Chapter 936 Passed

The hair twisted around the fragments and gathered them in Zhou Yuan’s palm.

Although Zhou Yuan could clearly see the fragments, it was hard to tell what sort of materials the fragments were made of. What he knew was that they were engraved with badly damaged ancient runes and exuded an indescribable, powerful energy.

As he studied the fragments, his pupils suddenly shrank because he identified that the fragments were parts of some kind of Saint treasure! 

It was no wonder that he felt a dangerous energy.

But he didn’t know where Lu Hai and the others got their hands on them. Moreover, the damaged Saint treasure fragments had clearly undergone some powerful and remarkable refinement. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Lu Hai and the others to summon a light tower possessing such a powerful suppression technique. 

“Zhou Yuan, how dare you take our treasure!”

Lu Hai’s and the others’ expressions changed drastically. “You better return it; otherwise, our top forces will ask the Tianyuan Region for an explanation!”

They circulated the Genesis Qi wildly within their bodies.

But Zhou Yuan maintained an indifferent expression. The sword light hovering behind Lu Hai’s and the others’ heads pierced forward half an inch, entering the backs of their heads without delay. Blood trickled down.

Feeling the sharp pain, the four widened their eyes in fear and immediately stopped circulating their Genesis Qi. They didn’t dare to move an inch. 

“Do you really think I won’t kill you?” Zhou Yuan said indifferently.

But it was his indifferent tone that made Lu Hai and the others shudder. It was only after a good while that Lu Hai uttered with some difficulty, “Zhou Yuan, you have already won. Why do you have to make it so ugly?”

They knew that the fragments were fragments of a Saint treasure that had undergone a powerful refinement. More importantly, the object didn’t belong to any of their five forces. If they were to lose it, it would be difficult for them to explain it to the owner.  

Zhou Yuan studied the suspended fragments in his hand and paid no attention to Lu Hai. He pondered for a moment and suddenly flicked his fingers. 


The sword light blazed brightly, piercing into their heads as horror filled their eyes.


They let out a wailing scream of terror, but they didn’t pass through death’s door. They each frantically shifted their gazes inward and found a sharp sword raging in their brain and bringing them sharp pain. They also found that the Genesis Qi within their bodies was becoming more and more disorderly. 

For a moment, they couldn’t move an inch, so they frantically tried to operate their Genesis Qi with all their strength to expel the sword qi in their brain.

Zhou Yuan expressionlessly walked by the four people.

Lu Hai could feel Zhou Yuan’s presence, but he didn’t want to divert his attention to other things. He knew that their mission was already a complete failure, but they couldn’t let Zhou Yuan take away the Saint treasure fragments that they were given. The pieces were indeed not something a few Divine Dwelling experts could possess, even if they were just fragments.

Therefore, while Lu Hai desperately tried to expel the sword qi that was causing havoc in his mind, he could only helplessly and heartachingly watch Zhou Yuan’s figure move farther and farther away.

And in their eyes, Zhou Yuan wasn’t in a hurry to seize the flag. Instead, he appeared on the distant collapsed mountain summit. 

With the wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi whirled up and lifted the boulders away.

Very soon he saw the super dark horse of the Venomous Dragon Palace whom he had blasted into the mountain.

Zhou Yuan brought out the dozen pieces of Saint treasure fragments in his hand and suspended them around the dark horse’s body. He immediately noticed some abnormal movements within his body before multiple fragments shot out from him.

Zhou Yuan gave a satisfied smile upon seeing this.

These five guys each held several pieces of the same Saint treasure, which some supreme person must have refined. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a few Divine Dwelling experts to display the power of a Saint treasure.  

These fragments were exactly what Zhou Yuan was interested in.

If used well, the Saint treasure fragments would undoubtedly become one of his killing weapons.

The nine regions tournament was right in front of him, and a great battle was inevitable; therefore, it was good to have another trump card. 

With a wave of his sleeve, Zhou Yuan stored the fragments and ignored the super dark horse who was still in an unconscious state. He only moved slightly but immediately reappeared next to the huge flag. He stretched out his hand and swiftly pulled it down.

