Chapter 940 Scheme

On a barren land.

Several hundred figures flew at low altitude like a flock of birds.

Zhou Yuan led the group, his eyes scanning the land like an eagle’s. Genesis Qi surged around him, ready to react if anything were to happen.

The Fallen Abyss was filled with unknown danger, and it was a vile environment. One could not afford the slightest bit of carelessness.

However, Zhou Yuan was surprised to discover that nothing out of the ordinary had happened along the way. Everything seemed to be rather calm.

“Is the danger lower because we just entered?” This was not impossible. He had heard that it would become increasingly dangerous as they traveled between the various mini domains.

Though such thoughts swirled in his head, Zhou Yuan did not let his guard down. Slowly finding his own path over the years had forged his cautious nature. He had seen far too many occasions of people failing unexpectedly due to carelessness, and there was no lack of such individuals who had been defeated by his hand.

Hence, he would not permit himself to make such a mistake.

As the group swiftly advanced, Zhou Yuan carefully felt the surrounding flow of Genesis Qi.

The place with the highest concentration of Genesis Qi would also hold the greatest Spiritium. After all, abundant Genesis Qi was one of the necessary conditions for the birth of Spiritium.

Of course, this did not mean that every location with high Genesis Qi concentration would also contain Spiritium. However, the chance would be much greater.

After traveling for an incense stick of time, Zhou Yuan found two locations with relatively higher Genesis Qi concentrations. Unfortunately, neither contained Spiritium.

Despite this, Zhou Yuan was not disappointed. After all, the nine regions tournament had just begun.

While leading the team in search of highly concentrated Genesis Qi, he suddenly tilted his head and looked towards a certain direction. A blast of Genesis Qi soared into the air, forming the shape of a tower before slowly dissipating.

“It’s the signal from sister Xiaoling. Looks like they’ve found a spatial crack,” said Yi Qiushui.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he breathed a small sigh of relief. Finding a retreat route was pretty good news.

“Continue searching!” He waved his hand and quickened his speed.

Several hundred figures flew past in the air. After a few dozen minutes, Zhou Yuan finally found a third area with high Genesis Qi concentration.

When he arrived, his eyes immediately brightened.

An extremely tall mountain stood beside a deep crevice. The mountain stood out from its barren surroundings because it was verdant and full of life. Numerous streams of light peaked out between the foliage, creating a rather marvelous sight.

“There’s definitely Spiritium here!”

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed, but he did not blindly charge in. He made a ‘be on guard’ gesture as he spread his spirit senses, carefully probing the surrounding area.

After a long time, he withdrew his spirit senses. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Only then did Zhou Yuan relax a little. His figure flew forward and soon appeared on the mountain.

He stood on a giant ancient tree as his eyes zoned in on its trunk. Like fireflies, faint specks of light floated out from the bark.

Zhou Yuan could feel an indescribable aura swirling within the trunk.

He lightly stomped, and the giant tree began to break apart from the top.


As the tree fell apart, a flash of light suddenly shot out like an arrow.

Zhou Yuan, however, was already prepared. He reached for the escaping light, and a stream of Genesis Qi rushed out from his hand, caught it, then slowly brought it before him.

He looked towards his prize and found that the light was faintly transparent. Numerous specks of light sprinkled its insides like tiny diamonds. Overall, it seemed like a stream of air containing a flowing liquid. It gave off a very mysterious aura.

Zhou Yuan grasped the strand of glowing air. At that moment, he felt his Divine Dwelling vibrate a little.

It was a feeling of desire.

“So this is Spiritium.” A sliver of curiosity flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. To incite such a reaction from his Divine Dwelling, it had to be the rumored Spiritium.

Spiritium would naturally form when a numerous combination of strict requirements were met, one of which was a certain level of Genesis Qi concentration.

The strand of Spiritium snaked between Zhou Yuan’s fingers as if it had a life of its own.

