Chapter 964 Failure

“The super domain is finally here…”

Outside the ice mountain, the hurriedly returning Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong could not help but sigh as they stared at the giant spatial crack in the sky with excited eyes. They had originally intended to leave the mini domain through the spatial crack but had suddenly felt the disturbance, causing them to rush back immediately.

The super domain’s appearance was both a shocking and happy surprise, and they clearly understood what the opening of the super domain represented.

If one were to say that the mini domains they previously entered were mostly consolation prizes for the sub-teams, then the super domain was the thing every main team looked forward to.

Nearby, Zhou Yuan grinned at Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong. However, after a brief moment of contemplation, he did not approach them and instead stayed where he was.

No matter what, he needed to attempt unblocking his ninth Divine Dwelling first.

The opening of the super domain meant that the nine regions’ other main teams would soon appear, and he was almost guaranteed to meet Zhao Mushen again. If he did not wish to flee again like before, Zhou Yuan needed to do everything he could to raise his power.

Unblocking his ninth Divine Dwelling was the most realistic and effective method he currently possessed.

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, and the Fallen Shadow’s Genesis Orb appeared in his palm. He brought his hands together as the Genesis Qi in his body began to churn.

Resplendent rays burst out from the orb as boundless power flooded his body. This orb was more than several times more powerful than the Fallen Shadow Genesis Orbs he had absorbed previously.

As the power washed through his body, Zhou Yuan felt a slight stabbing pain. The pain did not make him panic but instead made him secretly happy. The stronger the power within the orb, the better his chances of unblocking the ninth Divine Dwelling.

The orb’s power ultimately converged within his Divine Dwelling. Under Zhou Yuan’s control, it charged towards the barrier of his ninth Divine Dwelling.


The entire Divine Dwelling trembled.

As the boundless power ground it, the barrier thinned at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, making Zhou Yuan overjoyed.

Wave after wave of energy crashed into the barrier.

However, Zhou Yuan's happy mood did not last for long because he realized that when the barrier thinned to a certain point, it became impossible to progress any further no matter how much he tried.

As time passed, the power within the Fallen Shadow’s Genesis Orb slowly diminished.

In the end, calm returned to the Divine Dwelling. Although the stars within shone even brighter than before, the thin barrier continued to stand, dashing Zhou Yuan’s hopes of unlocking the ninth Divine Dwelling.

He slowly opened his eyes. Even someone like him could not help but look rather gloomy.


He tightly clenched his fists as his eyes flickered indeterminately in thought. The ninth Divine Dwelling was even more difficult to unlock than all eight of his Divine Dwellings combined!


Zhou Yuan tightly furrowed his brows. He did not know why, but he had a faint feeling that there was something in his ninth Divine Dwelling supporting the barrier, causing his repeated attempts to fail. It was that something that made it so difficult to unlock his ninth Divine Dwelling!

“Is it just my imagination?” mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself. He could not ascertain whether his hunch was correct because such a thing had never happened before to anyone.

His expression rapidly fluctuated. A long while later, he gradually composed himself. Although he had failed again, it was not without benefit. Zhou Yuan could feel that he was one step closer to a breakthrough.

He only needed more powerful Fallen Shadow Genesis Orbs, and he would eventually unlock his ninth Divine Dwelling.

As for how to obtain them, Zhou Yuan was not worried because he would soon enter the super domain. The opportunities there would far surpass anything from the earlier domains. Getting another powerful Fallen Shadow Genesis Orb would not be difficult. However, he would likely have to flee again if he encountered Zhao Mushen.

At this thought, Zhou Yuan could not help but click his tongue. It had been many years since he had experienced this feeling of constantly having to run away. Zhao Mushen was a formidable foe, as expected of the king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage practitioners.

However...king of the Divine Dwelling stage, you won’t be happy for much longer. When I unlock my ninth Divine Dwelling, the first one I’ll be coming for will be you!

Moreover, even without unlocking the ninth Divine Dwelling, Zhou Yuan was confident that if he went all out, he would at least make Zhao Mushen pay a substantial price even if he could not defeat him. It would be a price that Zhao Mushen might not be able to afford because he was not truly invincible among the Divine Dwelling experts. Wu Yao and Su Youwei possessed the strength that could threaten him.

After reaffirming himself, Zhou Yuan stood up. He found that Yuan Kun’s and Jiu Gong’s teams were still here. They were waiting for the spatial crack to fully stabilize before entering.

Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong likewise sensed that Zhou Yuan had ended his cultivation session and looked over.

A sliver of pity flitted across their eyes; they evidently realized that Zhou Yuan had failed to break through.

Yi Qiushui quickly walked over as she looked at Zhou Yuan in worry.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm as he waved his hand. He had experienced countless trials ever since stepping onto the path of cultivation. Hence, they underestimated his tenacity if they believed temporarily failing to unlock the ninth Divine Dwelling would leave him dejected.

He did not say anything and merely raised his head to gaze at the growing spatial crack in the sky. It slowly squirmed as the Genesis Qi storm within grew more savage.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He stared into the depths of the crack as if hoping to peek into its mysteries. His efforts, however, were fruitless. The only thing he sensed was the super domain’s vast and ancient aura.

He did not know what kind of opportunities would be inside, but he rather looked forward to them.

Perhaps, the long-anticipated Heavenly Sun stage may be a possibility...

While such thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, the spatial crack gradually stabilized, and the devastating storm slowly calmed.

Once it finally stabilized, Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong dashed into the sky without the slightest shred of hesitation. Nearly a thousand individuals closely followed behind them. They entered the spatial crack and disappeared in the blink of an eye as if swallowed by a giant mouth of darkness.

Zhou Yuan did not hesitate either. He made a ‘be careful’ gesture before rising into the air, leading his team into the still-slowly-squirming spatial crack.

When they entered, Zhou Yuan clearly felt all of his senses being stripped away. The entire world seemed to spin as space distorted.

However, the feeling only lasted for a few dozen breaths before coming to an abrupt halt.

Zhou Yuan discovered that his surroundings had changed.

He swept his gaze across the area. He seemed to be in a starry sky. Countless broken islands floated among the stars, as the land had been shattered.

As he looked towards the starry sky’s depths, his pupils shrank slightly. There were several giant human-shaped statues silently floating among the stars.

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