Chapter 943 Withdraw

Zhou Yuan’s figure flashed through the spatial passage.

The Fallen Abyss’s interior was very peculiar. After leaving a mini domain, one would find oneself in a very open, street-like spatial passage.

Space occasionally distorted within the passage, and substances that appeared to be spatial membranes floated in the air. Behind each membrane was a mini domain, and they seemed countless, making an extremely surprising sight.

Zhou Yuan wore a grave expression as he pushed his speed to the limit.

He did not dare to relax even a little after entering the spatial passage because he could still faintly sense an extremely sharp undulation rapidly approaching from behind.

It was likely Zhao Mushen’s attack.

It felt as if someone was menacingly aiming a knife at his back.

“He’s really quite impressive.” Zhou Yuan frowned a little. Logically speaking, Zhao Mushen’s Genesis Qi attack should have lost Zhou Yuan once he hid in the spatial crack. However, it appeared that Zhao Mushen’s attack was still tightly locked onto him.

From their initial encounter, Zhou Yuan could see that the king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling List was indeed very extraordinary.


While these thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, the area behind him suddenly shook. A streak of light shot out, heading straight towards Zhou Yuan’s nape.

Zhou Yuan was finally able to see what it was.

It was a sleek, glowing shuttle that gave off a graceful charm. However, the sharp qi contained within made even Zhou Yuan’s expression change slightly.


The shuttle seemed to sense Zhou Yuan’s presence, its speed abruptly rising.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed once more. His figure blurred as he shot away like a shadow.

Within the spatial passage, one object chased another at extremely fast speed.

As time passed, however, Zhou Yuan found that the glowing shuttle remained as bright as before, with no signs of dimming. It could continuously absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi to replenish its energy while pursuing him. In fact, the shuttle seemed to be growing increasingly powerful as time passed.

In other words, it would not stop until it hit him.

Most importantly, the gap between them was gradually being closed.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered in thought. After being chased for so long, he could already gauge the shuttle’s strength. Furthermore, his initial Transformative stage Spirit had keenly sensed a Spirit-destroying undulation concealed within the shuttle.

The shuttle could hurt not only his physical body but also his Spirit.

What a domineering attack!

Zhao Mushen’s attack might not seem extraordinary, but there was a ruthlessness hidden within it.

“Looks like running away won’t solve the problem…”

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. He had already sensed Li Qiushui and the other’s location. They had exited through a spatial membrane some distance ahead of him. If he missed it, he would be left all alone.

If that happened, it would be impossible for him to fight against a team of several hundred people, no matter how strong he was.

Hence, he needed to block the shuttle when he reached that spatial membrane!

Having made his decision, Zhou Yuan cast aside all hesitation and shot forward. A few dozen breaths later, a spatial membrane appeared in front of him, and he charged straight into it.

When his figure disappeared, the shuttle at his heels instantly pierced the spatial membrane.


In a mini domain.

Several hundred dejected figures were currently gathered. They were the Tianyuan Region team that had escaped. The events that had transpired earlier had dealt a substantial blow to their morale.

Yi Qiushui stood on a boulder as she continuously glanced towards a certain spot behind them. Her eyes were filled with anxiousness and worry.

Shang Xiaoling and the others tried to console her, but they had no faith in their own words. Although Zhou Yuan was not weak, he was facing the strongest Divine Dwelling stage expert in Hunyuan Heaven!

Hence, the group could only awkwardly wait. If Zhou Yuan lost, the team would fall apart.


While they were waiting, the space behind them suddenly shattered as a figure dashed out.

Several hundred individuals burst into emotional cheers when they saw the familiar silhouette.

However, Zhou Yuan could not spare them any attention as he swiftly sped towards a nearby mountain valley.


Almost immediately after he moved, the shuttle shot out from right behind him, pulsing with deadly energy as it pierced through the air and zipped towards his nape like a lightning bolt.

Zhou Yuan managed to reach the valley first.


Boundless Genesis Qi instantly exploded from his body without reservation, and he revealed all his 38 million Genesis Qi stars and activated his four spirit runes, adding another 13 million stars!

Four Spirits Origin Diagram!

Another 6 million!

