Chapter 949 Swallow Everything

The dust and smoke above the ground continued to spread.

All eyes were fixed on the cracks in astonishment. Zhao Yuanxiao’s imposing, icy-cold bearing was still deep in their minds when they witnessed Zhou Yuan blast him away with one punch.    

Zhou Yuan was that strong?

Seeing this scene, Liu Qingshu, who was hovering in mid-air, couldn’t stop the expression on her pretty face from changing dramatically. She might be stronger than Zhao Yuanxiao, but her strength was still limited. Since Zhou Yuan was able to defeat Zhao Yuanxiao with one punch, his attack would most likely do the same to her.

Her eyes flashed, and she suddenly yelled out, “Everyone of the Wushen Region, hurry and  destroy the Tianyuan Region’s team to avenge Zhao Yuanxiao!”

Not far away, a commotion broke out in the Wushen Region’s team. It was clear that Zhao Yuanxiao’s defeat had created a bit of panic and confusion.  

During their hesitation, the Wushen Region’s team heard a battle cry behind them, and they turned and saw the Wanzu Region’s team charging toward them and racing towards the Tianyuan Region’s people. This forced the Wushen Region’s team to speed up. 

The Wushen Region’s team exploded in rage. Genesis Qi surged out, and they launched attacks at the Tianyuan Region’s team. 

But Zhou Yuan, who was situated up high, could see that the people in front were mostly all the Wushen Region’s people, while the people at the back belonged to the Wanzu Region. In other words, the Wushen Region’s team would bear the brunt of the counterattack from the Tianyuan Region.  

“Liu Qingshu is very cruel-hearted.”

Zhou Yuan glanced over Liu Qingshui. This woman looks sweet and beautiful but is so cruel-hearted.

As the two teams raced over, Yi Qiushui’s pretty face turned solemn, and she thundered, “Attack!”

The Tianyuan Region’s team had been prepared for a long time, and they erupted with Genesis Qi, using the gushes of Genesis Qi to bombard the two teams racing over.


The mountains crumbled and flattened, the repeated bombardments resembling lightning striking down. 

The Tianyuan Region’s unreserved attack caught the Wushen Region and Wanzu Region teams off guard, causing significant damage to both. The markings on many people’s bodies were destroyed, which triggered the space to distort and form vortexes that swallowed their bodies.

They were directly kicked out of the mini domain.

The Wushen Region and Wanzu Region teams were both suppressed to the point they couldn’t lift their heads. They looked at the Tianyuan Region’s people like they were looking at lunatics because they realized that the Tianyuan Region’s people had no intention of using their Genesis Qi sparingly.  

How do they plan to recover from their unrestrained attacks? Do they even plan to continue to compete for the next mini domain?

Liu Qingshu similarly watched them in disbelief, then sneered at Zhou Yuan. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you only care about the present. Do you plan to let your team do nothing for the next period of time just to have this mini domain?”  

One recovered Genesis Qi in the Fallen Abyss very slowly, so each team would try to save their Genesis Qi or use it sparingly. It was rare to see someone use all his strength at once like Zhou Yuan and his team.   

Zhou Yuan's expression remained indifferent, and he was too lazy to explain things to Liu Qiushui. With a slight movement, he turned into a stream of light and shot towards her direction. 

Liu Qingshu rapidly drew back, her expression changing drastically.

After witnessing Zhou Yuanxiao’s one-punch defeat, she didn’t dare to face Zhou Yuan head-on.  

While retreating, she motioned to the dozens of people of the Wanzu Region. They were all Wanzu Region elites who were at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage.  

They rushed straight towards Zhou Yuan, clearly intending to help Liu Qingshu.

Seeing this from a distance, Yi Qiushui immediately commanded the team to launch a stronger attack, thereby severely wounding the teams of the Wanzu and Wushen Regions.


Genesis Qi burst forth from the dozens of advanced Divine Dwelling stage elites, pierced the void, and blasted towards Zhou Yuan with terrifying power. 

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, and a sword pill slowly rose.

Dozens of sword lights slashed out, slicing the Genesis Qi to pieces. His eyes were biting cold as he turned into a shadow and vanished.  

“Be careful!” Liu Qingshu hurriedly warned.

She, who was proficient in movement-type Genesis techniques, could easily evade Zhou Yuan’s attack, but the others weren’t as fast.


Her voice had only just faded when Zhou Yuan reappeared in front of a Wanzu Region expert. The sword pill in his hand unleashed rays of dazzling sword light, like comets streaking across the sky, and it slashed at the expert’s body.


The Wanzu Region expert let out a tragic wail. His body plummeted, and the marking on his body exploded, causing the space to twist and swallow him.

As soon as his attack succeeded, Zhou Yuan swiftly turned into a shadow and vanished again. 

