Chapter 950 Purification Jade Tablet


A mighty arc of Genesis Qi tore the sky apart, and a mottled black brush was slightly vibrating within the arc, humming with an earthshaking noise that quaked the void. 

The mottled black brush descended from the sky and struck a slightly illusory figure.


Tremendous Genesis Qi shock waves swept out. Cracks split the ground and spread to the surrounding areas, forming the shape of a cobweb. 

It was then that the illusory figure emitting powerful Genesis Qi unleashed a tragic wail. Its body rippled, and it exploded with a rumble. 

A shadow mysteriously appeared behind it, and his palm instantly pierced through the illusory figure’s chest to retrieve an orb.

It was at that moment the shadow revealed his face. It was Zhou Yuan.

He gently tossed the Fallen Genesis Orb in his hand, a satisfied smile curving his lips. After running around for an entire day, they had finally wiped out all the Fallen Shadows in the mini domain.  

And that Fallen Genesis Orb was the ninth one.

Zhou Yuan flicked his finger, and all eight Fallen Genesis Orbs rose into the air and gathered together, illuminating the room. 

If he refined the nine Fallen Genesis Orbs, it should greatly weaken the barrier of the ninth Divine Dwelling. 


Hundreds of figures streaked across the air and descended. They were the members of the Tianyuan Region team responsible for driving away the Fallen Shadows.  

Yi Qiushui landed next to Zhou Yuan and glanced at the Fallen Genesis Orb before she said with a smile, “This is the last place rich in Spiritium in this mini domain.” 

“Pass on my command to collect Spiritium here,” Zhou Yuan said.

Yi Qiushui nodded and issued the order. Then, a worried frown crossed her beautiful oval face.

“What?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Yi Qiushui smiled bitterly. “When we were fighting against the teams of the Wanzu Region and the Wushen Region, we didn’t hold back at all and exhausted our Genesis Qi. If we were to go to a new mini domain in this state, I am worried our combat strength won’t be enough if we run into some strong teams. But it will take at least three days for us to fully recover.”  

All the teams were making full use of every minute to compete for Spiritium. They would undoubtedly lose out on a lot if they were to rest for three days and not move onto the next mini domain.  

Zhou Yuan smiled calmly.

When Yi Qiushui saw his expression, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Do you have a plan?”

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, and a jade tablet emerged in the palm of his hand. The jade tablet was marked with numerous Genesis Runes, and there even seemed to be a wisp of azure-golden Genesis Qi flowing in its depths.

He handed the jade tablet to Yi Qiushui and said, “Let the jade tablet take in Genesis Qi first, and then absorb the Genesis Qi from the inside of the jade tablet.” 

Although a little puzzled, Yi Qiushui still followed his instructions. She first gathered Genesis Qi into the jade tablet, and she soon saw light bloom from the jade tablet. The engraved Genesis Runes also grew brighter.  

In particular, a wisp of azure-golden Genesis Qi inside it emitted a faint dragon roar. 

Yi Qiushui held the jade tablet tight, absorbing Genesis Qi into her body.

Her beautiful eyes suddenly widened!

She was stunned to find that the Genesis Qi was refined quickly before it entered her Divine Dwelling.      

“How did that happen?” Yi Qiushui cried out in disbelief. 

It should be said that the universe Genesis Qi found in the Fallen Abyss was extremely berserk, and it was precisely because of this reason that it took a lot of effort to refine and absorb Genesis Qi. But the universe Genesis Qi she previously absorbed didn’t seem to have this berserk nature.  

Zhou Yuan smiled. “It seems to have an effect.”

Yi Qiushui’s line of sight shifted down to the jade tablet in her hand. “Because of this?”  

Zhou Yuan nodded. “This is the Purification Jade Tablet I created. It can purify the berserk nature of the Genesis Qi. Also, with this object, the recovery of your Genesis Qi should be able to reach 80% of that in the outside world.” 

