Chapter 961 Working Together

In the depths of the ice mountain. 

Zhou Yuan was silently sitting on a chunk of ice floating in the icy lake, and his eyes were lightly shut. His mind was submerged in his Divine Dwelling, where a ball of Genesis Qi was churning. Within the ball were several glowing fragments.

They were fragments of the Five Spirits Universe Tower.

Lu Hai and the others had to work together to activate the Five Spirits Universe Tower, but Zhou Yuan could achieve the same feat by himself because his Genesis Qi foundation was far stronger than theirs.

However, he could only activate it once over a short period.

Zhou Yuan circulated his Genesis Qi, nourishing the fragments. This continued for an incense stick of time before he opened his eyes.

Yuan Kun was sitting to one side of the same ice block. He retrieved several pieces of dried meat from his spatial bag and ravenously devoured them while the Divine Earth Ox also gorged itself beside him.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan open his eyes, Yuan Kun chuckled and offered him a piece of meat.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. His gaze peered into the distance just as Jiu Gong’s pretty figure nimbly flew past them. Icy qi filled the air, enveloping her body. Each time she landed, she left behind numerous Genesis Runes.

She was setting up a Genesis Rune boundary.

The Fallen Shadow before them was a huge threat, and even with the three of them working together, they did not like their chances. Hence, none of them dared to hold anything back, and they poured all their efforts into preparing their strongest trump cards.

While Zhou Yuan nourished the fragments, Yuan Kun roped in the Divine Earth Ox, and Jiu Gong worked hard to set up her best boundary.

After nearly half a day, Jia Gong’s figure finally returned, her chest heaving gently as she panted.

When she landed, her brows furrowed slightly as she gazed at the seated Zhou Yuan and the still eating Yuan Kun. These two bastards are so heartless. Both of them had happily watched her work without intending to help.

“Are the preparations done?” asked Zhou Yuan with a smile.

Jiu Gong snorted coldly in response.

Zhou Yuan swept a glance at the surroundings, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Amazing. You set up eight Genesis Rune boundaries in such a short time. Even with that Fallen Shadow’s Genesis Qi foundation of 70 million, it would be trapped for a brief moment.”

Jiu Gong looked at him in surprise. Her eight boundaries had been layered together, yet Zhou Yuan could still discern them clearly. He was indeed very proficient in Genesis Runes. It was no wonder he could break her Meridian Golden Light Boundary.

She slightly hoisted her fair chin and said, “At least you can recognize it.”

Unfriendly on the outside but warm on the inside.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, and then he gravely said, “I should also warn you guys that my sealing technique requires the target to be trapped for a moment. If it is avoided, finding a second chance will be much more difficult. Hence, we must succeed on our first attempt.”

Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong were not disappointed by Zhou Yuan’s words. Instead, they breathed a tiny sigh of relief. If his sealing move were perfect, it would be a trump card that was nigh impossible to guard against.

As participants of the nine regions tournament, they were also fellow competitors and naturally did not wish Zhou Yuan to have such an unblockable skill.

Jiu Gong said, “Yuan Kun will be the vanguard, so search for a chance to lure it into the boundary. My boundary will delay it while Zhou Yuan finds an opportunity to use his sealing technique. Is everyone okay with this?”

Zhou Yuan nodded while Yuan Kun displayed a pained look. Being the vanguard meant that he was going to receive a beating, making his role the most tragic.

However, he knew that this was the part he needed to play, and there was no avoiding it.

“If everyone is ready…” Zhou Yuan took a deep breath as a fierce look emerged in his eyes. “Then let’s go!”

Yuan Kun climbed to his feet and patted his tummy, undulating layers of fat. Despite this comical sight, a dangerous light slowly flickered in his narrowed eyes.


He suddenly erupted with a powerful wave of Genesis Qi.

“Beast Devil Body!” roared Yuan Kun as all of his flesh instantly turned pitch-black like metal. With a stomp, his body shot forth like a cannonball, and a punch blasted through the air.


Power poured out like a flood, blasting the ice block where the Fallen Shadow was hidden.


