Chapter 958 Formation Destroyed


Within the golden boundary, berserk waves of Qi gathered, golden light raged, and thunder vaguely echoed.

A heart-pounding power gradually emerged.

Zhou Yuan was aware of the power. His pupils shrank as he stared at the deepest part of the golden boundary. He muttered, “So this is your plan. You had deliberately lured me into the depths to destroy me with one strike. Is this called making a person suffer from his own scheming?

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed, and he said with a smile, “It's a good plan, but...aren't you afraid of leaving yourself open to attack?”

He drew a deep breath, ignoring the golden boundary that was violently shaking, and issued a series of commands. The rhythm of his attacks accelerated.


His attacks were also far more effective than before.

It was clear that Jiu Gong intended to abandon those nodes, because she was gathering all her power to prepare for a terrifying attack, and a counterattack of that level wasn’t something that Zhou Yuan and his teams could withstand. 

Her attack would be enough to reverse the situation.

But Zhou Yuan seemed unconcerned and continued to occupy and break the nodes.  

Atop the ice mountain.

“Senior sister Jiu Gong, they are capturing nodes much faster than before!” Urgent voices sounded from all over the place and passed into Jiu Gong’s ears.

Jiu Gong was unconcerned. “It doesn’t matter. Gather all the boundary’s power into the core node. The outcome of the battle will be decided by that.” 

“Yes!” many people responded. The golden light boundary began to shrink, and the gathered power grew increasingly terrifying.

Outside the ice mountain, Yuan Kun’s and Yi Qiushui’s faces grew more and more solemn when the two found that the power within the golden light boundary was becoming stronger. 

“That power...even I will be severely injured if struck,” Yuan Kun stated.

The Meridian Golden Light Boundary was Jiu Gong’s masterpiece; thus, its power would be no trivial matter if it broke out.

“It’s really troublesome now. It will be difficult for Zhou Yuan to advance or retreat.”

Generally speaking, Zhou Yuan should have led the teams back when he saw the danger before him, but if he retreated, Jiu Gong would be able to quickly recapture the nodes and restore the golden light boundary. Zhou Yuan's previous efforts would then be completely wasted.

If that happened, breaking through the formation would be out of the question.

Therefore, in Yuan Kun's view, Zhou Yuan was truly caught in a very difficult and dangerous situation.

Yuan Kun sighed inwardly and circulated his Genesis Qi, ready to help at any time.


Within the golden boundary, Zhou Yuan acted indifferent to the terrifying power gathering together, and he still commanded the teams to occupy the nodes and pushed forward step by step.  

But as they advanced, the two regions’ teams began to show fear. They could distinctly feel the destructive power surging ahead of them.  

Once that kind of power broke out, their teams would suffer disastrous losses.

Aware of their fear, Zhou Yuan immediately reassured, “It’s already too late to back down. If you don’t want to be eliminated from the competition, listen to my command.”

His sternness made the teams suppress some of their fear of the power ahead. They gritted their teeth and pushed forward once again.

But it was at this moment that the violent, thunder-like rumbling in the boundary’s depths suddenly subsided.

It was this silence that intensified the fear and panic in everyone’s heart. They all knew that the momentary silence was just a prelude to the destructive counterattack that was coming.

Jiu Gong’s counterattack finished forming.

At the top of the ice mountain, her red lips moved slightly, and she breathed out an orchid-like aroma. While her beautiful eyes were intently fixed on the light screen in front of her, her hands folded together, and a chilling voice rang out from the top of the ice mountain.

“It’s over...

“Golden thunder...



Thunder rumbled in the deepest part of the golden light boundary, and a mighty golden thunderbolt similar to a giant python came roaring out. It charged toward Zhou Yuan and the several teams.  

As the golden thunder surged toward them, it quaked the void.

Xue Jingtao, who was somewhere in the boundary, couldn’t stop his eyes from gleaming with excitement when he saw a counterattack of this level.

There is no way Zhou Yuan can survive this!

“Let’s see how arrogant you will be after this!” He gritted his teeth, excited.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, gazing into the depths of the boundary where the golden thunderbolt was shooting toward them. Even he shuddered when he saw that kind of power. If he were to withstand the attack alone, he was certain that he would have to use all his strength to protect himself.  