The Purification Jade Tablet wasn’t too complex, but the core object was particularly special because it was a wisp of Zhou Yuan’s World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi. 

Zhou Yuan relied on the Ancestral Dragon Scripture to refine the berserk nature of the Genesis Qi. 

Zhou Yuan had done several tests before, and the Purification Jade Tablet was the final product of his experiments.    

“Zhou Yuan, you're too amazing!” Yi Qiushui's beautiful face lit up with joy. This object was a real treasure to them. Now that they had the Purification Jade Tablet, they could use their Genesis Qi without any reservation, which would be an absolute advantage when they run into other teams.  

Zhou Yuan smiled. “But there is a flaw to the Purification Jade Tablet. It can’t survive for more than three days. It will only continue to have an effect if you give it to me to refine it again.” 

It would become ineffective because the wisp of World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi could only exist for three days at most. Of course, there wasn’t a need for him to make this point that clear. 

“That’s just a small problem.” Yi Qiushui shook her head. Three days was already enough for them. Moreover, they always followed Zhou Yuan around, so if it became ineffective, they could ask Zhou Yuan to refine it for them again.  

With a wave of his sleeve, Zhou Yuan sent hundreds of jade tablets flying out, surrounding Yi Qiushui. He said with a smile, “I will have to trouble you to distribute these jade tablets so that the rest of the teams can restore their Genesis Qi after they collect the Spiritium. We have another battle next.” 


With a gentle wave, Yi Qiushui stored away the jade tablets into the beautiful spatial bag at her waist. “Those guys will be very happy. They have been worried the whole day about recovering their Genesis Qi.”  

She turned around, and her beautiful figure disappeared.

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged on a boulder and began to refine and absorb the Fallen Genesis Orbs one by one.  

As he refined the third one, he heard a loud cheer from the crowd.

“Chief pavilion master is powerful!”

“Chief pavilion master is invincible!”


They must have received the Purification Jade Tablet and burst into cheers from the excitement. Zhou Yuan smiled and closed his eyes to continue refining the orbs.

By the time Zhou Yuan refined the remaining Fallen Genesis Orbs, half a day had passed. Clouds had rolled across a dimming sky, and the wind had escalated to a hurricane force, causing havoc in the mini domain. 

Zhou Yuan rose to his feet and swept his gaze over everyone. They had finished gathering Spiritium and were sitting in a meditative posture. They each held a purification jade tablet in one hand, absorbing the universe Genesis Qi and recovering themselves.    

As Zhou Yuan looked at the color of the sky, there was a glint of pensiveness in his eyes. In the Fallen Abyss, it was said that the farther one traveled, the higher the risk of danger. But Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid. Instead, he looked forward to it. 

This was because only those highly dangerous mini domains could give birth to Alpha Spiritium. 

The final ranking of the nine regions tournament was based on the quantity of Spiritium, but Alpha Spiritium had a higher weight than imagined. It was said that one wisp of Alpha Spiritium equaled thousands of wisps of ordinary Spiritium.

Therefore, the nine regions tournament was ultimately a competition for Alpha Spiritium.  

While Zhou Yuan was pondering, the members of the Tianyuan Region gradually opened their eyes, their eyes twinkling, the sign of abundant Genesis Qi. 

They sprang up and simultaneously bowed to Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan nodded without saying much and just waved. “Let’s head to the next space.” 

As his voice faded away, he led the way, and hundreds of people followed.   

They came to the gap in the space they found before and entered one after another. 


By the time Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, a lush green world was before him. The world was full of vitality, and the ancient forest stood tall in the distance, with beasts roaring continuously.  

As he surveyed the world full of vitality, his expression gradually grew solemn because the universe Genesis Qi in the domain was so rich and abundant, several times stronger than the previous domains’. Moreover, immersed in the rich universe Genesis Qi, he felt a wonderful and mysterious energy that made his Divine Dwellings tremble...

It was…

Alpha Spiritium!

Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up. He had finally come across Alpha Spiritium! 

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