Chapter 941 Encounter

Zhao Mushen...

The pressure from these two words made the three hundred Tianyuan Region members in the mountain turn deathly pale, and chills ran up their bodies.

A few even lost their composure and cried out in a trembling voice, “How can it be the Wanzu Region? How can it be Zhao Mushen?! That’s impossible!”

The team led by Zhao Mushen was definitely Wanzu Region’s strongest. More importantly, its leader was the strongest Divine Dwelling stage expert in Hunyuan Heaven, Zhao Mushen!

Everyone felt that they could put up a fight against the sub-teams from any of the other eight regions, but they couldn’t match the main teams, let alone the team led by Zhao Mushen!

Trying to fight would be akin to smashing a rock with an egg!

The eight advanced Divine Dwelling stage practitioners from the Wanzu Region stood in the air as they mockingly looked towards the three hundred trembling Tianyuan Region members. Despite being at a huge numbers disadvantage, their presence overwhelmed the three hundred.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered in thought as his expression darkened slightly. He could smell a conspiracy.

He refused to believe that his luck was so bad that the first team he encountered would be Zhao Mushen’s...

Someone must have secretly done something to make our paths cross. But who could do such a thing?

Zhao Xiansun!

Iciness flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Only Zhao Xiansun, a Law Domain stage expert from the Wanzu Region, could have done it. It all made sense; Zhou Yuan had faintly felt malice from Zhao Xiansun when he was drawing lots earlier.

But how had he done it?

The seal!

Zhou Yuan touched the seal on his body. Everyone had been imprinted with a seal when they entered the Fallen Abyss, and the seals were created through the combined efforts of the nine regions’ Law Domain stage experts.

Zhao Xiansun must have done something to the seal without senior sister Chi Jing noticing! Everything makes sense now.

After Zhou Yuan figured it out, anger flared in his heart. Zhao Xiansun was truly shameless. To think that a mighty Law Domain stage expert would use such underhanded tactics!

As the host of the nine regions tournament, Zhao Xiansun should be the most impartial person, and yet he had still taken the opportunity to play such tricks. From this, one could see how despicable he was.

“Zhao Xiansun, huh. Don’t let me find a chance in the future, or I’ll make sure to pay you back for everything that happened today!” Zhou Yuan committed this debt to his heart.

So what if he was a Law Domain stage expert? Zhou Yuan did not fear even the palace master of the Sacred Palace in Cangxuan Heaven, a half Saint!

While these thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, the nearby advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert misread Zhou Yuan as being intimidated by Zhao Mushen’s name. A disdainful smile rose from the corners of his mouth as he nonchalantly said, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you are truly unlucky to have met us. All of you better obediently wait here for our first senior brother to arrive and decide how to deal with you.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered faintly before he turned his head. He said to Yi Qiushui, “We’re retreating. Withdraw towards the spatial crack we found.”

He had no intention of clashing with the other party for something as silly as trying to prove himself. He acknowledged that he was not Zhao Mushen’s match for now. Furthermore, both the team and their individual members were at a clear disadvantage.

Yi Qiushui decisively nodded and turned around to issue instructions.

Although the three hundred Tianyuan Region members were extremely unwilling, they understood the gravity of the situation and immediately prepared to withdraw.

Everyone knew that they were definitely no match for the most elite Wanzu Region team!

Stubbornly facing them would only result in heavy losses, and the entire team might even be wiped out!

The Wanzu Region squad leader’s expression darkened. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, did you not understand what I just said? Obediently wait here! Don’t invite trouble to yourselves!”

However, Zhou Yuan ignored him.

The squad leader’s expression grew increasingly stormy as he stared daggers at Zhou Yuan. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, are you really going to be so tactless?”

Zhou Yuan did not reply, but a sword orb appeared in his palm.


Torrential sword qi dashed into the sky, turning into eight deadly beams of sword light that mercilessly slashed at the eight individuals from the Wanzu Region.

The eight advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts roared in anger, and Genesis Qi exploded from their bodies without any reservation. Although they knew Zhou Yuan was strong, it was too arrogant of him to face all eight of them alone!

