Chapter 959 Driven away

The sky was cloudless, and the ice mountain stood tall and majestic like a giant pillar among the mountains. 

At this moment, no matter whether it was on or beyond the mountains, everyone was staring wide-eyed at this side of the world. The violent rumble of thunder and the dazzling golden light had long disappeared. And disappearing with them was the Meridian Golden Light Boundary that had previously made it difficult for Yuan Kun and the Yushou Region to advance any further. 

At the foot of the mountain, Yuan Kun stared dumbstruck at the scene for a good while, and he finally drew a deep breath and said, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan is indeed quite capable.”  

A flicker of jealousy and fear flashed across his eyes. The fact that Zhou Yuan was able to break through the golden light boundary proved that his achievements in Genesis Runes were extremely remarkable.  

“Everyone says that the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master doesn’t deserve his fame and that his foundation is lacking, but everything they said must seem ridiculous now.”  

Yuan Kun shook his head. He and Zhou Yuan were evenly matched in their previous fight. Although they both hadn’t used all their strength, Yuan Kun still felt he couldn’t beat Zhou Yuan even if he brought out all his trump cards.   

Moreover, Zhou Yuan had a deep mastery of Genesis Runes.

Therefore, when Yuan Kun looked at Zhou Yuan again, he felt a hint of mysteriousness emanating from him.

“Xu Ming clashed with Zhou Yuan previously, and given his arrogance, he will certainly try to get vengeance with Zhou Yuan. But Xu Ming will be the one who will suffer in the end.”

A gloating look flashed across Yuan Kun’s narrowed eyes, and immediately after, he waved his hand cheerfully at Yi Qiushui. “Let’s go, Zhou Yuan has broken through the boundary, and we should also enter the mountain.”

The huge Divine Earth Ox marched over, rocking the mountains. Yuan Kun flashed away and appeared on its body. The ox then charged towards the towering ice mountain with a deafening roar. 

The remaining teams quickly followed.  

On the ice mountain summit.

Jiu Gong fell into a dumbstruck state when the golden light boundary broke. She evidently couldn’t accept this fact. 

The Meridian Golden Light Boundary was one of her trump cards. She was confident she could trap anybody in the boundary except for the top four on the Divine Dwelling List. No, Li Tongshen might be somewhat troublesome to deal with because his achievements in Genesis Runes were greater than hers. After all, the Xuanji Region focused on Genesis Qi and Genesis Runes, while the Shengwen Region devoted the majority of their time and energy to Genesis Runes. 

This was the reason why even someone as strong as Yuan Kun had left in embarrassment when he had tried to break through the formation.

But Jiu Gong didn’t expect to see her boundary destroyed in Zhou Yuan’s hands. It wasn’t destroyed by one of the top eight on the Divine Dwelling List, but by Zhou Yuan, the rising star whom she had never thought highly of. 

Jiu Gong didn’t feel any contempt towards Zhou Yuan, but she thought that Zhou Yuan’s foundation was inferior to the top heaven prides of the other eight regions. This was because Zhou Yuan had risen to fame too quickly and hadn’t faced an opponent considered a top heaven pride.  

The top heaven prides were naturally prideful, and it wouldn’t be easy for them to admit that a new rising star was comparable to them. 

This was why Jiu Gong felt a little aggrieved when she learned that the outstanding Su Youwei had a close relationship with Zhou Yuan, but such thoughts were destroyed with the golden light boundary.

Chi! Chi!

Many figures appeared behind Jiu Gong one after another. It was the Xuanji Region team. They looked a little dejected, and their morale had been greatly affected as well.

Xue Jingtao brought his people over and quickly stepped forward to whisper, “Miss Jiu Gong, it’s just a fluke that Zhou Yuan could break through the formation. What does Miss Jiu Gong plan to do next? We will all follow your orders.”  

Xue Jingtao’s eyes glinted with malice. He similarly didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to possess such tyrannical strength. Although he was considered strong, he paled in comparison to Zhou Yuan. But not only did this not reduce his jealousy and resentment, his negative emotions intensified.

Xue Jingtao wanted to spur Jiu Gong on. As long as Jiu Gong refused to follow the agreement with Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun, a battle would break out between the two sides, and the Tianyuan Region and the Xuanji Region would tear each other’s faces. Coupled with the fact that Zhou Yuan had previously offended Xu Ming, the Tianyuan Region would have angered two powerful regions in the nine regions tournament.  

