Chapter 948 Wushen Hex and Six Dragon Circlets


Thirty-three million Genesis Qi stars twinkled in the air as an imposing pressure spread from Zhao Yunxiao.

This was not the end. He fiercely stared at Zhou Yuan and sneered, “Zhou Yuan, I know that your Tianyuan Region has the four spirit runes, but do you think the other eight regions do not have something similar?

“I’m going to show you the huge disparity between the heaven prides of our eight regions and the so-called heaven prides of the top-tier factions you’ve defeated before!”

As his shout rang out, Zhao Yunxiao’s hands rapidly formed a series of seals.

“Wushen Hex!”

A peculiar undulation pulsed from Zhao Yunxiao’s body. Zhou Yuan watched as curse seals slowly appeared on the surface of Zhao Yunxiao’s skin.

There were a total of four curse seals!

The appearance of each curse seal made the Genesis Qi stars behind Zhao Yunxiao jump in number by 3 million!

When all four curse seals appeared, his Genesis Qi rose to 45 million!

Zhou Yuan’s composed face finally changed a little as he stared at the glowing curse seals that had appeared on Zhao Yunxiao’s body. So this is the Wushen Hex, a secret technique similar to the four spirit runes that could temporarily boost one’s Genesis Qi foundations.

The Wushen Hex was not the least bit inferior to the four spirit runes.

This was the first time Zhou Yuan had seen a technique that could match the four spirit runes since arriving in Hunyuan Heaven. The nine regions did live up to their reputation.

At the sight of Zhou Yuan’s expression, Zhao Yunxiao laughed and said, “The Wushen Hex has a total of five curse seals, but I’ve only reached the stage of having four curse seals. If you meet junior sister Wu Yao, she will let you experience the might of the complete Wushen Hex.”

Zhou Yuan slowly calculated in his mind: Each curse seal can add 3 million Genesis Qi stars, so five would be 15 million. In a certain manner of speaking, it was a little stronger than the four spirit runes.

Of course, if he activated the second form of the four spirit runes, the Four Spirits Origin Diagram, the four spirit runes would be a little stronger than the Wushen Hex.

At that level, however, a small boost would not bring about a significant advantage.

In other words, the four spirit runes would not let him steamroll the apex heaven prides of the nine regions because the other eight regions also had something similar.

It seems that the heaven prides from the other eight regions can’t be underestimated. Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly.

Of course, he was not referring to the likes of Zhao Yunxiao, but Wu Yao...

While various thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, an astonishing wave of Genesis Qi suddenly erupted behind him. He tilted his head slightly to see Liu Qingshu’s figure rise into the air as boundless Genesis Qi rippled from her body.

Her Genesis Qi foundations were even stronger than Zhao Yunxiao, reaching a total of 35 million!

“Since the Wushen Region has shown their secret technique, I’ll also invite chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan to give his opinion on my Wanzu Region’s technique.”

Her hands met in front of her, and the roar of a dragon echoed in the surroundings. Four rings of light appeared around her slender body, and dragon silhouettes coiled around the glowing rings, giving off an alarming pressure.

Her Genesis Qi rapidly rose by 12 million, reaching a total of 47 million!

“This is the secret technique of my Wanzu Region, the Six Dragon Circlets. However, I’ve only reached the four-circlet stage due to my insufficient talent.” Liu Qingshu chuckled softly.

Zhou Yuan raised his eyelids. Liu Qingshu was stronger than before.

It was honestly somewhat depressing. The heaven prides from the other eight regions had concealed their strength, while the Tianyuan Region was just...weak.

Without him, the Tianyuan Region would essentially be a punching bag during the nine regions tournament.

Master, if you keep on being absent, the situation might become dire for the Tianyuan Region. Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. The Tianyuan Region was far too big of a property and was easily coveted by others. Furthermore, things were worsening over the years, and there was definitely an extremely powerful existence secretly pushing things along in the dark. From how the Wanzu Region had targeted him previously, that powerful existence might be supreme sovereign Wan Zu.

