Chapter 966 Bully

When Zhao Mushen released his Genesis Qi pressure, countless people in the starry space looked over in fear. His reputation among the Divine Dwelling stage experts was far too overwhelming, and any move he made would greatly impact the current situation.

Hence, numerous individuals secretly sighed in relief when they realized Zhao Mushen’s pressure was directed at Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region.

It was also very surprising. After all, most of them had never heard of any disagreements between the two.

However, such things were unimportant at this juncture. Several people gloatingly imagined how sullen Zhou Yuan would feel if he was eliminated with the main event right before his eyes. 

A mocking smile rose from the corners of Xu Ming’s mouth as he shook his head. It seemed he would not even have a turn to deal with Zhou Yuan.

Yuan Kun of the Yushou Region could not help but sigh as he stroked his fat cheeks. In the face of someone as fearsome as Zhao Mushen, even he had to be extremely cautious. If Zhao Mushen chose to attack Zhou Yuan, Yuan Kun would be unable to help. After all, he still needed to be responsible for the Yushou Region, and offending the Wanzu Region’s Zhao Mushen wouldn’t be wise.

Jiu Gong’s expression appeared a little regretful. She had already sensed Zhou Yuan’s potential from their previous encounter. If he could unblock his ninth Divine Dwelling, his battle prowess would likely rank among the top four. At that time, even Zhao Mushen would not have an easy time against him.

What a seems Zhao Mushen does not plan on giving Zhou Yuan the opportunity to continue growing. However, it is not shameful to lose to the likes of Zhao Mushen.

Even someone as proud as Jiu Gong admired Zhao Mushen’s overwhelming power.

Zhou Yuan may have the qualifications to vie with Zhao Mushen in the future but not now. However, by the time Zhou Yuan reached that step, Zhao Mushen might have already advanced to the Heavenly Sun stage. At that time, the gap between them would only grow larger.

This was the path of cultivation. Once you were a step behind, you would always be a step behind. Catching up was not easy.

Wu Yao was standing in the Wushen Region camp, wearing a bright red dress. Her arms were crossed, and she was giving off a dignified and powerful aura. She narrowed her eyes slightly, light flickering within them. No one could tell what she was thinking.

Lan Ting and Zhao Yunxiao stood a little behind her. Zhao Yunxiao’s complexion was still somewhat pale as he viciously glared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. Earlier, Zhou Yuan had nearly killed him in the mini domain.

However, there was a sliver of fear flowing in the depths of Zhao Yunxiao’s eyes. Zhou Yuan’s strength made him understand that both of them were no longer on the same level. The young man he had not given a second thought to in the Great Wu capital city had already far surpassed him. Although it was difficult for Zhao Yunxiao to accept, he had no choice but to acknowledge this cruel reality.

Lan Ting silently stood to one side. He was likewise aware of Zhao Yunxiao’s encounter with Zhou Yuan. Since Lan Ting was equal in strength to Zhao Yunxiao, Zhou Yuan could likely defeat him too.

The two that were brimming with confidence before the tournament no longer had much pride left within them.

Wu Yao covertly swept a glance at the two and inwardly shook her head. To think that a small loss was all it took to rob them of their drive... It was ironic that they had even looked down on Zhou Yuan previously. In comparison, Zhou Yuan far outclassed them in terms of character and tenacity.

If either of them had experienced the many setbacks he had, it was very likely that both of them would have crumbled, let alone claw their way back onto their feet as he had.

Despite this, if Zhao Mushen acted against Zhou Yuan now, it would still be a huge problem for Zhou Yuan.

In thought, Wu Yao lightly tapped her fingers, her gaze flickering. She did not wish to see Zhao Mushen eliminate Zhou Yuan here because the nine regions tournament was her best chance to retrieve the sacred dragon blessing in Zhou Yuan’s body.

Zhao Mushen was really good at ruining things.

Should she stop him?

Many were watching Zhao Mushen and Zhou Yuan in the starry space, hoping that they would soon see some excitement.

Under these gloating gazes, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not even twitch, though a ruthless look flitted past in the depths of his eyes. He remained expressionless as a silver liquid emerged on the hand in his sleeve and slowly covered his arm.

