Chapter 944 Clash between Law Domain Experts

In a scattered mess of a mountain valley.

When the wounds on Zhou Yuan’s arms finally closed, he leaped into the air and landed next to the cheering Tianyuan Region crowd at one side of the valley.

“Zhou Yuan, are you alright?” Yi Qiushui was the first to rush forward, her pretty oval-shaped face filled with worry.

Although they had been separated by some distance, she had still been able to sense how terrifying Zhao Mushen’s attack had been. Most importantly, the attack had actually followed Zhou Yuan through the spatial passage.

Zhou Yuan shook his head and said, “Zhao Mushen is very strong. If I stayed behind to fight, I would most likely have lost.”

Shang Xiaoling and the others suddenly rushed over and blurted out in succession, “Chief pavilion master, you’re already very amazing. That’s the Zhao Mushen! If word spreads that you managed to safely retreat from under his eyes, it would definitely cause quite a commotion.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He naturally understood just how big Zhao Mushen was in the hearts of the Divine Dwelling stage practitioners of the Hunyuan Heaven. Hence, he did not blame Shang Xiaoling and the others for being filled with respect and fear when they talked about Zhao Mushen.

However, Zhou Yuan did not say anything else on the topic. He gazed at the group and said, “It was our bad luck to have met the Wanzu Region and Zhao Mushen, but since we managed to retreat unscathed, there is no need for us to dwell on it.

“We’ll continue searching these mini domains, and if we encounter another team, scout them out first and report back to me before we decide our next course of action.”

Zhou Yuan then disseminated a series of instructions. The Tianyuan Region group obediently listened before scattering to carry out his commands.

Zhou Yuan found a boulder and sat down.

He urgently needed to inspect his seal first. Otherwise, they would only face more trouble if Zhao Mushen managed to pursue them. After all, it was not possible for Zhou Yuan’s team to keep withdrawing.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand as a faint seal emerged on its back.

His Spirit reached out and entered the seal, carefully searching for any strange undulations. This seal was the handiwork of the Law Domain stage experts from the nine regions. As such, the experts’ auras maintained a certain equilibrium, serving to monitor each other.

Zhou Yuan based his inspection on this equilibrium point, trying to figure out if anything was amiss.

After a long time, Zhou Yuan put down his hand as his expression relaxed slightly. His findings told him that the auras within the seal were indeed in equilibrium. In other words, Zhao Xiansun’s trick was a one-time thing.

This made sense. After all, no matter how amazing Zhao Xiansun was, he could not possibly manage to keep deceiving the rest of the Law Domain stage experts.

Hence, Zhou Yuan no longer needed to worry that Zhao Mushen would pursue them.

This gave him some time to increase his strength.

After putting down this worry, Zhou Yuan closed his eyes. Although he had ultimately neutralized Zhao Mushen’s attack, it had taken a lot out of him, and he needed to recover his Genesis Qi.

While Zhao Yuan was recovering, he was unaware of the ripples he had caused outside the Fallen Abyss.


Half a day prior, outside the Fallen Abyss.

A group of Law Domain stage experts was sitting in the air, vast Genesis Qi gathering around them like clouds.

Their gazes were fixed on a giant compass in front of them. Over ten thousand dots flickered on the compass, representing the participants of the nine regions tournament.

Chi Jing’s eyes were likewise glued to the compass. Through the aura she had left in the seals, she could clearly differentiate which dot belonged to which individual.

From the very beginning, she paid close attention to Zhou Yuan’s dot.

She observed him as he led the team into a mini domain, and she soon discovered that another team had entered at practically the same time.

Her pupils shrank slightly, evidently recognizing the team.

The Wanzu Region, Zhao Mushen!

Chi Jing was silent. A terrifying undulation erupted from her body, and all the Law Domain stage experts present suddenly looked towards her.


Chi Jing lifted a slender finger, and endless Genesis Qi converged above her head, transforming into a ten-thousand-foot long glowing azure blade. The blade looked as if it was crafted from crystal, a sign that Genesis Qi had been compacted to the limit.

When the blade appeared, cracks formed in the surrounding space.


The azure blade pierced through the air as it mercilessly slashed downwards towards Zhao Xiansun with destructive power.

Zhao Xiansun raised his brow as he waved his sleeve. Boundless Genesis Qi converged towards him, forming a ten-thousand-foot-wide pair of wings. The wings blotted out the sun, their crystal-clear feathers sparkling under the light.


The azure blade collided with a wing, causing layers of space to crumble around them.

The other Law Domain stage experts were greatly alarmed, and they quickly moved to neutralize the aftershocks from the clash. Otherwise, the land below would be instantly destroyed.

Zhao Xiansun indifferently asked, “Grand elder Chi Jing, are you crazy?”

Chi Jing let out an icy chuckle. “Zhao Xiansun, I never imagined that a mighty Law Domain expert like yourself would be so despicable. Aren’t you afraid that your petty tricks would bring shame to the Wanzu Region?”

She pointed towards the compass. The other Law Domain experts followed her finger and instantly found that Zhou Yuan and Zhao Mushen had met, causing them to frown slightly.

As Law Domain experts, none of them were fools. Hence, they knew that it was indeed far too unlikely for Zhou Yuan and Zhao Mushen to meet in the very first round.

Zhao Mushen merely smiled and said, “Grand elder Chi Jing, don’t make baseless accusations. Do you have any proof?”

