Chapter 951 Yuan Kun

The world was lush green and full of vitality.

Mountains upon mountains stretched across the plains. From afar they resembled barriers standing between the sky and earth.  

Zhou Yuan guided the team to land on a huge peak, and when everybody descended, exclamations of joy and excitement suddenly rang out.

They had discovered a large amount of Spiritium on the mountain peak!

Zhou Yuan also couldn’t help marveling at the intensity of the universe Genesis Qi in the mini domain. Moreover, the Spiritium born here was far different than those they had previously encountered. It should be said that they only coincidentally found this place while exploring, which suggests that there must be even more Spiritium elsewhere.  

But this location was wider and more spacious than others.

“There must be a lot of Spiritium in this mountain range. Send scouts to investigate the place and find the locations,” Zhou Yuan said to Shang Xiaoling.

Shang Xiaoling nodded and immediately turned and passed the command to the others.

Yi Qiushui, who was next to Zhou Yuan, stood on her tiptoes and whispered, “The universe Genesis Qi in this mini domain is so abundant. There is a high possibility of Alpha Spiritium here,” she paused for a moment, “which means we might meet the teams of the other eight regions here. There may even be more than one team.”

Zhou Yuan's expression grew solemn, but there wasn’t a hint of fear on his face. “It doesn’t matter. No matter who is here, we will fight if we can. But if we can’t fight, we’ll run.”  

Yi Qiushui snorted and couldn’t help rolling her eyes. She thought he was going to say something encouraging, not something so simple.  

Zhou Yuan smiled, but he didn’t feel burdened. “If our strength isn’t enough, a temporary retreat isn’t shameful. So, before I connect all nine Divine Dwellings, I don’t plan to face the top four.”  

“Why do I hear some arrogance in your tone of voice when you say that? Are you saying that when you meet the other four people, you will face them directly?” Yi Qiushui asked.

It should be said that the top eight people on the Divine Dwelling List were true top heaven prides. They were the fresh blood the eight regions had carefully cultivated. Their talents and the resources they had received were enough to make the heaven prides of top sects and factions envious.  

Therefore, even though Zhou Yuan had defeated Lu Hai, Zhao Yuanxiao and Liu Qingshu, as well as many other heaven prides along the way, there was still a huge gap between him and the top eight people on the Divine Dwelling List.  

In Yi Qiushui's view, even if Zhou Yuan couldn’t currently compare to the top eight, he wasn’t bad. But from his tone of voice, it seemed that he would choose to retreat if he ran into only any of the top four. She was certain, however, that they wouldn’t let him do so. 

In a sense, that was even more arrogant.

Zhou Yuan smiled without saying much and simply closed his eyes. He quietly felt the strange fluctuation of energy between heaven and earth that made the Divine Dwellings in his body tremble.

It was Alpha Spiritium.

Unfortunately, although he was able to sense the existence of Alpha Spiritium, there was no way he could locate it.

It seemed that he had to explore the area carefully.

A moment later, Zhou Yuan’s eyes sprang open, and his expression changed drastically. He abruptly turned, sensing a collision of Genesis Qi occurring elsewhere in the mountain range.  

“Tell everybody to be on the alert. The scouts have run into other teams!”

Yi Qiushui immediately turned around and issued an order.

The Tianyuan Region team collecting Spiritium on the mountain immediately sprang up and assembled at the mountain peak. With Genesis Qi surging around them, they vigilantly gazed in the direction of the Genesis Qi collision.

Under everyone’s guarded gaze, a sharp whistle of wind sounded from a distance. Dozens of figures were rushing over. 

It was the scouts they had sent out.

He fixed his eyes farther away, where hundreds of figures were skimming across the sky among deafening beast roars.

Surprise flashed past Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

The hundreds of figures were riding all sorts of Genesis beasts, whether it be birds, beasts or animals. The aura they emitted was truly frightening.

“It's a team from the Yushou Region!” Yi Qiushui exclaimed.

Of the nine regions, only the Yushou Region could control so many Genesis beasts.

“I wonder who is leading that team? I hope it’s not the main team; otherwise, we’re in trouble,” Yi Qiushui said softly.

But Zhou Yuan put a damper on her optimism. “You guessed it. It’s their main team.”

His eyes were locked on the center of the Yushou Region team, where a dark yellow ox was marching forward, quaking the ground and producing lazy moos. Sitting astride its sturdy body was a chubby pale man.

A fat ox with a chubby man. How comical.

But Yi Qiushui and the others grew serious when they saw the chubby pale man. They recognized that he was the number one figure of the Yushou Region and the one ranked eighth on the Divine Dwelling List, Yuan Kun!  

“That’s the Divine Earth Ox. It possesses remarkable strength and can carry a mountain on its back. It is said that when it fully matures, its strength is comparable to an expert of the Nascent Source stage.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded, and then his body floated up slowly, hovering in mid-air.

“Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region pays respect to Mister Yuan Kun,” Zhou Yuan said loud and clear.

Sitting astride the giant ox, Yuan Kun narrowed his eyes and said with a wide smile, “I didn’t expect to run into the team led by chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Mister Yuan Kun, our Tianyuan Region came to this area first. I don’t know why you drove away our scouts.”

Yuan Kun shook his head. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan is wrong. The rules of the nine regions tournament are never first come, first served.”

He ran his eyes up and down Zhou Yuan’s body, carefully scrutinising him. In truth, he didn’t care too much when he found out it was a Tianyuan Region team, so he led his group towards them.

But he didn't expect the team to be led by Zhou Yuan.

Yuan Kun didn’t feel any contempt towards Zhou Yuan, because although he looked honest and simple, he was extraordinarily shrewd and cautious. He had vaguely sensed a dangerous aura from Zhou Yuan's body.    

This man isn’t as weak as others think.

It was also because of this cautiousness that he didn’t directly order his team to act.

But it was impossible for him to give up. He had to see what ability Zhou Yuan had and whether or not the Tianyuan Region’s new talent had the qualification to be on the same level as him and the other heaven prides of Hunyuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before saying, “Does that mean Mister Yuan Kun intends to fight us?”

Zhou Yuan knew that although Yuan Kun was pale and chubby and looked like a wealthy young master, Zhou Yuan would be stupid to think that Yuan Kun was as simple as he looked. After all, Yuan Kun was the Yushou Region’s number one Divine Dwelling stage expert.

Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand and waved it gently.


The hundreds of Tianyuan Region members erupted with Genesis Qi, and a commotion broke out on the Yushou Region’s side. The atmosphere grew tense.

Yuan Kun wiped the grease on his face with his sleeve. He observed the situation for a moment, then patted his ox. It slowly and leisurely stomped across the air.

He stopped a thousand feet from Zhou Yuan and said, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, if a battle breaks out between the two teams, there will inevitably be casualties on both sides.

“How about...” He smiled, his eyes disappearing into squinty crevices as if he were harmless. “How about just the two of us play?”

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