Chapter 935 Celestial Shadow Tricks the Five Geniuses


As the light tower pressed down, the ground quaked, and a relieved, undisguisable smile came onto Lu Hai’s and the others’ faces. 

“That Zhou Yuan is really stupid!” A super dark horse sneered.

“He isn’t stupid—just too arrogant. He never thought about the consequences of falling into the Five Spirits Universe Tower. There are five seals in the tower, and once someone falls inside, the five seals will adhere to their body, and at least half their Genesis Qi foundation will be obstructed!”

“Even if we’re missing one person and the effect of the seal can’t be brought to its perfect state, it can still turn Zhou Yuan from a tiger to a cat!” 

The other three people burst into laughter. The Five Spirits Universe Tower was the strongest trump card that they had prepared. Let alone Zhou Yuan, even Xu Ming or Yuan Kun wouldn’t know what to do if they were to fall into the tower.  

The battle could be said to have ended when Zhou Yuan fell into the tower.

“Zhou Yuan is indeed capable. This ultimate move was reserved for the super heaven prides of the other eight regions when we entered the Fallen Abyss, but he had forced us to bring out this trump card,” Lu Hai said.

Thinking of the ability that Zhou Yuan had revealed when he had killed the Venomous Dragon Palace’s dark horse in seconds, Lu Hai couldn’t help feeling a chill in his heart. Zhou Yuan had concealed his strength too well. The heaven prides of the nine regions are indeed amazing. Even the deteriorating Tianyuan Region has someone so powerful. 

But, fortunately for them, Zhou Yuan was in their hands in the end.

The people locked in a fierce battle in the mountains also noticed that the tower had swallowed Zhou Yuan. Lu Xiao’s, Mu Liu’s, Han Yuan’s and Ye Bingling’s hearts sank. Although they didn’t know what the light tower was, they could guess that it was a trump card of Lu Hai and the others.  

Moreover, Zhou Yuan’s situation didn’t look good!

“Go help him!” Ye Bingling sent a signal to Lu Xiao and others.

Lu Xiao’s expression was cloudy, and his eyes were flickering, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and sped towards the mountain summit.

Although Lu Hai sensed Lu Xiao’s movements, he didn’t seem to care, and he shifted his gaze to the light tower, scrunching his brows in puzzlement. “Why is the light tower so quiet?”

A surprised look crossed the other three people’s faces. From their experience, the Genesis Qi within the light tower should be pulsing wildly once someone fell inside. The seals should also be activated, but why was it so strangely quiet?  

Lu Hai’s eyes flashed, and he felt an uneasy feeling in his chest. He immediately folded both hands in a hand seal.

The light tower in the distance trembled and gradually grew transparent, revealing the inside of the tower. 

But after one glance, they felt a chill down their spine.

They didn’t see anyone in the light tower!

“Zhou Yuan isn’t suppressed inside!” Lu Hai felt his scalp go numb, and his voice had become sharper.

The expressions of the other three changed drastically. They clearly witnessed Zhou Yuan being crushed and forced inside, so why was there no one inside it? If he wasn’t in the tower, where else would he be?! 

“Be on the alert!” Lu Hai roared, the uneasiness in his heart almost drowning him.

As his voice faded, the Genesis Qi within their body rushed forth.

Lu Hai’s shadow suddenly rippled, and a figure floated out silently like a ghost. Four beams of sword light rapidly took shape, stopping inches from the back of the heads of Lu Hai and the others. 

The sword light dimmed, but Lu Hai and the others stiffened in fear and stood rooted to the spot. They felt a tingle at the back of their heads, and the smell of death shrouded them. Such sensations made them know that the slightest movement of Genesis Qi within their body would trigger the sword light to cut their heads off without hesitation.

Beads of cold sweat gathered on Lu Hai’s forehead. He glanced back and saw Zhou Yuan staring at them with a smile.

“Zhou—Zhou Yuan!” Lu Hai’s brows were trembling, and his voice sounded pained. “Why are you here?”

