Chapter 965 Young Heroes Meet Once More

Ancient statues stood in the depths of the starry sky, giving off mysterious auras. A total of nine were standing in line from big to biggest. The final statue was ten thousand feet tall, mottled and ancient like a god overlooking the starry sky.

As Zhou Yuan gazed upon the statues, his Divine Dwelling frantically shook as if his Genesis Qi was about to go out of control.

He suppressed his Divine Dwelling with some difficulty but was unable to control his ragged breathing. He knew that his Divine Dwelling had reacted because it had sensed Alpha Spiritium.

In other words, the nine mysterious statues contained a tremendous amount of Alpha Spiritium! The quantity was definitely incomparable to the few pathetic strands from earlier...

It was likely that the bigger the statue, the more Alpha Spiritium there was within it...

Zhou Yuan cast his gaze at the final statue. That ten-thousand-foot-tall monstrosity would definitely become the most intensely fought over thing in the nine region tournament. Whoever managed to occupy it would possibly become the tournament’s champion!

His eyes flickered in thought as competitiveness rose within him.


While Zhou Yuan was staring at the nine ancient statues, the sound of rushing wind rang out. His gaze swiveled, and he saw numerous teams emerging from several spatial cracks.

The silent starry sky immediately became rather noisy.

“So many?” Behind Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui suddenly blurted in surprise, “Have all the remaining teams been drawn over?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the surroundings and nodded. “The nine regions tournament has already entered its final stage. At this stage, ordinary members will no longer have much use.”

He nudged his chin at the ancient statues standing in the depths of the starry sky and said, “They are the keys to deciding the final rankings. Ordinary individuals won’t be able to approach.”

He could feel a tremendous amount of Genesis Qi pulsing from within the nine statues. The Genesis Qi formed barriers that ordinary individuals would not be able to pass. Hence, only the apex Divine Dwelling experts of the various regions would be able to approach and occupy the ancient statues.

The other teams could only watch as spectators from the outside.

Zhou Yuan said to Yi Qiushui, “Send out the signal to gather the rest of our brethren.”

As teams flooded into the domain, numerous signals exploded in the starry sky as each region began to gather its members.

Yi Qiushui nodded in acknowledgment. She immediately retrieved a signal flare before flinging it into the sky.


The flare exploded in mid-air as the flames condensed into the shape of a tower.

Swish! Swish!

After a brief pause, swooshes of wind suddenly sounded as two teams sped towards them. They were led by Lu Xiao and Ye Bingling, respectively.

When they saw Zhou Yuan, relief immediately appeared on their previously grave faces.

“Chief pavilion master.”

The two teams arrived in front of Zhou Yuan and respectfully cupped their fists towards him.

Zhou Yuan observed the teams. He could tell that they had experienced some tough times and had suffered substantial losses.

Under Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Ye Bingling reported in an ashamed manner, “My team has collected 1,000 strands of Spiritium but has lost 132 members. All of them were eliminated.”

There was a complicated look in Lu Xiao’s eyes as he also reported, “My team obtained 1,300 strands of Spiritium and lost 89 members. All of them were also eliminated.”

Zhou Yuan softly said, “It’s been hard on you guys. The Tianyuan Region is the weakest in this tournament, after all, and I know that you guys have tried your best to have made it all the way here. I also have something important to tell you...Han Yuan’s team has been completely eliminated.”

Lu Xiao’s, Ye Bingling’s and the others’ faces instantly changed.

An entire team eliminated...who would be so cruel?

“It was Xu Ming of the Yaogui Region.” Yi Qiushui gritted her teeth in anger.

Rage surged on the faces of every single Tianyuan Region member. Xu Ming was from the Yaogui Region’s main team, yet he still so ruthlessly dealt with one of the Tianyuan Region’s sub-teams. What a shameless bastard with no respect for the rules.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand to subdue the angry crowd. “At the end of the day, it’s because we are weaker than them, but I will not forget this matter.”

He then lifted his head and gazed towards some of the floating islands in the distance.

As various signals rose into the air, the numerous teams that were flooding into the domain finished gathering into their groups, creating quite an impressive sight.

Zhou Yuan suddenly felt an icy gaze on him, and he immediately looked towards one of the floating islands in the distance.

Numerous figures were gathering towards the island. On the highest point of the island, a figure was staring at him darkly. It was Xu Ming of the Yaogui Region.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan look over, a superficial smile rose from the corners of Xu Ming’s mouth as he wordlessly transmitted, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, do you like the gift I sent you?”

The gift he referred to was obviously eliminating Han Yuan’s team.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained indifferent. He only gave Xu Ming a single glance before shifting his gaze away, unaffected by the provocation. Let him jump while he can. There will be a chance for revenge later on.

Teams from the other six regions gathered on many floating islands, the groups growing bigger and bigger.

He soon found the Zixiao Region. A familiar figure stood at the very front of the group. It was Su Youwei. Beside her, Xue Jingtao was saying something as he occasionally cast a vicious glare in Zhou Yuan’s direction. He was likely telling Su Youwei about how Zhou Yuan had chased them away earlier.

Su Youwei’s beautiful face remained calm. No one could tell if she was happy or angry.

Even farther away, Wu Yao proudly stood at the front of the Wushen Region group. She looked towards Zhou Yuan with her long narrow eyes, evidently not surprised that he had come this far.

She had never underestimated him before.

However, she would still defeat him.

She wanted to prove that she was the perfect host for the sacred dragon blessing.

Among the many gathered groups, the Wanzu Region undoubtedly created the largest presence. At the very front of the giant group, Zhao Mushen stood with his hands behind his back, his immeasurable aura akin to a bottomless abyss. Many experts felt only wariness towards him.

Beside Zhao Mushen stood a pretty young lady. It was Liu Qingshu, and they were both staring at Zhou Yuan.

A sliver of surprise flitted across Zhao Mushen’s bottomless eyes as he deeply stared at Zhou Yuan. The fact that Zhou Yuan could stand here meant that he had neutralized Zhao Mushen’s killing move.

Liu Qingshi hatefully gritted her teeth as she stared at Zhou Yuan. “First senior brother, you can’t let that tactless guy off. When I met him previously, I originally wanted to split some Spiritium with him out of goodwill. But in the end, he used force to chase us all away, giving no face to our Wanzu Region!”

“I underestimated him.” Zhao Mushen chuckled as he slowly shook his head. However, a sliver of interest rose in his eyes.

The failure had not affected his state of mind. It was fine that Zhou Yuan had not died to his technique. Zhao Mushen could now use this opportunity to capture Zhou Yuan alive.

His bottomless-abyss-like eyes focused on Zhou Yuan as an astonishing pressure slowly spread from his body.

The originally noisy sky suddenly fell silent as countless gazes looked over in fear. Was Zhao Mushen going to move?

Who was his target?

They quickly followed Zhao Mushen’s gaze, only to be stunned.

Zhou Yuan!

Zhao Mushen was going to attack Zhou Yuan?!

Zhou Yuan was way too unlucky!

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