He had done it very cleanly and was not afraid of being discovered. Hence, the other party could not do anything to him as long as he did not admit to it.

Chi Jing, however, had no intentions of arguing. Icy light flashed in her eyes as she slowly raised a slender finger. Azure light pulsed from her body.

In the next instant, an enormous azure Law Domain appeared behind her.

Endless azure wind howled within the Law Domain. The wind possessed devastating power and could turn everything into nothingness wherever it passed.

Wind God Law Domain!

Zhao Xiansun’s eyes widened when he saw that Chi Jing had actually directly brought out her Law Domain. Only a Law Domain could match another, and even he did not dare to easily let himself fall into someone else’s Law Domain.

Hence, he let out an icy snort and waved his sleeve. A Law Domain abruptly surged out from him, spreading outwards.

Within this Law Domain, one could see a seemingly endless flood of flying creatures that gave off a majestic presence.

Immortal Falcon Law Domain!

It was said that Zhao Xiansun’s Immortal Falcon Law Domain possessed terrifying might and had once devoured a hundred thousand miles of mountains in a single gulp.

The two Law Domain experts faced each other, filling the entire area with a murderous aura.

The other Law Domain experts cried out for them to stop. If they fought with their Law Domains, the nearby Fallen Abyss might be affected. If that happened, the disciples of the nine regions would likely suffer tremendous losses.

The gray-robed Zixiao Region Law Domain expert, the elder Lu Xuangang, said in a heavy voice, “Neither of you will be able to take responsibility for the consequences of fighting here.”

Jin Zhong’s voice boomed like thunder, “If you want to fight, find a chance to after the nine regions tournament is over.”

The other Law Domain experts nodded in agreement, indicating that they would take action against the two if they began to fight.

Lu Xuangang looked towards Zhao Xiansun. “Zhao Xiansun, the nine regions tournament needs to be fair. As the host, such little tricks are unbecoming of your position.”

Zhao Xiansun narrowed his eyes and chuckled. “I don’t know what old brother Lu is talking about.”

Jin Zhong of the Wushen Region laughed and said, “Why are you still so shameless?”

Zhao Xiansun’s acting might work against an ordinary person, but it was useless towards Law Domain experts like them.

Zhao Xiansun maintained his smile, ignoring Jin Zhong’s mockery. His skin was clearly very thick, and his character unscrupulous.

The Law Domain expert from the Yaogui Region had fair skin and no eyebrows. Several glowing beads rolled between his fingers as he displayed a slight smile and said, “Everyone, it’s useless to bicker about such things. Even if Zhao Xiansun did do something, the blame is on us for not realizing it.”

This person was called Zhen Yu, and he was quite a famous individual in Hunyuan Heaven.

However, his words were clearly in support of Zhao Xiansun.

For a time, the Law Domain experts in the air bickered, creating a rather noisy atmosphere.

But from the looks of it, there was no longer any way for the battle to continue.

A Law Domain expert watching the compass suddenly exclaimed, “Eh? Zhou Yuan ran away with his team?”

The arguing paused as everyone immediately cast over their gaze. Sure enough, they saw the glowing dot that represented Zhou Yuan flee from the mini domain.

Lu Xuangang’s gaze flashed, and he suddenly remarked, “Zhao Mushen’s attack is chasing him…”

The other Law Domain experts nodded. They had likewise sensed an extremely powerful attack pursuing Zhou Yuan. It was evidently from Zhao Mushen.

Chi Jing watched closely.

Everyone wanted to know if Zhou Yuan would be able to neutralize Zhao Mushen’s attack.

Under the Law Domain experts’ watching eyes, Zhou Yuan escaped to another mini domain before turning around to meet the pursuing attack.

Zhou Yuan’s glowing dot flickered violently.

A dozen breaths later, the dot dimmed a little but still continued to glow...

He had neutralized Zhao Mushen’s killing move!

The numerous Law Domain stage experts present raised their eyebrows slightly. The outcome was a little unexpected.

Zhou Yuan seemed to have some ability.

To think that someone who had only unlocked eight Divine Dwellings would be able to exchange a blow with the king of the Divine Dwelling stage, Zhao Mushen...

The terrifying undulations around Chi Jing gradually calmed down. Her nearly vertical brows also returned to normal as the Law Domain behind her dissipated.

She cast an indifferent glance at Zhao Xiansun. Although he still maintained his smiling appearance, Chi Jing could sense the hidden rage in his eyes.

“Zhao Xiansun, remember these despicable actions of yours. If there’s an opportunity in the future, the Tianyuan Region will make you pay.”

Chi Jing’s icy voice rang out as her figure descended, arriving beside the compass once more.

The other Law Domain experts inwardly shook their heads as they glanced at Zhao Xiansun. He had really been humiliated this time. His painstaking efforts had ultimately borne no fruit.

It truly was trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice to bait it. Zhao Xiansun had lost face for no reason.

Zhao Xiansun also withdrew his Law Domain and silently returned to his position. However, his fists involuntarily clenched within his sleeves.

Zhao Mushen, what the hell are you doing! I can’t believe you actually let that trash escape! an angry roar echoed in his heart.

In the end, he restrained his anger. It was fine to have failed this time. He believed that Zhao Mushen would have plenty of chances in the future. Zhou Yuan might have been able to escape like a sorry dog that had lost its home, but he would not be so lucky next time.

The little bastard is going to die sooner or later, anyway!

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