Chapter 960 Seventy Million

Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun silently followed Jiu Gong to the depths of the ice mountain when she suddenly halted her footsteps. Zhou Yuan looked ahead and saw an ice cave in front of them. 

The ice cave led underground, making it extremely deep.

Without saying anything, Jiu Gong leaped down. Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun exchanged a glance with each other before they followed after her.

They rapidly slid down the ice cave, cold wind lashing their bodies.

Such a rapid descent lasted for several minutes, and the deeper they went, the more solemn Zhou Yuan’s expression. The temperature was plummeting, and in the end, he had to operate his Genesis Qi to withstand the freezing temperature. 

It was impossible for ordinary people to stay long in such harsh conditions.


While Zhou Yuan was beginning to panic, Jiu Gong suddenly stretched out her beautiful hand and touched the ice wall, leaving deep claw marks with just her fingertips. Her speed slowed, and she floated down. 

They seemed to have arrived.

The Genesis Qi at Zhou Yuan’s and Yuan Kun’s feet quivered, and their speed also decreased.  

The three descended onto a huge bulging block of ice.   

Peering down, Zhou Yuan saw a tremendous icy lake below them. Huge ice blocks floating on the lake, and he vaguely saw dozens of specks of light in the lake’s depths.

He transferred Genesis Qi to his eyes, and his gaze turned sharp. Seeing through the lake, he made out ten specks of light.

Ten ice lotuses! They were vivid and slowly blooming. Each petal was engraved with mysterious patterns as though they were created naturally. They also looked real yet gave off an illusory feeling, as if they were formed from the flow of air. The ice lotuses were incredibly bizarre. 

When Zhou Yuan laid eyes on them, his Divine Dwellings trembled violently with longing.


Zhou Yuan inhaled sharply, a look of shock and joy filling his eyes.

Besides Alpha Spiritium, what other objects could make his Divine Dwellings react so strongly!? Those ice lotuses were no doubt formed from Alpha Spiritium!

While Zhou Yuan was overjoyed, he heard the sound of swallowing saliva beside him. Yuan Kun was staring intently into the icy lake’s depths, and that look of desire almost burst forth from his eyes.

Yuan Kun couldn't help but take two steps forward.

“If you want to die, then go in,” Jiu Gong said coldly.

Zhou Yuan focused his gaze, the Spirit in the middle of his brows flashed, and his perception power spread out. 

After a few breaths, he shifted his gaze to a small block of ice floating in the icy lake. Vaguely, he saw a silhouette inside it. 

The silhouette gushed with a dangerous, uncontrollable aura, stinging Zhou Yuan’s skin. 

Zhou Yuan grabbed Yuan Kun’s arm and signaled with his eyes. 

When Yuan Kun looked over, his fat shook, and his expression turned solemn. “It’s a Fallen Shadow?”  

Jiu Gong answered indifferently, “From my investigation, that Fallen Shadow should have been at the Heavenly Sun stage before its death. So even though its strength has been considerably weakened, its Genesis Qi foundation should still be around 70 million Genesis Qi stars.”

Yuan Kun gasped with astonishment, and even Zhou Yuan’s eyelids shook a little.

“Seventy million Genesis Qi stars.”

That was stronger than any of them! If they were fighting alone, any one of them would be utterly crushed. After all, a gap of tens of millions in Genesis Qi was enough to make anybody despair. 


Jiu Gong shot a glance at Yuan Kun, saying, “Do you now know why I haven’t gotten any Alpha Spiritium?”

Yuan Kun looked a little embarrassed, but then he retorted, “Since you know you can't get them yourself, why did you drive me away before?”   

Jiu Gong was taken aback for a moment. She snorted, “I only found the Fallen Shadow after I got rid of you. Also, I knew you wouldn’t give up so easily and would come back. There is also a high possibility that you would find someone to help.” 

Yuan Kun exclaimed, “So you were waiting for me to come back with a helper!? Then why were you so arrogant?!”

 Feeling tricked, he gave her an exasperated look.

Jiu Gong said indifferently, “If you had brought back the leader of one of the other regions, I wouldn’t have had to set up a formation to test you. But you had brought Zhou Yuan, so of course I needed to test his strength.”

Zhou Yuan ignored the quarrel between the two and continued to study the ice-encased Fallen Shadow. “Even if we join forces, I don’t think we can get rid of it.”

Even if they used an amplification art to increase their foundations, their Genesis Qi would at most be between 50 million and 60 million. But three people with 60 million Genesis Qi in total still couldn’t compare to someone with a foundation of 70 million!

Yuan Kun nodded, “A foundation of 70 million Genesis Qi stars—only Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei have this ability.”

“Wang Xi should be able to reach such a level too,” Jiu Gong added.

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. Zhao Mushen’s Genesis Qi foundation has exceeded 70 million! He is indeed a powerful enemy!  

He scanned the surroundings and turned to Jiu Gong, saying, “There are remains of Genesis Runes, is that your doing?”

Jiu Gong cast him a surprised look. “Your Spirit is really sensitive. That’s correct. I had left these Genesis Runes. I originally planned to set up a Genesis Rune Boundary.” 

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before he said, “A boundary isn’t a bad plan, but it won’t be enough. Even if you move the Meridian Golden Light Boundary here, it will still be difficult to wound the Fallen Shadow.” 

Jiu Gong shook her head. “The Meridian Golden Light Boundary requires a lot of nodes and people. It is a formation of a huge scale. But the cold and harsh conditions of this place make it difficult for anybody to get close besides the three of us.” 

Zhou Yuan was silent. Without the Meridian Golden Light Boundary, ordinary boundaries would only pose a slight impediment. 

He and Yuan Kun could at most slightly injure a Fallen Shadow of the Heavenly Sun stage, but such injuries were unlikely to lead to a victory. At that time, when the battle became intense, the slightest of carelessness could result in their elimination.

All three were silent for a good while, and the atmosphere turned somewhat depressing. 

It was clear that they were extremely reluctant to leave. After all, it was incredibly difficult to find Alpha Spiritium, and there were ten strands here! How could they be willing to let the Fallen Shadow obstruct them?  

During this silence, Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly flashed. “But it isn’t impossible to deal with.”

Looks of astonishment crossed Yuan Kun’s and Jiu Gong’s faces.

“You have a plan?” Jiu Gong asked doubtfully. Ordinary methods would be ineffective in dealing with a Fallen Shadow with a foundation of at least 70 million Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan said calmly, “I have a treasure that possesses a sealing power, and if it hits its target, it can seal at least half of one’s Genesis Qi. But this treasure is one of my trump cards, and there is a limit to the number of times I can use it. So, if we end up with ten strands of Alpha Spiritium, I need to have at least half.”

The sealing treasure that Zhou Yuan spoke of was indeed the Five Spirits Universe Tower that he had seized from Lu Hai and the others. He could just about activate it after keeping it for a period of time, and of course, the number of restrictions he mentioned was a lie. 

“Five?” Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong both scrunched their brows. In the face of a treasure like the Alpha Spiritium, even the top heaven prides of the nine regions would appear petty.

Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong were obviously reluctant to let Zhou Yuan take half the share.

But Zhou Yuan didn't say anything more. He just stared at the two people, appearing extremely firm.

He didn't deliberately take advantage of the situation. His sealing method could indeed play a crucial role, and his contribution would be the greatest.  

Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong were both very intelligent and understood this very well. Therefore, they gritted their teeth and reluctantly agreed.

“Fine, if your seal is as good as you say it is, then after this matter is solved, you can have half of the Alpha Spiritium!”

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