The ice block instantly burst apart, and a piercing shriek rang out. The sound wave rippled through the air, throwing up giant waves on the icy lake.

A glowing figure shot out like a phantom, ripping apart a wave as it appeared in front of Yuan Kun.


The Fallen Shadow didn’t use any fancy tricks, and it threw a simple punch. A sonic boom rang out as the surrounding space rippled.

Yuan Kun roared as he crossed his arms in front of him.


The Fallen Shadow’s fist landed, and a berserk ripple erupted in the air. Giant waves rose from the lake again.

Yuan Kun shrieked in pain as his enormous figure was sent flying. He slammed into the lake, smashing all the ice blocks in his path as he skidded across its surface.


When he finally came to a stop, he vomited a mouthful of blood. Fresh blood flowed down his arms, and even an eerily white bone could be seen.

“That blasted thing is way too ferocious!” Yuan Kun cursed out loud, his eyes filled with alarm. He had already done what he could, but a single punch had nearly beaten him. Is this the power of a 70 million Fallen Shadow?!

On the ice block, Zhou Yuan and Jiu Gong could not help but falter, their expressions shifting. The Fallen Shadow’s power had exceeded their expectations.

Yuan Kun's scalp turned numb when he saw the Fallen Shadow shoot towards him once more, and he hurriedly yelled, “Brother Ox!”


The Divine Earth Ox mooed in the sky as it stepped forward. The surrounding space rippled as the ox seemingly turned into a terrifying embodiment of steel. It charged towards the Fallen Shadow with indescribable momentum.

The force behind its charge was enough to topple a mountain.

The Divine Earth Ox was extremely quick. The Fallen Shadow immediately turned around, erupting with boundless Genesis Qi. The released qi transformed into two giant hands and grabbed the ox by the horns.


Space violently rippled. The Divine Earth Ox’s charge was forcibly stopped.


Yuan Kun’s figure appeared on the Divine Earth Ox’s back. He frantically made a seal with his bloody hands before slapping the ox’s back, shouting, “Devil Ox God Horn!”


The Divine Earth Ox’s horns abruptly turned black as night. The horns quivered, tearing open cracks in space as they erupted with terrifying power.

The two giant Genesis hands instantly disintegrated. With a mighty roar, the Divine Earth Ox rammed the Fallen Shadow.


The Fallen Shadow was sent flying, and it crashed into a giant wall of ice. Enormous cracks spread from the point of impact.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s eyes twitched as he shot a glance at Yuan Kun and the Divine Earth Ox. When they joined forces, their battle power was terrifying. To think that even the Fallen Shadow had been blown away…

However, it did not seem to be of any use.

The Fallen Shadow shakily descended from the ice wall and shook its head. The majestic Genesis Qi around its body did not show any signs of weakening, and the Fallen Shadow seemed to be somewhat angered. It released a piercing hiss.


Its Genesis Qi undulations abruptly intensified, and the Fallen Shadow shot towards Yuan Kun again.

Yuan Kun’s scalp numbed a bit. He quickly patted the divine ox and said, “Brother Ox, run!”

He was finally certain that he could not beat it alone!

He and the Divine Earth Ox were linked by the mind, and thus it immediately turned and fled into the sky.

The Fallen Shadow immediately pursued them.

Man and ox frantically fled as the Fallen Shadow chased.

A dozen breaths later, Yuan Kun reached Jiu Gong’s boundaries. However, the Fallen Shadow suddenly slowed as if it had detected something.

Jiu Gong’s and Zhou Yuan’s hearts sank.

Yuan Kun also realized the Fallen Shadow had slowed down. He gritted his teeth, slapped the Divine Earth Ox and shouted, “Brother Ox, show it your secret move!”


The Divine Earth Ox swung its tail. A dozen black egg-shaped metal balls shot out, viciously pounding the Fallen Shadow like arrows.

The black metal eggs gave off a strange odor capable of stimulating one’s emotions. The Fallen Shadow’s eyes turned red, and it dashed forward without any hesitation.

It stepped into the boundaries.

Zhou Yuan and Jiu Gong secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhou Yuan softly said, “The fish has entered the net...time to reel in our catch.”

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