In mid-air, the dozen Wanzu Region experts were thrown into disorder, and whenever Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared, one person was kicked out of the small space. 

Liu Qingshu’s pretty face was livid, but there was nothing she could do to Zhou Yuan. For a moment, she regretted provoking him.

Zhou Yuan was more tricky than she had imagined.

As she watched the battle between the three teams, her complexion didn’t look too good. Although the Wanzu Region and the Wushen Region were overall stronger than the Tianyuan Region, she and Zhao Yuanxiao weren’t the strongest of their respective regions, so their teams weren’t their regions’ elites.

Zhou Yuan was the number one figure in the Tianyuan Region, so in terms of strength, his team was much better than theirs.

Coupled with his unreserved use of Genesis Qi, he had suppressed the two teams into defeat.

But Liu Qiushu was relieved to find that the eliminated people were mostly from the Wushen Region and that the members of the Wanzu Region were still at the back, so their loss wasn’t considered too bad. 

It was just that if the battle continued, a defeat would happen sooner or later.

Liu Qingshu’s beautiful eyes flashed. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, why attack so aggressively? If you aren’t happy with the distribution, we can discuss it again.”

“How about if the Tianyuan Region occupies five of the nine places rich in Spiritium?”

Zhou Yuan’s figure flashed, appearing in mid-air. The dozens of Wanzu Region Divine Dwelling elites stared at him with fear.

“What about the Wushen Region?” Zhou Yuan said with a half smile.

Liu Qingshu smiled slightly. “You have already defeated Zhao Yunxiao, and the Wushen Region’s team has suffered heavy losses. They have already lost the qualification to share Spiritium with us.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows twitched. This woman is indeed cruel-hearted. She ruthlessly kicked away the Wushen Region when she realized they were no longer useful to her.

The people of the Wushen Region roared and panicked when they heard Liu Qingshu’s words. Some even attempted to flee.

The Tianyuan Region’s team halted their attacks, waiting for Zhou Yuan’s instruction. 

Zhou Yuan surveyed the scene and said indifferently, “If you had thought like this from the beginning, how good would that be?”

Liu Qingshu still wore a smile, but she sneered inwardly. If you weren’t that tricky to deal with, you wouldn’t have your present treatment!

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, although you’re very strong right now, you should still think about the future, right? My team’s strength isn’t even considered in the top five of the Wanzu Region,” Liu Qingshu stated. 

“If you take a step back now, you will gain the Wanzu Region’s friendship.”

Zhou Yuan stared at Liu Qingshu indifferently. “Your ability to take advantage of a situation is amazing.”

When Liu Qingshu heard him speak so ruthlessly, rage rose inside her chest. “Don’t be so proud. You will regret it later!” she warned. 

Zhou Yuan shook his head. Liu Qingshu looked beautiful, but she was incredibly scheming. She only changed her tone of voice for personal gain. As for the friendship she mentioned, it was simply laughable.

It was most likely hostility.

If Liu Qingshu found a chance in the future, she would most likely retaliate.

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes over the Wanzu Region’s team. They were mostly uninjured. He wanted to swallow his opponents, but that would no doubt lead to losses on his side.  

So, after pondering for a while, Zhou Yuan looked Liu Qingshu directly in the eye and said, “I have told you before not to think about getting a strand of hair in this mini domain. I want all the Spiritium.

“If you're smart, take your people and leave now. Otherwise, your time in the nine regions tournament ends here.”

Liu Qingshu pinned a glare at Zhou Yuan, gritting her teeth. “Does chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan really want to do this?”  

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless and no longer paid attention to anyone. “After ten breaths, my Tianyuan Region will launch an attack.” 

Liu Qingshu clenched her fists in anger. Zhou Yuan's indifference made her extremely infuriated.

But Zhou Yuan no longer uttered a word, and he just waited for ten breaths.

As time zoomed by, the mighty Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan's body surged once again.

When ten breaths finally passed, Liu Qingshui finally made a decision. Gritting her teeth, she took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and spoke in a threatening tone, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, the nine regions tournament has just begun. Let’s see how much longer you can last.  

“Let’s go!”

She was very decisive and didn’t hesitate after making her decision. With a loud roar, she was the first to turn around and leave.

Although reluctant, the Wanzu Region’s people all followed after her and chose to finally withdraw from the battle for this mini domain.

Everybody from the Tianyuan Region burst into deafening cheers. They could finally stand up proud, having defeated both the Wanzu Region and the Wushen Region. 

But there wasn’t much of a ripple of emotion in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He could feel Liu Qingshu’s anger and was certain that he had made an enemy. The relationship with the Wanzu Region was most likely going to worsen.

But that didn’t matter.

Zhou Yuan shook his head and waved to the cheering crowd.

Next, he would enjoy the fruits of the victory.

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