Furthermore, he could only protect himself. The other teams would most likely be destroyed directly.

From this point of view, Jiu Gong’s Meridian Golden Light Boundary was indeed extraordinary.   

The teams within the boundary turned ashen with fear. If they weren’t the elites of the Tianyuan and Yushuo Regions, they would have already tried to flee. 

But even though they were elites, they still felt a little hopeless. How could they withstand an attack of that level?

Just as despair filled them as they watched the terrifying thunderbolt rapidly approach, Zhou Yuan’s calm voice rang in their ears. “Everyone, crush the bamboo slip in your hand. Don't worry, I’m the person who brought you here, so I guarantee that I will take you all out.” 

He spoke in an indifferent voice, but that calmness seemed to have some sort of magical power that calmed the despair in their hearts. They peered down at the bamboo slips in their hands, gritted their teeth, and crushed them. 


Beams of light shot up into the sky from where they stood. 

Countless Genesis Runes fluttered within the pillars of light, turning into strands of light that intertwined and rused with one another.

Gradually, a huge transparent tortoiseshell appeared before them, and numerous Genesis Runes were flowing on the shell’s surface. The shell reflected the golden light, making it appear even more dazzling.

Zhou Yuan stood in front of the tortoiseshell. As he looked at it closely, the corners of his lips curved upwards, and his tensed body slowly relaxed. 

He looked at the approaching golden thunderbolt and uttered, “Tortoise Mirror Boundary.”


The torrent of golden lightning bombarded the tremendous tortoise mirror, causing the mountains to tremble and the ground to quake violently. 

Atop the ice mountain, Jiu Gong cast her beautiful eyes to the mountainside where the collision happened. She gently clenched her hands. The battle’s outcome was about to be decided.  

The golden lightning should destroy everything in its way. She peered down at where the golden lightning was raging and wreaking havoc.


But it was at this moment that the torrent of golden lightning suddenly vibrated and another torrent of golden lightning counterattacked and clashed with it.


Spatial cracks formed in the void.

Jiu Gong’s pupils abruptly shrank, and her eyes widened in shocked disbelief. That golden thunderbolt possesses the boundary’s power. Why and how could it suddenly attack the boundary?

“What’s going on!?”

Genesis Runes whirled in her eyes as she penetrated the golden light with her gaze. She finally saw the huge Genesis Rune Tortoise Mirror.

The golden thunderbolt repeatedly bombarded the mirror, and the attack rebounded. In the end, a tsunami-like counterattack collided with the golden thunderbolt. 

“Tortoise Mirror Boundary?!”

Jiu Gong’s expression changed drastically. “How is that possible? How could he set up a Tortoise Mirror Boundary within my boundary?!”

She scanned the nodes Zhou Yuan had occupied, and her eyes suddenly flashed. “It’s those nodes!”

It was precisely by connecting those nodes that Zhou Yuan was able to set up a Tortoise Mirror Boundary so quickly. In other words, Zhou Yuan had constructed a boundary from the foundation of her boundary.  

This wasn’t something simple! To do so, he had to possess a deep mastery over Genesis Runes!

Jiu Gong clenched her hands tight, and her heart sank. She realized that Zhou Yuan had been vigilant of her from the very beginning and the Tortoise Mirror Boundary was waiting for her counterattack. 

The Tortoise Mirror happened to completely suppress the golden light boundary because of its rebound characteristics! And the rebounded golden thunderbolt would swallow everything.

“So cunning!” Jiu Gong gritted her teeth.


A torrent of golden thunderbolt counterattacked, and the light boundary’s remains bore the brunt of the attack. In just a few breaths, the golden lightning vanquished all the nodes.


The golden lightning whizzed through the boundary, completely dispersing the golden light filling the sky.  

Yuan Kun and the others at the foot of the mountain were stunned to see the huge boundary, which was enveloping the ice mountain, collapse. The true appearance of the ice mountain finally appeared in their sights, and at its summit, the Zixiao Region team stood with a blank face. 

The Meridian Golden Light was destroyed?!

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