Chapter 971 Occupying the Stone Statue

Golden fragments were scattered all over the vast plaza-like top of the stone statue’s head.

Countless onlookers stared in shock at the mess atop the stone statue’s head. In the end, their gazes converged on the slender silver-armored figure as he walked out from the specks of light that filled the air. There was a sliver of graveness in the eyes of even the apex heaven prides from the other eight regions.

They had no choice but to be wary of the astonishing power Zhou Yuan had displayed. No one had expected Zhou Yuan to so easily smash apart Xu Ming's twelve golden beasts.

“How can this be…” Xu Ming stared at this scene with a warped expression. The reason he had repeatedly provoked Zhou Yuan was because he was envious of Zhou Yuan’s ability. At the eight heavens Divine Dwelling stage, Zhou Yuan was already able to vie with veteran heaven prides like Xu Ming.

Once Zhou Yuan unlocked his ninth Divine Dwelling, his Genesis Qi would soar to even greater levels. At that time, Zhou Yuan would far surpass Xu Ming.

However, Xu Ming had never imagined that Zhou Yuan would already be capable of defeating his prided twelve golden beast puppets before unlocking the ninth Divine Dwelling.

It was undoubtedly a huge blow to the proud Xu Ming.

“Toys…” Xu Ming’s face twisted even more as he abruptly jerked his head and laughed in anger. “Who the hell do you think you are! How dare you destroy the treasures of my Yaogui Region!”

His hands swiftly formed a seal.

Swish! Swish!

The golden fragments on the floor suddenly shot towards Xu Ming and pierced his body, causing blood to flow.


In a short few breaths, Xu Ming’s body began to swell, the golden fragments piling up into what seemed like a puppet giant. A berserk and savage aura exploded from the puppet giant’s body, and several cracks appeared on the ground below its feet.

“Monster Puppet Art!”

A piercing shriek resounded through the area when the part where the head should be started to warp and take on the form of a beast.

Roar! Roar!

Xu Ming roared as he slammed his foot into the ground, sending his enormous body into the air. He ruthlessly threw a punch at Zhou Yuan.


A piercing sonic boom rang out before the punch even landed. The faint imprint of a fist even appeared on the ground below.

“Zhou Yuan, die!” A rage-filled roar quickly followed.

Zhou Yuan, still donned in silver armor, raised his head. The terrifying force in the sky made his expression change a little. The Monster Puppet Art seemed to be a fusion between one’s puppet and one’s own power. In a certain way, it was similar to Silver Shadow.

However, it was clear that Xu Ming had yet to perfect the technique, and the fusion appeared overly forced.

In Zhou Yuan’s eyes, Xu Ming was merely a cornered beast.

Zhou Yuan slowly clenched his fingers into a fist. Snow-white hairs flowed out from the armor and covered his fist like a gauntlet.

“Genesis Breaker,” a low voice sounded from the silver armor.

The snow-white hairs were dyed as black as night.


Zhou Yuan pushed off the ground, cracking it as his body turned into a flash of silver that soared into the sky like a raging silver dragon brimming with torrential power.

Gold and silver streaked over the stone statue’s enormous head like two meteors, ultimately colliding above the head’s center with a loud boom. 


Gold and silver fireworks erupted, and a shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled across the sky, slamming into the Genesis Qi barrier around the statue, rippling it violently.

Everyone focused their gaze on the area above the stone statue’s head. They knew that the fight between Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming would be decided right then and there.

Two figures fell from the gold and silver fireworks, leaving long grooves as they hit and slid across the ground.

Two figures—one gold and one silver—faced each other shakily.

The black hairs on Zhou Yuan’s silver fist had completely receded. Light rapidly flickered on the silver armor as if it was neutralizing the clash’s terrifying power.

He raised his head and gazed at the enormous golden figure. “You eliminated a team from my Tianyuan Region previously, so now, I shall eliminate you in return.”


As his voice rang out, the enormous golden figure’s knees slowly fell to the ground. Golden fragments dropped from its body, ultimately revealing Xu Ming’s figure.

Countless people stared in shock at the bloody hole in Xu Ming’s chest.

