Chapter 970 Invincible

The slender figure wrapped in silver armor silently stood on the enormous stone statue’s head, silver light flowing across the armor as if alive.

It was a mysterious sight.

The figure merely stood there as a faint dangerous aura spread, causing the eyes of the numerous top-tier heaven prides in the starry sky to widen slightly.

Lu Xiao, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others had puzzled looks in their eyes. This was the first time they had seen Zhou Yuan bring out this silver armor...

Among the numerous people present, only Su Youwei smiled faintly. A reminiscent look filled her eyes as she gazed at the silver battle armor.

She could still remember how Zhou Yuan had used the silver armor’s power to save them from the desperate crisis of King Qi’s rebellion against the Great Zhou Empire. 

It had been so many years since then. The Great Zhou prince from back then was now akin to a dragon rising from the abyss. Su Youwei believed that Zhou Yuan would shine dazzlingly with a light of his own even in a place like Hunyuan Heaven. He was not inferior to any of them!

“Silver Shadow, it’s been a long time since we last met,” mumbled Su Youwei in a voice only she could hear.

Amidst numerous bewildered gazes, Xu Ming’s expression changed slightly as he stared at the silver-armored Zhou Yuan. He had not expected Zhou Yuan to survive his killing move. However, a dark and ruthless look soon flashed across his eyes.

“Petty tricks!”

With a howl from Xu Ming, the twelve golden beasts pounced forth once more. Extremely powerful Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies, shaking the surrounding space as sonic booms sounded.

A seamless barrage enveloped Zhou Yuan again.

Within the silver armor, Zhou Yuan watched the golden beasts ferociously pounce towards him with cold eyes. This time, however, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground, and his figure abruptly shot forward.

Advancing instead of retreating!

He charged directly at the nearest golden beast.

“You’re courting death!” Xu Ming was overjoyed by Zhou Yuan's actions, a cruel light flashing in his eyes.


A golden beast appeared in front of Zhou Yuan, its gleaming sharp claws viciously slashing at him. Five faint scars were ripped open in the fabric of space. The power of this strike could rip a giant mountain to shreds.

Zhou Yuan swung his silver-armored hand upwards, meeting the golden claws head-on.


A Genesis Qi shockwave rippled from the collision. However, Zhou Yuan’s figure did not budge a single inch this time.

On the other hand, the golden beast roared and frantically pushed down its claws in an attempt to shred Zhou Yuan’s arm. However, the claws merely screeched against Zhou Yuan’s silver-armored hand, creating a spray of sparks.

Under the armor, an icy smile rose from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth.

He suddenly jerked his arm, grabbing the golden beast before smashing it headfirst into the ground below.


The ground shook for a moment before faint cracks began to spread.

One must know that the earlier clash between Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun had not left even a single mark on the ground. The force behind that smash had to be very terrifying to have cracked the ground.

This was not the end. With a growl, Zhou Yuan grabbed the golden beast by its head and hind leg. The golden beast frantically struggled but was unable to escape Zhou Yuan’s iron grip.

He suddenly pulled, erupting with dreadful force.


Countless onlookers watched in horror as what should have been an indestructible golden beast with a 60 million Genesis Qi foundation was brutally ripped apart!

The entire starry sky turned deathly silent.

Countless eyes nearly popped from their sockets. Zhou Yuan had torn the golden beast in two?! What kind of power was this?!

The golden beast’s body was comparable to an advanced Divine Dwelling stage physical cultivator, and its Genesis Qi had reached an impressive level of 60 million stars. What kind of power could tear one of them into two?!

How had Zhou Yuan’s strength soared to such an astonishing level?!

Xu Ming was momentarily stunned. His entire face twisted as he stared at the golden fragments on the ground. “Impossible! What did you do! How could you have destroyed my golden beast?!”

Xu Ming lost his composure. Zhou Yuan had treated his prided battle puppet like a mere toy, forcefully tearing it in half!

It was a huge blow to Xu Ming’s pride! His face distorted even more as he roared in anger, “Kill him!”

The remaining golden beasts abruptly sped up, brimming with murderous intent as they leaped toward Zhou Yuan.

Boom! Boom!

Even with eleven beasts approaching him from every direction, Zhou Yuan did not shrink back. Instead, he transformed into a flash of silver and charged straight in.

Thump thump!

A brawl erupted between the two sides, and blast after blast of berserk Genesis Qi exploded, violently shaking the surrounding space.

However, the eyes of countless onlookers rapidly twitched because the silver figure was unstoppable as he rampaged among the beasts. His silver fists repeatedly beat back the eleven ferocious golden beasts.

As the battle grew increasingly intense, cracks began to appear on the golden beasts...


Beast after beast slowly shattered under his silver fists, turning into golden fragments that spilled across the ground.

Countless individuals watched on in shock.

Even Yuan Kun sucked in a deep breath, his eyes filled with fear as he watched the silver figure. Zhou Yuan, with his destructive power, was practically akin to an invincible silver god of war!

What the hell is that silver armor? Is it some kind of little Saint technique? Or perhaps a Saint treasure?!

Astonishment and confusion flickered on Jiu Gong’s face as an extraordinary splendor filled her eyes. Zhou Yuan is truly astonishing. To think that he was still hiding such a powerful trump card...

The Zixiao Region’s Xue Jingtao and the Wushen Region’s Zhao Yunxiao involuntarily cried out in unison, “How can this be!”

Zhou Yuan was being overwhelmed just moments ago, so how had he suddenly brought about such a frightening reversal in the blink of an eye?!

Could this be Zhou Yuan’s true strength?!

Wu Yao silently watched the battle as a complicated look flitted across her eyes. Although she knew that Zhou Yuan had been hiding something, her heart could not help but ripple when she witnessed him reverse the situation.

The man who had been born with the sacred dragon blessing was no ordinary person, after all.

The Shengwen Region’s Li Tongshen and the Xuehai Region’s Wang Xi had originally shown little interest in the fight between Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming; however, their gazes were currently fixed on the silver figure.

Li Tongshen’s handsome face appeared somewhat solemn, while the nonchalance in Wang Xi’s eyes was slowly replaced by seriousness.

The Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan is quite an interesting fellow.

“How did this happen?” On the Wanzu Region side, Liu Qingshu involuntarily gritted her teeth, her face filled with regret.

Zhou Yuan should have been about to meet an unfortunate fate, but the situation had somehow changed just as he was about to be finished off.

Zhao Mushen concentrated on the silver figure and softly said, “The silver armor is extremely peculiar. It is neither a Genesis technique nor a Genesis artifact...however, his strength has risen to an astounding level after it appeared.”

Liu Qingshu said, “Can Xu Ming handle him?”

Zhao Mushen pondered for a brief moment before shaking his head. “I’m afraid Xu Ming will lose. Zhou Yuan is quite capable.”

A single sentence from Zhao Mushen was already enough to prove that Zhou Yuan was one of the top experts among Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling practitioners.

Boom! Boom!

An extremely astonishing Genesis Qi storm erupted on the statue’s head.

Countless gazes watched in shock and horror as golden beast after golden beast was sent flying. Each exploded in the air and filled the entire place with golden fragments.


Blood sprayed from Xu Ming’s mouth. He stared ahead of him in disbelief. A silver-armored figure slowly walked towards him amidst the dancing golden fragments, his steps heavy.

A terrifying pressure erupted from the silver armor, and a calm voice sounded from within, “Do you still have any other toys?”

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