However, just as Genesis Qi began rushing through his body, another extremely powerful Genesis Qi pressure suddenly appeared in the starry space.

Countless people looked over in bewilderment and saw Su Youwei of the Zixiao Region take a step forward. Space faintly rippled around her, and her pressure was not the least bit weaker than Zhao Mushen’s. It had fully locked onto him.

She did not speak as Genesis Qi churned around her.

This was a warning.

She was warning Zhao Mushen that she would intervene the moment he did anything.


A thunderous uproar swept across the place like a wave.

The various experts were utterly shocked. They had never imagined that Su Youwei would step forward at this juncture and pit herself against Zhao Mushen for Zhou Yuan.

What was the relationship between these two?!

Although they had witnessed Su Youwei force away Xu Ming for Zhou Yuan in the Fallen City, how could the likes of Xu Ming compare to Zhao Mushen?

Behind Su Youwei, Xue Jingtao’s expression changed. He had just told Su Youwei an embellished account of what Zhou Yuan had done to him. He would never have expected that she would display her stance at this moment, even pitting herself against Zhao Mushen!

Xue Jingtao sternly cried out, “Junior sister Youwei! What are you doing? How can you offend Zhao Mushen for a mere Zhou Yuan? Don’t forget your status!”

Su Youwei cast an indifferent glance at him and said, “You’re too short-sighted. Zhao Mushen is our greatest enemy. Having Zhou Yuan around will be a big threat towards Zhao Mushen.”

Xue Jingtao laughed in anger. What kind of joke was this? Zhou Yuan could threaten Zhao Mushen? Who the hell did he think he was?!

“I’m the leader of the Zixiao Region. If you refuse to comply, withdraw immediately from the nine regions tournament,” Su Youwei said icily. There was a never-before-heard frostiness in her tone.

Xue Jingtao tightly clenched his fists as his face distorted somewhat. In the end, he grudgingly backed down and said, “Fine, go ahead and do what you want. I’ll be waiting to see how you’ll explain things when we return!”

Zhao Mushen’s eyes widened slightly. He tilted his head, looked in Su Youwei’s direction and slowly said, “Su Youwei, are you declaring war against me?”

Su Youwei replied, “If that’s what you think.”

Zhao Mushen was silent for a moment before saying, “Do you know that this isn’t the best place or time for us to fight?”

Su Youwei indifferently answered, “That’s why I hope you’ll be a little more rational.”

Zhao Mushen was speechless. He then softly chuckled and raised his hands in surrender. The Genesis Qi pressure from his body slowly dissipated. “Fine, it shall be as you wish. But Su Youwei, you cannot protect him.”

Su Youwei was someone he had to be wary of. Moreover, he could faintly sense another person secretly targeting him. In such a situation, even Zhao Mushen had no choice but to take a step back.

Su Youwei shook her head. “When he unblocks his ninth Divine Dwelling, you’ll perhaps have to think about whether you’ll be able to protect yourself.”

Zhao Mushen smiled and said, “So optimistic about him? Then I’ll happily wait and see.”

He did not look down upon Zhou Yuan nor underestimate the potential of his ninth Divine Dwelling. Zhao Mushen merely had complete confidence in himself.

As the two individuals withdrew their Genesis Qi pressure, the hostile atmosphere in the starry sky began to fade. Numerous individuals shook their heads in regret. It was a pity that a fight had not broken out.

Xu Ming displayed a superficial smile. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan is such a lucky guy.”

His tone was filled with mockery and sarcasm.

Several gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan in amusement, barely able to conceal their envy. It felt really unacceptable for Su Youwei to protect him so fiercely!

The silver liquid covering Zhou Yuan’s arm receded slowly. He lifted his head, looked towards Xu Ming and said, “I’ll be taking whichever of the nine statues you pick.”

Although Zhao Mushen could be put aside for the time being, he could bully Xu Ming to vent his frustration.

I’ll leave the lion for later and kill this dog now!

Xu Ming’s expression turned sinisterly cold.


The originally dying buzz once again exploded. Zhou Yuan’s words were undoubtedly a declaration of war.

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