Zhou Yuan played with it for a while before raising his head. Three hundred individuals stared at him with heated gazes as if they couldn’t wait any longer.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He knew that Spiritium held an enormous allure to the others. It was a chance for them to reach the Heavenly Sun stage, a lifelong goal that many of them strived towards. To be honest, most of them did not care what grade Heavenly Sun they attained because ordinary people did not have the qualification for such ambition.

“Prepare to begin harvesting. All of the Spiritium will be gathered together first before being allocated according to your contributions.” He waved his hand.

Three hundred individuals burst into cheers before quickly scattering across the mountain in an orderly fashion. They began to search for the hidden Spiritium.

Spiritium might be found in the trees, plants, rocks, or even in the ground.

To find it, they would have to begin cutting apart the trees and excavating the ground.


A bustling atmosphere enveloped the entire mountain. Tall ancient trees were chopped down, boulders were smashed, the ground was torn open by Genesis Qi...

Zhou Yuan stood on a cliff, somewhat helplessly shaking his head at the chaotic scene. The group really resembled a swarm of locusts that only knew how to destroy.

In contrast to the others, Zhou Yuan did not have much interest in the Spiritium because he had far greater ambitions. What he wanted was the even rarer and more precious Alpha Spiritium.

However, Alpha Spiritium could not be found in these mini domains, but Zhou Yuan was not worried. The nine regions tournament had just begun, after all.


Zhou Yuan sucked in a deep breath of the ancient and berserk air before shutting his eyes, silently waiting for them to finish their work.

As time flowed, an incense stick of time quickly passed.

Zhou Yuan’s lightly shut eyes suddenly sprang open as a piercing look arose within them. He looked towards the northwest where a Genesis Qi disturbance had originated.

Swish! Swish!

Under Zhou Yuan’s gaze, a dozen figures appeared on the horizon.

The dozen figures were hurriedly fleeing. Eight figures closely followed them, powerful Genesis Qi erupting from their bodies.

The group being chased was the scouts Zhou Yuan had dispatched earlier.


While the scouts were urgently rushing towards him, blasts of Genesis Qi continuously soared into the sky and exploded, forming a warning symbol.

It was the signal for an enemy attack!

The three hundred individuals collecting Spiritium also saw the signal. The team leaders immediately shouted for everything to drop what they were doing as figure after figure rose into the air.

“Someone’s coming to attack us?” Yi Qiushui swiftly arrived at Zhou Yuan’s side with a grave expression.

Zhou Yuan nodded as his eyes narrowed slightly. “I wonder which region this team is from.”

“They’re very strong!” Yi Qiushui’s expression suddenly changed as she peered into the distance. She had likewise found that only eight individuals were chasing the dozen scouts from their side.

One must know that the scouts they had sent were elites!


While they were observing from afar, Genesis Qi suddenly pulsed from the eight pursuers, causing their speed to rise. In the next instant, they blasted several torrents of berserk Genesis Qi towards the scouts.

Their attacks were swift and fierce. It looked as if the scouts would not be able to avoid the bombardment.

Gasps sounded from the Tianyuan Region group.


However, a blurry figure suddenly appeared in the sky. With a wave of his sleeve, golden Genesis Qi swept out and shattered the eight individuals’ deadly attacks.

“Chief pavilion master is almighty!”

On the mountain, three hundred Tianyuan Region members burst into cheers.

The one who had stopped the attacks was naturally Zhou Yuan.

He stood in the air, staring at the eight pursuers as he said, “Which region are you from? Who is your team leader?”

The eighth advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts superficially smiled when they saw Zhou Yuan. “Do you really want to know?”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes.

One of the eight chuckled and said, “We’re from the Wanzu Region. Our team leader, hehe, it’s honestly your honor to meet him.

“Our team leader is called Zhao Mushen.” They toyingly stared at Zhou Yuan.

These words caused the faces of the three hundred Tianyuan Region members to turn pale.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank.

Wanzu Region? Zhao Mushen?!

The first team I meet in the Fallen Abyss is headed by Zhao Mushen?!

At this moment, Zhou Yuan did not feel that he was unlucky, but he instead smelled some kind of conspiracy.

Someone might be scheming against him!

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