Chapter 937 The Show Begins

When the people of the Tianyuan Region tore through the fog and appeared outside the Fallen Abyss, the eight regions’ gathered people were speechless for a good moment. 

The majority of their faces were twisted with shock and disbelief.

“They broke out?!”

“And it doesn’t seem like they suffered much loss...”

“What happened? Are the Scarlet Cloud Sword Sect, the Venomous Dragon Palace and the others all so useless?”

“They shouldn’t be. Their combined forces shouldn’t be weaker than the Tianyuan Region, so how could they fail?”


Puzzled murmurs spread among them. It was clear that many people were particularly suspicious about the Tianyuan Region passing the Nine Sever Dragons.

Xu Ming narrowed his eyes and curled his lips as he uttered indifferently, “Lu Hai and the others are really useless. They couldn’t even get rid of one Zhou Yuan.”

On the Wushen Region’s side, Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes flickered when she sensed the movements behind her. But she didn’t turn her head because she already knew the answer.  

Lan Ting and Zhao Yuanxiao, who were beside her, coldly watched the Tianyuan Region approach.

“Zhou Yuan is indeed quite capable.” Lan Ting frowned.

The joint attack of Lu Hai and the others wasn’t considered weak, and it would have been difficult for Lan Ting and Zhao Yuanxiao to win against them, but Zhou Yuan was able to break through them and reach the Fallen Abyss. It seemed that they needed to reassess Zhou Yuan’s strength.

“Don’t praise other people. Lu Hai and the others might have the advantage in numbers, but they have a fatal weakness: alone they are weak. I believe Zhou Yuan struck them one by one,” Zhao Yunxiao said indifferently.   

Lan Ting nodded.

Zhao Yunxiao turned his head to look at Wu Yao and smiled. “Junior sister Wu Yao, if we run into Zhou Yuan in the Fallen Abyss, don’t be mad that we won’t be giving you your chance.”  

There wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Wu Yao’s beautiful face. How could she not hear the malice in Zhao Yuanxiao’s voice? She didn’t say much. “Whatever, as long as you have confidence in yourself.”  

Lan Ting smiled. “Could it be that junior sister Wu Yao, you think we can’t deal with him?”

Wu Yao didn’t bother replying. She closed her eyes slowly like a proud phoenix. 

Both Lan Ting and Zhao Yuanxiao possessed incredible strength, but Zhou Yuan was a demon-like being. The fact that he could break through Lu Hai and the other’s obstruction further showed that his combat strength wasn’t simple. 

Lan Ting and Zhao Yunxiao exchanged a glance with one another, but they couldn’t refute Wu Yao. The two were both Wushen Region heaven prides. If it weren’t for the fact they had to conceal their strength in preparation for the nine regions tournament, they would have already been known throughout Hunyuan Heaven.

Zhao Mushen also sensed the movements behind him, but he didn’t turn his head, either. 

Liu Qiushu, who was next to him, raised her brows slightly and remarked, “It’s really surprising that the Tianyuan Region broke through the Scarlet Cloud Sword Sect and the other four top forces.”  

Standing with hands clasped behind his back, Zhao Mushen said indifferently, “Everyone underestimated Zhou Yuan’s strength.”

Liu Qingshu smiled, eyes filled with admiration. “He is quite strong, but there is still a huge gap between you and him.”  

In her view, Zhao Mushen was the nine regions tournament’s true protagonist. Although Zhou Yuan was somewhat capable, he was only a little star. If he was lucky enough to meet Zhao Mushen, he would perhaps face a devastating defeat. 

Zhao Mushen smiled and didn’t add more to the meaningless topic. He didn’t feel any disdain or contempt for Zhou Yuan because Zhou Yuan was never worth anything in his eyes.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that the Wanzu Region’s supreme sovereign had given him an order when he left, he perhaps wouldn’t have paid any attention to him at all. 

He had come to the Fallen Abyss this time to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage, but he understood that he was the present king of the Divine Dwelling stage. If he stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage, his brilliance would dim because there were far too many top Heavenly Sun experts in Hunyuan Heaven. They were all once kings of the Divine Dwelling stage, just like him.

Therefore, if Zhao Mushen wanted to be just as dazzling in the Heavenly Sun stage, he needed to refine the most flawless glass Heavenly Sun. It was his purpose for coming to the Fallen Abyss. 

“Glass Heavenly Sun...”

Zhao Mushen’s eyes flashed, and he immediately glanced at Wu Yao and Su Youwei. His eyes drooped, an inexplicable look on his face.  

On the Zixiao Region’s side, Su Youwei stared fixedly at the familiar figure leading the Tianyuan Region’s people through the fog. Finally, she could relax her clenched hands. A smile bloomed on her stunning face. 

Xue Jingtao’s face immediately darkened when he saw that smile. Although Su Youwei was usually cheerful and treated everybody well, he could feel that this smile was very different. Zhou Yuan had a very different status in her heart, and it made him envious.

Xue Jingtao, however, didn’t show his envy. He retracted his gaze and calmly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in the distance. Deep in his eyes, cold killing intent gleamed for an instant. 

How dare you covet our Zixiao Region’s beautiful pearl? You just passed the Sever Nine Dragons round. There is nothing to be proud of. When you enter the Fallen Abyss is when the Tianyuan Region will cry.


Amidst those complicated gazes, Zhou Yuan led the Tianyuan Region people through the fog and landed on a mountain.

Zhou Yuan didn’t care too much about those secret malevolent gazes because he knew that the majority wanted to see the Tianyuan Region crumble and fail in the Sever Nine Dragons round. 

Zhou Yuan, however, didn’t need any help in the nine regions tournament. He planned to rely on his own strength to face everything himself.


Once the people of the Tianyuan Region appeared, the nine regions gathered together once again. An endless wave of Genesis Qi spread out in the void above, and then figures emitting terrifying pressure emerged slowly. 

They were the various regions’ Law Domain experts.

Chi Jing immediately cast her gaze towards Zhou Yuan, and a relieved smile lit up her face. As for Zhao Xiansun, he was also smiling, but when his eyes met Zhou Yuan’s gaze, he looked ruminative. 


The world quaked violently after the nine regions’ Law Domain experts appeared.

Endless Genesis Qi gathered at their fingertips, as though vaguely turning into dazzling beams of light. The Genesis Qi was refined and compressed to a terrifying level.  


The nine beams of Genesis Qi then swiftly shot out, and where they passed, the void collapsed as if a black hole was forming.

The beams rushed towards the Fallen Abyss’s distorted world, and the sky and ground began to crack and tear open a gap.    

Ancient and wild energy, as well as faint battle cries like those from a battleground, gushed from the fissure.    

In the void above, Zhao Xiansun’s indifferent voice rang out, “The Fallen Abyss has opened. Everybody get ready to enter.” 

Everybody peered through the crack, which seemed to lead to an ancient battlefield, their eyes blazing with excitement and battle intent.  

Everybody knew that the nine regions tournament was truly beginning.

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