It was obvious that Zhou Yuan had escaped with an incredibly strange bodywork technique the moment the light tower pressed down. Even Lu Hai and the others hadn’t noticed that he was standing silently behind them. 

Such a speed and such a bodywork technique, they were terrifying!

“You really think I would be stupid enough to let you trap me inside?” Zhou Yuan laughed.

What he used was the Celestial Shadow Art, one of the seven Cangxuan Arts. Zhou Yuan had been thinking about this technique for a long time, but he hadn’t found the time to practice it. In preparation for the nine regions tournament, he finally found the opportunity to master it.   

His first time using the Celestial Shadow Art was a great success.

This technique was incredibly mysterious. Once he hid in someone’s shadow, it was impossible to detect him. 

Lu Hai’s face twitched as he gritted his teeth and said reluctantly, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan represents the Tianyuan Region, but you didn’t even dare to respond to our challenge. Instead, you used this sneak attack. Are you not afraid that people will say you won unfairly?” 

He originally thought that Zhou Yuan would face their final trump card to demonstrate the Tianyuan Region’s strength, but who would have thought that Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have such an intention? He had instead taken advantage of the moment they relaxed to approach them like a venomous snake. 

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but sneer when he heard Lu Hai’s words. He gazed at them as if the four were fools.

Lu Hai grew increasingly angry when he saw the look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He, too, knew how ridiculous his words were.

Paying no attention to them, Zhou Yuan turned to the mountain where the fierce battle was happening. His indifferent voice contained a chilling intent. “Tell them to stop. You have already lost this round, so don’t force me to kill you. It is normal to have death and injuries in a battle of this level.”

Lu Hai exchanged glances with the other three people, then bowed his head.

They hadn’t expected that they would lose so inexplicably.

“Stop,” Lu Hai’s voice rang out.

The battle in the mountains halted. Everybody looked to the mountain summit and saw Zhou Yuan standing behind Lu Hai and the others. They also saw the sword lights hovering behind Lu Hai’s and the other’s heads. The people of the five forces suddenly felt icy cold.  

Lu Xiao, who was about to rush to the top of the mountain, also halted his steps, a look of astonishment crossing his face.

No one thought that Zhou Yuan, whom they were very worried about, would reverse the situation in the blink of an eye!

The eyes of the members of the four pavilions all sparkled with excitement.

Zhou Yuan cast a glance at the light tower in the distance and said, “That technique is interesting, but I have never heard that any of your five forces possessed such a technique.”

The light tower was indeed a very dangerous attack. Otherwise, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have chosen to evade it.

When Lu Hai heard Zhou Yuan’s words, his heart shuddered, and he coldly hissed, “Don’t underestimate other people. Although we aren’t as strong as the Tianyuan Region, we aren’t weak in Hunyuan Heaven!” 

Zhou Yuan didn’t respond. These five people were from five different forces, but they had practiced a secret art together? He of course didn’t believe it.

Moreover, all their preparations had targeted him and the Tianyuan Region. There was no way that Zhou Yuan would believe there was nothing fishy about this.

What kind of person in Hunyuan Heaven could command five top forces?

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t say anything else. “The battle is over. Withdraw the tower.”

With sword light floating behind their heads, although Lu Hai and the others were reluctant, they had no choice but to obey. With one thought, the light tower in the distance began to disintegrate, then turned into waves of Genesis Qi and receded.

But when the waves of Genesis Qi neared Lu Hai and the others, Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly made a move. Hair gushed out from his palm, penetrated the four waves of Genesis Qi and wrapped around the fragments inside.

Zhou Yuan flicked his sleeve, and dozens of shimmering fragments flew towards him.

This change happened in the blink of an eye. Lu Hai and the others all stood stunned, but then their expressions changed drastically. “Zhou Yuan, you dare take our treasure?”

They hadn’t expected Zhou Yuan to seize their treasure!

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