Rays of light flowed around the flag.

Zhou Yuan shook his hand, and the light descended and formed a scroll of light in the palm of his hand. 

This scroll was the pass to enter the Fallen Abyss.

Zhou Yuan held the scroll in his hand, turned around and descended the mountain. As he lifted the scroll, it erupted in dazzling rays of light. 

The 2,000 people of the Tianyuan Region saw this scene, and they burst into deafening cheers and applause.

“Chief pavilion master is so powerful!”

“Chief pavilion master is invincible!”

When the scroll fell into Zhou Yuan’s hands, it symbolized that the Tianyuan Region had successfully passed through the Sever Nine Dragon round and obtained the eligibility to enter the Fallen Abyss and compete with the other eight regions!  

But everyone was well aware of the role that Zhou Yuan played in passing this round. If he hadn’t taken the flag, they would have had to suffer a huge price in order to win.

Lu Xiao wore a complex expression on his face.

“Fortunately, you’re not the chief pavilion master; otherwise, the Tianyuan Region would have been finished,” Han Yuan remarked quietly.

The corners of Lu Xiao’s mouth twitched, but in the end, he didn’t refute Han Yuan’s statement. After meeting the super dark horses hidden in the top forces, he understood how arrogant he was before. His strength was at best on the same level as Lu Hai, but if he were to face five enemies of the same level simultaneously, it would have been impossible to win. 

But Zhou Yuan was able to win.

This was enough to show that Zhou Yuan’s ability was much better than his.

Compared to the soaring morale on the Tianyuan Region’s side, the top five forces’ people hung their heads low in shame. They had done so much preparation, but they had still ended up failing in the end. 

Zhou Yuan swept his eyes over the five top forces and indifferently uttered, “Everyone, make way.”

In the mountains, thousands of people looked at one another and eventually retreated dejectedly.    

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to the people of the Tianyuan Region and said indifferently, “Everybody of the Tianyuan Region, follow me to explore the Fallen Abyss. I don’t know how many people want to see my Tianyuan Region fall from the throne, but I want everybody of Hunyuan Heaven to know that my Tianyuan Region is still one of the nine regions!” 

The eyes of the 2,000 people of the Tianyuan Region blazed with excitement. 

A loud and orderly roar resounded through the mountains, “We will follow the chief pavilion master’s orders!”

Zhou Yuan turned around, holding the scroll in one hand, and sped away from the mountains.


Behind him, thousands of figures streaked across the sky. It was a spectacular scene. 


Beyond the boundless mountain range.

The distant sky and ground were shattered and cracked. Rivers dropped from the sky, and towering mountains were upside down. It was as if even the basic rules had been altered. It was a mysterious place.  

That was the Fallen Abyss, the place where many Law Domain experts had fallen.

At this moment, on the Fallen Abyss’s periphery, eight different groups of people were standing separate.

They were the people of the eight regions.

They had broken through the Sever Nine Dragons round and had gathered outside the Fallen Abyss.  

Several of them peered at the mountain range with ruminative expressions because the people from the Tianyuan Region still hadn’t appeared.

Could they have failed the first round? If they had, it would be fascinating. In so many years, when had the nine regions been defeated in the first round, the Sever Nine Dragons?

Xu Ming smiled contemptuously.

Jiu Gong also shook her head. It seems that the Tianyuan Region really had bad luck.

Zhao Mushen seemed unconcerned.

Wu Yao remained calm and composed, and she similarly didn’t glance at the mountain once. If Zhou Yuan failed, it would indeed be a little disappointing. But she knew that it was impossible for a little Sever Nine Dragons round to stop someone who could persevere and turn around their past hopeless situation.   

Only Su Youwei clenched her hands tight, and a worried frown crossed her face.

Everyone had different expressions.

It was then that Zhou Yuan led the people of the Tianyuan Region through the mountain fog and appeared formidably in front of everybody.

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