It was only then that Jiu Gong finally recovered from her shock, and a complicated look flickered in her beautiful eyes.


The wind suddenly whistled as multiple silhouettes rose into the sky and landed on the snow-capped mountain summit. 

Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun were leading the teams.

Yuan Kun grinned at Jiu Gong and said, “Jiu Gong, you won’t go back on your words, right?”

Jiu Gong simply ignored him and fixed her beautiful eyes on Zhou Yuan, who hadn’t said a word. She suddenly asked, “Had you intended to use the Tortoise Mirror Boundary to break my Meridian Golden Light Boundary from the very start?” 

Zhou Yuan calmly answered, “In terms of attack power, your Meridian Golden Light Boundary is remarkable among boundaries of the same level. In truth, if you hadn’t launched that final attack, it would have been difficult for me to break the formation. 

“Your boundary wasn’t broken by me but by you.”

This was the truth. The boundary’s attack power was too terrifying, but Zhou Yuan destroyed it using its own power. 

Jiu Gong was silent for a moment, then uttered, “Constructing another boundary from the remains of my boundary...your mastery of Genesis Runes is very impressive.” 

She then calmly added, “I’ve lost. I underestimated you, Zhou Yuan.”

There still wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan's face. “Then the Alpha Spiritium in this place...?”

Jiu Gong pondered for a moment, then turned to say to Xue Jingtao. “Take your people and leave.”

“Miss Jiu Gong, didn’t we agree to share the Spiritium inside the snow-capped mountain? We have only collected less than one tenth! How can we leave now?!” 

“I was in charge of this place, but now it’s not just up to me. If you can get them to agree, I naturally won’t have any objection,” Jiu Gong said indifferently.

Yuan Kun smiled. “Although there is abundant Spiritium here, there isn’t enough to share with so many people.”  

Of course he didn’t want Xue Jingtao to stay and take a share of the Spiritium. He felt that Xue Jingtao wasn’t qualified to be treated on the same level as them. If he were Su Youwei, it would have been very different. 

Xue Jingtao immediately turned to Zhou Yuan and forced out a smile. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you are acquainted with junior sister Youwei. I hope you will give her some face.” 

Zhou Yuan's eyelids drooped as he said indifferently, “You also didn’t give face to her before, isn’t that right?” 

Prior to this, Xue Jingtao had displayed an uncompromising attitude and showed no mercy to them, but now that the situation had changed, he had again brought out Su Youwei’s name. His behavior was simply despicable. 

Xue Jingtao’s face went livid when he heard Zhou Yuan’s argument. He clenched his fists tight in anger, and his heart almost exploded.

In the end, he took two deep breaths and threatened, “Fine, the Zixiao Region will remember what you did to us. I will tell junior sister Youwei the truth when I see her. I will let her know what kind of person you are!”

Jiu Gong chuckled, “It’s unknown who Su Youwei will side with.”

The veins on Xue Jingtao’s temples visibly throbbed, and his eyes became a little bloodshot. He glanced at Zhou Yuan contemptuously and said, “Don’t worry. Junior sister Youwei knows what’s important. Nobody is more important than the Zixiao Region in her heart. If you don’t believe it, then wait and see.” 

He flung his arm and turned away because he knew that it was no use lingering. The members of the Zixiao Region silently followed after him.

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze. He didn’t feel that his actions would upset Su Youwei because he knew that they both understood their positions. 

Just as if Lu Xiao ran into Su Youwei with his team and foolishly schemed against her, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be upset with Su Youwei if she took action against Lu Xiao. 

After they drove away the Zixiao Region team, Yuan Kun rubbed his hands together and turned to Jiu Gong with a smile. “Jiu Gong, can you tell us how much Alpha Spiritium you have found here?”  

Jiu Gong shot a glance at him. “None.”

The smile on Yuan Kun’s face stiffened. “Jiu Gong, do you think we will believe that?”

Zhou Yuan also scrunched his brows. Jiu Gong has occupied this place for so long. If there is Alpha Spiritium here, she must have gotten them already, right? Her words really can’t be trusted.

Jiu Gong snorted and didn’t bother to explain. She just swept a glance over the two like they were country bumpkins. 

“Do you really think that strands of Alpha Spiritium are that easy to find? Let’s go. I’ll show you.”

Jiu Gong turned around, heading into the depths of the ice mountain.

Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun exchanged a surprised glance with each other, and in the end, they quickly settled the teams and followed after her. 

They wanted to see what was so special about Alpha Spiritium!

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