Chapter 968 Heavenly Genesis Puppet Booster Art


Twelve giant white jade beasts bolted forward like lightning brimming with savagery as they pounced towards Zhou Yuan. Giant shadows soon enveloped his surroundings.

Murder churned in the air!

A fierce look arose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as a sword orb rose from his hand.


The piercing buzz of a sword rang out. With a jerk, sword light poured out of the sword orb. The deadly sword light sliced through the air, ripping open tears in the fabric of space as it passed.

Clang! Clang!

The torrent of sword light struck the twelve giant beasts. Blinding sparks exploded as the puppet beasts were pushed back.

However, the sword light only managed to leave cuts on their metal-like bodies, and they were basically nothing to the beasts. The beasts immediately pounced towards Zhou Yuan again.

However, their attempts were futile. The boundless sword light curved into the shape of a ball, enveloping Zhou Yuan’s body. The puppet beasts were unable to break through, no matter how frantically they attacked.

Boom boom!

The aftershocks from the clash washed over the stone statue’s head. Its surface, however, was unimaginably tough, and the powerful aftershocks did not even leave a mark.

Laughing, Xu Ming watched the twelve giant white jade beasts maniacally attack Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, is this all you have? You don’t live up to your words at all!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive amidst the sword light as he stared at the twelve giant beasts. After the previous clash, he had discovered that each puppet beast possessed strength equivalent to nearly 30 million Genesis Qi stars.

As expected of the Yaogui Region. The puppets they create are a force to be reckoned with. Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. Puppets with a foundation of 30 million Genesis Qi stars were comparable to peak advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts.

It was no wonder his sword light had failed to slice them to pieces.


Zhou Yuan spat out a breath of air. He made a seal with one hand, and his four spirit runes slowly began to glow.

Four spirit runes!

Four Spirits Origin Diagram!


Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body, 58 million Genesis Qi stars surging out behind him. An icy light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He clenched his hand, and a thousand-foot-long wave of sword light unfurled from his palm. A chilling aura rapidly swept forth.

His sword light was more dazzling and concentrated than before.


The twelve giant beasts pounced at Zhou Yuan from every direction.

Zhou Yuan’s figure turned into a shadow and sprang forward. The thousand-foot-long crescent-shaped sword light accompanied him.

Clang clang clang!

Piercing clangs rang out as the sword light heavily struck the beasts. The beasts were sent flying into the air, and they tumbled across the ground before coming to a crashing stop.

Deep slashes stretched across their metal-like bodies, from head to tail, nearly cutting them in half.

Zhou Yuan’s sudden outburst drew numerous gasps from the starry sky.

Many people’s eyes widened when they saw the 58 million Genesis Qi stars behind him. Such a Genesis Qi foundation reached the level of the top eight experts on the Divine Dwelling List.

Zhou Yuan sharply gazed at Xu Ming. “Your toys aren’t tough enough.”

Xu Ming raised his eyebrows slightly and swept his eyes across the 58 million Genesis Qi stars behind Zhou Yuan. “So this is the source of your confidence? It’s not bad.

“However, I should teach you something. New dark horses like you should show a little more respect to us veteran Divine Dwelling experts. If you want to be the king of the Divine Dwelling stage, you should wait for us to advance to the Heavenly Sun stage!”

Xu Ming’s body jerked as he erupted with Genesis Qi. Countless Genesis Qi stars twinkled behind him, reaching a total of 48 million.

Xu Ming’s Genesis Qi foundation was a little stronger than Yuan Kun’s!

“Your Tianyuan Region has its four spirit runes while my Yaogui Region has a similar secret technique! So don’t dream of using such a technique to surpass us!”

Showing his Genesis Qi foundation was not the end. With a howl, Xu Ming formed a series of seals with his hands. “Monster Puppeteer Art!”

Twelve glowing strings suddenly shot out from his body, connecting to the twelve white jade beast puppets and instantly linking him to them.


The Genesis Qi stars behind him abruptly soared, reaching a quantity of 64 million. This was an entire 6 million more than Zhou Yuan!

Though the difference was not huge, it was still a gap that could not be ignored.

The seventh-ranker on the Divine Dwelling did possess some weight.

Xu Ming observed how Zhou Yuan’s expression seemed to turn somewhat graver as a strange smile emerged at the corners of his lips. “Zhou Yuan, don’t use the battle achievements you accumulated from those sub-par practitioners on us, or you will be the one who suffers.

“Allow me to show you the techniques of my Yaogui Region!”

His hand seals suddenly changed once more!


The surrounding Genesis Qi seemed to shudder as the 64 million Genesis Qi stars behind Xu Ming began to disappear at an alarming rate. In a few breaths, his Genesis Qi dropped to an extremely low level.

However, Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly.

While Xu Ming’s Genesis Qi was weakening, a tremendous change occurred to the twelve giant white jade beast puppets.

Golden light emerged from their bodies and swiftly enveloped them, turning them into golden beasts. This was no simple color change, of course. The bodies of the twelve beasts began to shrink, from a hundred feet to twenty feet long!

Despite their smaller size, the twelve golden beasts now gave off an aura of perfection, and golden runes covered their bodies, flickering with mysteriousness and power.

Power filled their bodies’ every contour.


The golden beasts roared at the sky. Powerful sound waves rumbled outward around them and resounded like thunder.

Many people stared at the twelve golden beasts in alarm.

Even the expressions of the top rankers on the Divine Dwelling List, such as Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong, turned a little graver.

They could clearly feel that the Genesis Qi undulations of each of the twelve golden beasts had reached the level of 60 million stars.

Xu Ming had used a special method to split up his 64 million Genesis Qi stars. In exchange, he had obtained twelve golden beast puppets with Genesis Qi levels of 60 million.

In terms of combat ability, twelve metal beasts capable of working in perfect harmony would clearly surpass Xu Ming.

Xu Ming wore a faint smile as he gazed at Zhou Yuan. Soon after, his chilling voice slowly sounded, “This is my Yaogui Region’s unique technique...the Heavenly Genesis Puppet Booster Art!

“Zhou Yuan…” Xu Ming smiled. “It’s your honor to die at their hands.”


As his final word rang out, the roars of the twelve golden beasts shook the air. All one could see were flashes of gold as the beasts dashed forward. They created a near-perfect killing formation and cut off Zhou Yuan’s every possible path of retreat.

The sky, the ground, every direction was sealed as if the formation were an inescapable net.

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