After all, all eight were quite famous even among the Divine Dwelling stage practitioners of the Wanzu Region.


The eight individuals acted in unison, unleashing a barrage of ferocious Genesis Qi attacks, but then their expression abruptly changed.

The eight beams of sword light had surpassed their expectations. The beams instantly sliced apart their attacks, and the remaining sword qi ruthlessly struck their bodies.


The eight individuals were sent flying, and they vomited mouthfuls of blood.

The squad leader’s face was filled with terror. He had never expected that even the eight of them working together would be unable to block even a single sword attack from Zhou Yuan. The strength of Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi far exceeded their imagination.

On the giant mountain, the retreating Tianyuan Region members burst into cheers, their originally low morale recovering somewhat.

Yi Qiushui continued to hurry them. The three hundred individuals swiftly rose into the air and began moving towards the location Shang Xiaoling had released the signal.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his eyes filled with indifference as he gazed at the eight Wanzi Region Divine Dwelling stage practitioners. They did not dare to approach and could only look at him in fear and anger.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips curled downwards slightly. These Wanzu Region members were truly arrogant. To think that a few unknown individuals would dare to act all high and mighty before him. Did they think his sword qi was merely for display?

“Zhao Mushen is indeed very strong, but unfortunately, the likes of you guys cannot subdue me. If you continue to follow us, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As his voice rang out, he turned around and left in an unhurried manner.

The squad leader gnashed his teeth in anger. “Keep on acting! We’ve already notified our first senior brother. When he comes, we’ll watch you kneel and beg for forgiveness!”

However, the squad leader no longer dared to pursue. Zhou Yuan’s earlier sword attack had already frightened him.



Three hundred figures pushed their speed to the limit as they frantically flew through the air. The scattered scouts continuously returned to the group along the way.

The mood was vastly different from when they had just arrived. Panic was rising in the hearts of the Tianyuan Region members. Encountering the Wanzu Region and Zhao Mushen had evidently placed them under a tremendous amount of stress.

At the front of the group, Zhou Yuan maintained a composed expression, but he did not try to console them because he felt it would not be effective.

“Zhao Mushen…”

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh as he observed the frightened expression of the Tianyuan Region members. As expected of the king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling stage, his name alone was enough to make so many people panic.

However, Zhou Yuan also understood that his current chances against Zhao Mushen were abysmal.

Although he had a few trump cards, he did not believe that Zhao Mushen did not have any.

He could only defeat him if he unlocked the ninth Divine Dwelling.

However, it was extremely difficult and unrealistic to achieve in a short amount of time. Hence, he intended to avoid Zhao Mushen for the time being.

The Fallen Abyss was home to numerous opportunities. Zhou Yuan needed to make full use of it to unlock the ninth Divine Dwelling before being able to face Zhao Mushen.

Before that happened, Zhou Yuan did not mind running from Zhao Mushen every time they met.

He did not feel that fleeing was disgraceful. Stupidly challenging an opponent while knowing full well that you weren’t his match was essentially courting death.

Over four hundred individuals moved as fast as lightning. After an hour, a dozen figures rose to meet them. It was Shang Xiaoling’s group.

Space distorted nearby as a several-foot-long spatial crack squirmed. It was the mini domain’s exit.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. Several hundred figures orderly rushed towards the spatial crack in silence.

Everyone was quite dispirited. After all, no one expected that they would end up fleeing from their first mini domain in such a sorry manner.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air as he watched the team hurriedly exit the mini domain. Every second mattered at this juncture. Once Zhao Mushen arrived, he would definitely be able to make them suffer losses.

Zhou Yuan could only hope that Zhao Mushen arrived a little later.

However, when this thought flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind, the corner of his eye suddenly twitched. He expressionlessly lifted his head and saw the space ripple. A slim figure slowly emerged.

An alarming pressure filled the area.

The eyes of the retreating Tianyuan Region group flooded with terror as they gazed upon this figure.

Zhao Mushen was here!

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