His chest had been pierced, and even his beating organs could be seen. His complexion was deathly pale, his eyes filled with an unyielding spirit. He could not believe that he had lost to Zhou Yuan! Moreover, Zhou Yuan was only at the eight heavens Divine Dwelling stage!

“How can this be…

“How is this possible!

“How could I have lost!


Xu Ming trembled as he mumbled. The space around him had begun to distort because his injuries were too heavy and the seal on his body was beginning to send him out of the Fallen Abyss.

Once he was sent out, it would mean he was eliminated!

If that happened, the Yaogui Region would undoubtedly place last in the nine regions tournament!

However, there was no longer anything that could be done at this juncture. Xu Ming could only gnash his teeth as he viciously glared at Zhou Yuan. He croaked, “Zhou Yuan, don’t be too happy. You’ll soon be eliminated!

“Zhao Mushen will not let you off! I’ll be waiting for you outside!”

As his rage-filled voice echoed, a vortex formed behind him and swallowed his entire body.


Countless people gasped in the starry sky, their expressions filled with shock. No one had expected the battle between Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming to end with Xu Ming being eliminated!

The Yaogui Region members were deathly pale, as if they were at a funeral.

With Xu Ming eliminated, who among them would have the ability to vie for the nine ancient statues?

In contrast, the Tianyuan Region side burst into earth-shaking cheers after getting over their initial shock and disbelief.

Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui tightly grabbed each other’s hands, their eyes overflowing with emotion.

Lu Xiao and Mu Liu exchanged a look as they breathed a deep sigh of relief. With Zhou Yuan having eliminated Xu Ming, the Tianyuan Region wouldn’t be ranked last this time!

Amidst the countless shocked and amazed gazes, the silver armor on Zhou Yuan’s body receded like liquid. There was not much joy on his face, only an exceptional calm.

He lifted his head and gazed at the innumerable individuals in the starry space. His indifferent voice rang out, “This stone statue is mine for now. Anyone who wants it can go ahead and step forward.”

His echoing voice was met with silence.

The battle prowess he displayed had made everyone fearful. Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong had zero interest in challenging him because they had other options available.

Li Tongshen and Wang Xi would not settle for the statue ranked third from the last. Hence, they saw no reason to compete with Zhou Yuan at this juncture.

Zhao Mushen’s eyes faintly flickered as he stared at Zhou Yuan. However, before he could do anything, Su Youwei suddenly shot forward, heading straight for the biggest and oldest stone statue.

Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly. Without saying a word, she also turned into a streak of light and followed after Su Youwei.

Their goal was clearly the most ancient stone statue!

Zhao Mushen smiled helplessly when he saw the two girls’ actions and had no choice but to withdraw his gaze from Zhou Yuan. He could not let them occupy the most ancient stone statue.

Compared to Wu Yao and Su Youwei, Zhou Yuan was far less of a threat.

“Never mind, I’ll let him off for now.” With his decision made, Zhao Mushen no longer hesitated. His figure seemed to blink through the air, chasing after Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

The trio’s actions immediately set off everyone else present.

Wang Xi and Li Tongshen also flew towards the front few stone statues.

Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong paused for a moment before quickly following.

Everyone wanted to occupy a bigger and more ancient stone statue because the larger stone statues represented greater opportunity and more Alpha Spiritium.

Their movement marked the start of the tournament’s climax.

Zhou Yuan stood on the stone statue’s head. No one came to visit him due to the statue’s awkward position. It was ranked seventh among the nine statues, which was neither high nor low. His earlier battle had also intimidated everyone, making his location appear the most peaceful for a time.

Zhou Yuan seated himself. He cast one glance towards the depths of the starry sky where power Genesis Qi undulations were erupting. He then closed his eyes slowly and gently touched the stone statue’s head. He could clearly feel boundless Alpha Spiritium and undulations of pure Genesis Qi deep within the statue.

He breathed in deeply as a resolute look emerged in his eyes.

He would seize this opportunity to unblock his ninth Divine Dwelling! Only after unblocking the ninth Divine Dwelling would he gain the power the vie with Zhao Mushen!

A rank seven statue did not satisfy him either!

His goal was first place in the nine regions tournament!

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