact. Even if these young Divine Dwelling practitioners obtained one, how much power would they be able to bring out? After all, you’re a Law Domain expert, so how can you say such ignorant things?”

Zhao Xiansun’s face twitched. He faintly smiled and retorted, “Who knows what kind of craziness your Tianyuan Region will resort to when backed into a corner?”

He waved his hand as he continued, “But never mind. This is the limit of your Tianyuan Region’s good luck. Once Zhao Mushen is free, I’m afraid that Zhou Yuan will no longer be left standing.”

Chi Jing shot back, “That may not be so. If Zhou Yuan manages to unblock the ninth Divine Dwelling, it may be Zhao Mushen who will have to pay back his earlier debt.”

Zhao Xiansun did not respond. He merely shook his head in disdain.


The fires of battle rose in the starry sky as berserk blasts of Genesis Qi soared into the sky.

The situation had turned exceptionally intense and chaotic.

Not only had the apex heaven prides of the eight regions begun to compete for the stone statues, but even the slightly weaker heaven prides had started to stir. However, their target was the smallest, bottom-ranked stone statue.

Normally speaking, since there were only nine statues, only the nine regions’ apex practitioners were qualified to compete for them.

However, no one could have predicted that Zhou Yuan would have eliminated the Yaogui Region’s Xu Ming at the start of the fight.

Since it had happened, there was now one extra statue. After all, Zhao Mushen, Zhou Yuan and the rest of the apex heaven prides could not occupy two statues at once. Hence, the other noteworthy heaven prides of the nine regions  would hotly contest over the final stone statue.

A storm of blood soon rose over the ninth stone statue.

In the depths of the starry sky, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei had locked onto the biggest and most ancient stone statue.

This statue was extraordinary. Terrifying Genesis Qi formed an extremely frightening Genesis Qi barrier around it. Due to the barrier’s thickness, even the Zhao Mushen trio could only slowly push their way in one step at a time.

The slightest lapse would result in them being forced out from the barrier.

Evidently, the first requirement to reach the most ancient stone statue was that one’s Genesis Qi foundations had to have reached an astonishing level.

Behind the trio, the Xuehai Region’s Wang Xi, who was ranked fourth on the Divine Dwelling List, was also attempting to break through the Genesis Qi barrier.

However, his expression darkened when he realized that he couldn’t advance even after pouring out all of his Genesis Qi. His rate of pushing into the barrier couldn’t match the rate at which he was being forced out. After wasting half a day trying, he was still stuck in the most outer area.

From this, one could see that there was still a gap between him and the other three.

Even so, he at least had the ambition to try. Li Tongshen did not even glance at the first statue and instead sensibly choose the fourth one.

However, the fourth statue was not peaceful either because Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun also arrived at this moment.

Sparks flew when the trio’s gazes met. They then began to break into the Genesis Qi barrier. One could tell that a battle would surely follow after they broke through. Only the final victor would have the right to occupy the statue.

After all, everyone wanted a better statue because the resources contained within would be greater. Hence, no one would willingly give up without a fight.

As a result, the starry sky was divided into three waves.

The first wave was, of course, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Wang Xi, who was still stuck at the barrier’s outermost region. They were the most powerful in the tournament.

The second wave was Li Tongshen, Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun.

The third wave was at the ninth stone statue where numerous powerful heaven prides, second only to the top, were restlessly stirring.

It was quite a chaotic mess.

Amidst the chaos, Zhou Yuan’s stone statue was the most peaceful. No one came over to disturb him.

After all, those with the strength to were competing for the other statues. Although the heaven prides without sufficient strength were tempted, they did not dare to provoke him after Xu Ming’s example.

Hence, Zhou Yuan silently sat with his eyes tightly shut amidst the chaos, his mind slowly entering the stone statue.

Within the statue was a glorious radiance, and at the radiance’s core, he saw a crystal skeleton.

Tremendous, pure Genesis Qi churned like a sea. After solidifying, the Genesis Qi had slowly formed the stone statue’s every grain. Evidently, the entire statue was made of the skeleton’s solidified Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s heart surged as he sensed the enormous amount of pure Genesis Qi.

He knew that it was finally time to unlock the ninth Divine Dwelling.

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