Chapter 954 Deduction

“Hey, it looks like they still won't give us face.”

At the foot of the ice mountain, Yuan Kun didn’t look too pleased when he saw Xue Jingtao, and he turned to speak to Zhou Yuan beside him.

“How would that be the case, senior brother Yuan Kun? It’s not that Miss Jiu Gong isn’t giving you face, but that she got here first and took the opportunity.” Xue Jingtao smiled.

He swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and said nonchalantly, “Miss Jiu Gong said that her Meridian Golden Light Boundary couldn’t be broken by someone senior brother Yuan Kun had casually found.”

Zhou Yuan's line of sight shifted from the ice mountain surrounded by golden light to Xue Jingtao. How could he not feel the other party’s malice? “You’re from the Zixiao Region?” he asked.

“I am Xue Jingtao from the Zixiao Region. What advice does chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan have for me?” Xue Jingtao said with a smile.

“What are you doing here?”

“The number of people required for the golden boundary isn’t small. Without our team, there is no way Miss Jiu Gong could have set up the boundary. So it was Miss Jiu Gong who sincerely invited us to help,” Xue Jingtao explained.

He spoke proudly as if the golden boundary was also his masterpiece.

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “Out of respect for Su Youwei, I advise you to leave and not get involved in this. You aren’t qualified to participate in a battle of this level. It would be too late to regret it when you’re injured.”

Xue Jingtao’s face darkened. He glared at Zhou Yuan and sneered, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, even if you can’t break the Meridian Golden Light Boundary, is there a need to play a trick like this?”

“Are you trying to persuade us to leave and make the Golden Light Boundary break by itself?” Zhou Yuan said contemptuously.

“Naturally, since Miss Jiu Gong trusts us, we will stand firmly on her side. If you have the ability, why don’t you break the Golden Light Boundary first? If you can’t, get lost, and don’t waste time here!”

As his vehement voice faded, Xue Jingtao turned around and left.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm and without a ripple of emotion as he watched him leave.

He only spoke out of respect for Su Youwei because he had learned from his previous observation of the Golden Light Boundary that the nodes controlled by the Zixiao Region team were particularly dangerous. Once they encountered an enemy, they would become a target.

Jiu Gong had evidently planned this.

After all, her cooperation with Xue Jingtao wasn’t equal. Jiu Gong was part of a main team, and she felt that Xue Jingtao wasn’t qualified to be on equal terms with her. If Su Youwei were here, she wouldn’t have played such tricks. Unfortunately, Xue Jingtao was not qualified, and he didn’t understand this. He even regarded himself as very important…

If that was the case, he couldn’t blame Zhou Yuan.

“That woman doesn’t know what’s good for her.” Yuan Kun fumed. “Brother Zhou, since negotiation didn’t work, let’s just charge through. I don’t believe that our two teams can’t break through the boundary!” 

Zhou Yuan hurriedly stopped him. “If we do that, we will have to pay a price even though we might destroy the boundary. There is no need to be so reckless!”

Yuan Kun frowned. “Then what do we do?”

Zhou Yuan helplessly pointed to the golden light that enveloped the ice mountain. “There is a method to break through the golden light boundary. If we investigate and attack it bit by bit, it will collapse itself.

“Brother Yuan Kun, do you see the countless Genesis Runes flowing inside the golden light?”

Yuan Kun squinted his eyes, staring at it for a good while until tears streamed out. He said in embarrassment, “Brother Zhou Yuan, I don’t know anything about Genesis Runes. I don’t understand it.” 

In his view, it was nothing but golden light. Although the fluctuation of Genesis Qi inside was somewhat strange, it was impossible for him to see the Genesis Runes, Genesis Marks and their trajectories.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. He felt as if he was playing a lute to a cow.

It was no wonder that Yuan Kun couldn’t do anything about the golden light boundary. It turned out his mastery in Genesis Runes was atrocious.

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s expression, Yuan Kun suddenly blushed with embarrassment and said resentfully, “Since brother Zhou Yuan understands Genesis Runes, then you should investigate it. I am ready to cooperate with you at any time, but I have to remind you that the Xuanji Region is skilled in combining Genesis Runes and Genesis Qi. Also, Jiu Gong is an outstanding talent, which means the golden light boundary she set up isn’t a simple Genesis Rune Boundary.”  

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile and then made a slight movement and appeared outside the tremendous golden light boundary.

Light constantly flashed in his eyes. It was at this moment that the golden light boundary changed in front of him. Numerous Genesis Runes flowed like fish, but as he continued to observe, his face lit up with surprise.  

He found that the golden light boundary was indeed not a simple Genesis Rune. It had multiple Genesis Qi nodes.

The combination of the two allowed the golden light to bloom dazzlingly. Once one stepped inside, the illumination of the golden light would confuse the Spirit and make it easy to control.

“It is indeed a little bizarre.”

After Zhou Yuan scrutinized the boundary for a full hour, he suddenly couldn’t help but nod. This Xuanji Region technique was indeed impressive. It was much more tricky to deal with a combination of Genesis Runes and Genesis Qi than an ordinary Genesis Rune Boundary.  

This boundary really piqued his curiosity.


Inside the ice mountain.

Standing on a cliff, Xue Jingtao disdainfully peered at the outside world. His gaze penetrated the golden light boundary, and he saw Zhou Yuan, who had been walking around for an hour.

“Haha, chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan really thinks he found a way to break the boundary after a little investigation?” Xue Jingtao snorted as he turned his head to look at one of his senior brothers.  

Everyone burst into laughter.

“What a fool. Yuan Kun had tried to break the boundary for half a day, but we had ultimately driven him away.”

“Even Yuan Kun failed. Zhou Yuan’s ranking isn’t as high as his, but he thinks he can break the golden light boundary?”

Xue Jingtao smiled, his eyes filled with contempt. “Send an order to tell everyone to stay close to the nodes and operate the golden light boundary with all their strength. Don’t let them have any chance of breaking through.”

Someone behind him drew back and quickly turned to pass on the order.

With one hand clasped behind him, Xue Jingtao coldly fixed his eyes on the figure outside the golden light boundary. “Zhou Yuan, this time I am going to embarrass you to the point that you won’t dare to appear in front of junior sister Youwei ever again.” 


Outside the golden light boundary.

As Zhou Yuan hovered in mid-air for a good while, his eyes constantly flashed with light. He was performing the ultimate deduction method. Following the trajectory of the Genesis Runes, he gradually figured out the location of the boundary’s many nodes.    

The light in his eyes gradually faded, and the corners of his lips tugged upwards in a slight smile.

He had finally made some progress.

Jiu Gong is remarkable...but unfortunately for her, she had run into me.

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