Zhou Yuan appeared a little distracted as he thought about this.

Liu Qingshu’s eyes flashed, and she suddenly flicked her finger.


The ground under Zhou Yuan’s feet suddenly crumbled as countless streams of Genesis Qi broke out and swiftly wrapped around his body like a python.

Liu Qingshu smiled and said, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, getting distracted is not a good habit.”


Zhao Yunxiao released a howl as boundless Genesis Qi surged out from behind him like layers of dark clouds. A terrifying pressure spread out, and he appeared behind Zhou Yuan in a flash.

He threw a punch, and the surrounding space shook, an enormous crack emerging under his feet.

“Zhou Yuan, I may have failed to kill you in a single punch back then, but I will make up for it this time!”

Zhao Yunxiao’s laughter boomed like thunder. He had taken the split-second opportunity when Zhou Yuan was being bound to send a vicious punch toward his back.

The disdain in Liu Qingshu’s eyes grew even greater. What chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region? What a fool to have succumbed to any random move. Su Youwei must be blind to implicate herself with such a person, disgracing someone of her status for no reason.


Boundless Genesis Qi exploded on Zhou Yuan’s back.

However, Zhao Yunxiao’s expression abruptly changed. He had discovered that Zhou Yuan’s figure had burst apart and flowed downwards like a shadow.

“Oh, no!” His heart sank, but before he could move, the shadow reformed behind him.

“I would be more careful if it were Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen, but who the hell do you think the two of you are?”

Zhou Yuan merely let them jump about because he wanted to see the secret techniques of the Wushen and Wanzu Regions.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were indifferent. A split second later, 38 Genesis Qi stars exploded.

Four spirit runes activate!

Four Spirits Origin Diagram!

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi leaped directly to 58 million!

“Mythic Saint Body!”

Dazzling jade light erupted from his body.

“Azure serpent form!”

Azure scales emerged layer by layer.

Zhou Yuan’s presence rapidly grew, reaching an alarming level.

His eyes remained indifferent as his palm swatted forth. Vast Genesis Qi surged under his palm, blasting apart the space in its path as it swept towards Zhao Yunxiao like a tidal wave.

Horror came to Zhao Yunxiao’s face. Only then did he realize that his information about Zhou Yuan was outdated. The power Zhou Yuan displayed was far greater than before!

Genesis Qi frantically surged in Zhao Yunxiao’s body as he roared, “Wushen Armor!”

Genesis Qi condensed outside his skin, forming an offensive battle armor. The battle armor was different from Silver Shadow. One was a Genesis technique, while the other was made from Genesis Qi. This was Zhao Yunxiao’s strongest defense!

He knew that he only needed to delay Zhou Yuan for an instant, and Liu Qingshu would find an opportunity to help him out of this difficult situation.

When the Genesis Qi battle armor took shape, Zhou Yuan’s palm finally arrived.


A ripple visible to the naked eye unfurled, and the entire hill crumbled, dust filling the air.


The Wushen Armor Zhao Yunxiao had placed his hopes on did not live up to his expectations. Cracks swiftly spread across his armor, and it burst apart with a bang.


Berserk energy swept into his body like a flood. Zhao Yunxiao cried out in misery as blood wildly spurted from his mouth.

His body flew like a cannonball, blasting through several hills along the way. 


In the end, he smeared a several-thousand-foot-long track on the ground before a pile of dirt buried him.

The dust in the air slowly fell.

Some distance away, the three teams stared at the scene in shock.

No one had expected that after such a long wind-up time, Zhao Yunxiao, who had seemed so overwhelming, would be swatted away by Zhou Yuan in a single strike.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan had found the chance to send out this fight-ending strike in a two-versus-one situation.

The silence lasted for a moment before Zhou Yuan let out a soft sigh. He indifferently looked towards the pile of dirt in the distance as he said, “Your sneak attack has been repaid…”

If you survive it.

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