Chapter 955 Break Through Formation

At the foot of the ice mountain.

Yuan Kun stared at Zhou Yuan as he circled the Golden Light Boundary and repeatedly rubbed away the beads of sweat on his round face with his sleeve. There was a look of worry in his narrow and small eyes. 

Although his grasp in Genesis Runes was extremely poor, he had good vision and judgment. After personally experiencing the power of the Meridian Golden Light Boundary, he knew that once caught in it, even for someone with his strength, his Spirit would fall into a trance-like state, and if it weren’t for his abundant and powerful Genesis Qi, he really would have been trapped.  

The boundary was Jiu Gong’s proud work.

This was why Yuan Kun wasn’t sure whether Zhou Yuan could really break the golden light boundary.

If he couldn’t, they would have to try to charge through.

“Hmph, that woman Jiu Gong has gone too far!” Yuan Kun couldn’t help but curse aloud.

A shadow descended from the sky. It was Zhou Yuan. 

“Brother Zhou Yuan, how was it?”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I have some confidence. Let’s give it a try first.”

Yuan Kun’s face lit up with joy, and he gave him a thumbs up. “Brother Zhou Yuan is so reliable.”

Although he didn’t know how confident Zhou Yuan was, it was better than standing there not knowing what to do.

“Let me make some preparations first,” Zhou Yuan said, sitting down cross-legged. He flicked his sleeve and took out many jade bamboo slips. At the same time, he clasped the Tianyuan brush and swung the brush with the tip facing down, bringing out multiple Genesis Runes that integrated with the bamboo slips. 

Yuan Kun looked at him blankly. To an idiot in Genesis Runes, Zhou Yuan’s actions felt peculiar. He simply nodded and said to the people of the Yushou Region, “So professional.”  

After half an hour, Zhou Yuan had readied everything.

He and Yuan Kun gathered the teams of both sides.

“Send the elites of each team out and form groups of ten. They will follow me into the golden light boundary.”

When his voice faded, there was a little commotion from the two teams of people. Very soon, figures stepped forward one after another, quickly forming teams.

Zhou Yuan flung his sleeve, and the previously prepared bamboo slips floated out and hovered in front of each team.

“Hold the bamboo slips, and after you enter the boundary, immediately seal your Spirit. Otherwise, the golden light will strike your Spirit and control it,” Zhou Yuan warned.  

Hearing this, the elites exchanged glances with one another and uttered hesitantly, “If our Spirit is sealed, our perception of the outside world will become weak. It will be difficult to detect a sneak attack.” 

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. “It will be alright. Just listen to my command, and all will be fine.”

The Tianyuan Region people naturally nodded without the slightest objection. After all, Zhou Yuan had enough prestige in their hearts. But the Yushou Region elites seemed hesitant to leave their lives to someone they didn’t know.  

Yuan Kun felt a little uncomfortable seeing the look of hesitation on his people’s faces. He shot a fierce look at them and persuaded, “Although Jiu Gong is only relying on a tortoiseshell and there is nothing we could do to her, she doesn’t really want to offend us. If we just stay here and don’t leave, her team won’t be able to go anywhere.”

What he meant to say was that everyone of the Yushou Region shouldn’t worry too much because this was just a battle to break the formation. She wouldn’t dare to go too far, so her methods wouldn’t be too sinister. 

After being reprimanded by Yuan Kun, the elites of the Yushou Region gave an embarrassed smile and didn’t dare say anything else. 

Zhou Yuan smiled at Yuan Kun and thanked him for trusting him.

“Don't you need me to go in, too?” Yuan Kun asked.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and said, “You just said that this is just a battle to break through the formation and not really a fight with Jiu Gong. If you go in, there won’t be much you could do. Instead, it might make Jiu Gong feel that we only managed to break through because of the number of people we have, and she won’t admit defeat.”

He could feel that when Jiu Gong told them to break through the boundary first before they could negotiate with her, her challenge was directed at him.

Although he didn’t know why a heaven pride of the Xuanji Region whom he had never met before would treat him this way, he wasn’t afraid of the challenge. He believed that nobody could beat him in terms of mastery in Genesis Runes.  

Although Yuan Kun looked clumsy, he was very sensitive. He also felt the same way as Zhou Yuan and so didn’t say much and simply clapped his hand on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. “Let that woman have a taste of your strength.”  

Zhou Yuan smiled in response and, in a flash, came before the golden light boundary. Behind him were the dozens of teams.

Zhou Yuan opened his hand, and strands of Genesis Qi light extended out. One end of the light was connected to the members of each team, while the other end landed in different areas of the golden light boundary.  

“Follow the light and enter the boundary. After you step inside, don't act recklessly. Remember to keep the bamboo slip in your hand and listen to my command. Don’t go any further,” Zhou Yuan said solemnly once again.

The members of the dozen teams nodded, and with a slight movement, a whistle of wind sounded, and they entered through the golden light boundary one after another.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and surveyed the golden light boundary, its golden light reflecting in his eyes. He saw that, in the boundary’s depths, a coldly arrogant yet beautiful figure was looking at him with provocation and scrutiny.

“You want to test my strength? Then, I’ll play with you.”

He smiled and no longer hesitated. He took a large step forward into the golden light, and it swallowed his figure under the gazes of Yuan Kun, Yi Qiushui and the others.

“He’s finally in?”

In the golden light boundary, Xue Jingtao’s eyes were fixed on somewhere. Jiu Gong had given him some control rights in the golden light boundary, so Zhou Yuan needed to pass Xue Jingtao if he wanted to break the formation. 

Xue Jingtao's eyes glinted fiercely. “Everyone listen! Operate the golden light boundary and activate the Spirit Dispersing Light! I'm going to turn them all into stupid idiots!”

His voice passed through the boundary and instantly spread to the Zixiao Region teams defending the various nodes scattered throughout the boundary.    


There was an immediate response throughout the whole golden light boundary.


Dazzling light suddenly broke out from the tremendous golden light boundary, and the universe Genesis Qi turned berserk. 

At the top of the ice mountain.

Jiu Gong sat cross-legged gracefully. A light screen, which had formed in front of her, was flashing with many specks of light. She was staring intently at one of them, muttering, “Yuan Kun didn’t come? He has a big temper and lots of courage, but isn’t he being overconfident?”  

She put her elbows on her knees and rested her cheeks in her palms, looking very lazy. 

“Could it be...Xue Jingtao finds Zhou Yuan an eyesore and wants to teach him a lesson using my golden light boundary? Never mind, I’ll just watch the good show first.

“Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, if you can’t even play with Xue Jingtao, how will Su Youwei take it when she learns about it?”

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