A total of 57 million Genesis Qi stars twinkled in the air as majestic Genesis Qi unfurled. The surrounding valley began to crumble.

Zhou Yuan howled at the sky as the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hand.

He stared at the rapidly approaching shuttle of destruction. This time, he no longer attempted to avoid it. With a stomp of his foot, the ground crumbled, and he shot into the air.

Dazzling rays of light exploded from the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

“Genesis Breaker!”

The snow-white hairs turned pitch black.

“Million Whale!”

The cry of an ancient whale rang out. A several-hundred-foot-long whale appeared in the sky and swept down into the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

The black brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand was akin to a dragon, its sharp tip pulsing with dreadful energy. It tore through the air, thrusting straight towards the glowing shuttle.


A loud noise boomed like thunder.

Visible to the naked eye, Genesis Qi rippled from the collision. The valley floor burst open, and layer after layer of dirt and rock flew into the air as if a powerful force had scraped up three feet of earth.

Yi Qiushui and the rest, who had been rushing over, hurriedly retreated.

At the clash’s epicenter, Zhou Yuan stared at the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip, where the shuttle was emitting dazzling light and pulsing with terrifying power. Wave by wave, it disintegrated the brush’s hairs, but the hairs quickly regrew. 

The two forces had fallen into a temporary deadlock.

Veins throbbed on Zhou Yuan’s forehead, and the flesh on his arms tore open, making him look exceptionally wretched. He did not dare to relax because the shuttle would deal a fatal blow to him if it got past the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

Fortunately, the deadlock only lasted a dozen breaths before a faint cracking was heard.

The shuttle fractured, then suddenly exploded.

The instant it burst, a tiny, almost undetectable transparent figure shot towards Zhou Yuan’s head like a phantom.

However, the strange attack did not escape Zhou Yuan’s senses. He was already prepared. With a wave of his sleeve, a Spirit lantern appeared with a flame jumping within it.

“Spirit Lantern Art!”

Powerful flames spurted from the lantern, swallowing the tiny light figure.

A piercing shriek erupted from the tiny light figure. It squirmed in the flames like a worm as it stubbornly tried to charge towards Zhou Yuan’s head. However, when it was still an inch from Zhou Yuan’s head, the Spirit fire burned it into nothingness.

When the light figure completely vanished, the powerful Genesis Qi swirling around Zhou Yuan’s body also dissipated.

His tense body began to relax little by little as sweat poured down his back.

Zhou Yuan stared at the faint remnant glow as he pursed his lips. Specks of silver surfaced from under his skin, a sign that Silver Shadow was about to be activated. If he failed to block the attack at the very last moment, he would have had no choice but to summon Silver Shadow.

Fortunately for him, he had ultimately managed to neutralize Zhao Mushen’s attack.

Outside the valley, Yi Qiushui and the others cheered upon seeing that nothing had happened to Zhou Yuan.

Their eyes were filled with respect. The fact that Zhou Yuan had successfully escaped from Zhao Mushen’s hands and even neutralized his attack was more than proof of their leader’s strength.

Zhou Yuan was indifferent to their cheers. He did not feel that blocking a single attack from Zhao Mushen was something to be proud of.

He lowered his head and gazed at his arms. They were covered in wounds due to the backlash of the clash.

A casual attack from Zhao Mushen had forced Zhou Yuan to use his full strength, even nearly bringing out a trump card like Silver Shadow. Zhao Mushen’s power had surpassed Zhou Yuan’s expectations.

If they fought a real battle, Zhou Yuan’s life would definitely be at risk.

Zhou Yuan expressionlessly watched the wounds on his arms slowly recover.

This clash allowed him to understand Zhao Mushen’s strength. However, Zhou Yuan did not lose spirit but instead began to burn with competitive battle intent.

He spat out a breath of air as he turned towards the sky, his gaze seemingly penetrating space to see Zhao Mushen’s figure.

“Zhao Mushen, you have won this round…”

He slowly shut his eyes before suddenly opening them, revealing a look of determination.

He had already decided that he would do everything he could to unlock the ninth Divine Dwelling.

“Zhao Mushen, when I unlock my ninth Divine Dwelling, we shall properly settle this debt…”

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