Chapter 934 Lu Hai’s counterattack

When Zhou Yuan blasted the Venomous Dragon Palace’s super dark horse into the mountains, it was unknown whether the dark horse was alive or dead. Not only Lu Hai and the others were dumbstruck, but even the people fiercely battling in the mountains suddenly fell silent.

Shocked disbelief filled everybody’s eyes. It was clear that Zhou Yuan’s previous ferocious attack had a huge impact on them.

The super dark horse from the Venomous Dragon Palace possessed strength no weaker than Chen Xuandong’s. Although Zhou Yuan had won the match against Chen Xuandong two months prior, it was still a bitter and drawn-out battle.

But now...he killed with one punch!

How could Zhou Yuan’s strength rise to such an extent in just two months?!

“Chief pavilion master is invincible!”

The members of the four pavilions trembled with excitement and burst into earthshaking cheers and applause. Their morale skyrocketed, and they unexpectedly suppressed their 4,000 opponents, causing their opponents to withdraw.

Lu Xiao, Mu Liu, Han Yuan and the others forcibly suppressed their shock and commanded their people to attack.

Zhou Yuan’s current performance finally reassured them.

In Fallen City, uproar and commotions were similarly breaking out. In shocked disbelief, the onlookers stared at the huge mirror in the void above them. The scene of Zhou Yuan killing the super dark horse from the Venomous Dragon Palace was deeply imprinted in their minds.

“Zhou Yuan of Tianyuan Region has improved so much and so fast. His Genesis Qi foundation has reached the level of 38 million!”

“A foundation of this level is already good enough to compete with the super heaven prides of the other eight regions!”

“Yes, it is said that Xu Ming’s Genesis Qi foundation is only around 40 million, which isn’t much higher than Zhou Yuan’s!”

“No wonder Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid of Xu Ming!”

“There’s going to be a good show. The joint attack of the Scarlet Cloud Sword Sect and the other forces seems incapable of swallowing the Tianyuan Region...”



“He deserves to die!”

Lu Hai stared at this scene gloomily. The other three super dark horses had already gathered around him, all staring at the collapsed mountain in shocked horror.

“The intelligence was wrong. His strength has improved too much!”

They knew Zhou Yuan had improved in two months, but that improvement should be within a controllable range. However, they had never thought his foundation could soar to the level of 38 million.

Although one’s foundation would skyrocket when the last two Divine Dwellings were connected, it shouldn’t be such an astonishing increase, right?

Their foundations hadn’t increased even half as much as Zhou Yuan’s when they had connected through to the eighth Divine Dwelling!

In the distance, Zhou Yuan hovered in the air as he indifferently swept his gaze across the distant collapsing mountain. Even if the Venomous Dragon Palace’s super dark horse survived, he would most likely be disabled and incapable of participating in the next battle.

So, he shifted his gaze to Lu Hai and the others.

Lu Hai and others visibly tensed up, their eyes filled with vigilance and fear, which was entirely different from their previous mocking and teasing gazes.

They knew that Zhou Yuan was deliberately concealing his strength.

“You guys run fast.” Zhou Yuan smiled.

He originally thought he could take the opportunity to get rid of at least two people first, but he had underestimated their sensitivity to danger and only managed to get rid of one person in the end.

Lu Hai drew a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and uttered in a cold voice, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan really knows how to conceal his strength.”

“I learned from you,” Zhou Yuan said casually. Previously, Lu Hai had concealed two super dark horses and waited for Zhou Yuan to appear before he summoned them out.

Lu Hai looked indignant, but he forcibly suppressed his fury and fiercely stared at Zhou Yuan. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you really think you have won?”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes without saying anything.

Lu Hai sneered, “You think you’re prepared?! The five forces here today are determined to defeat the Tianyuan Region!”

He glanced at the other three and said, “Prepare the secret weapon!”

The three dark horses exclaimed, “But the secret technique is missing one person!”

The secret technique that they had prepared required five people, but no one thought that Zhou Yuan would kill one of them the moment they met.

“Four people is enough!”

The three super dark horses all nodded firmly, a fierce glint in their eyes.  

The three folded their hands into hand seals at lightning speed, and mighty Genesis Qi rose from their heads. Within the Genesis Qi, there seemed to be faint fragments that seemed particularly mysterious.  

The three beams of Genesis Qi frantically collided in the void while the fragments inside rapidly fused, vaguely taking the shape of a pillar. 

Lu Hai let out a deafening roar, and a beam of Genesis Qi shot up to merge with the pillar gradually forming in the void. 


Lu Hai and the others bit their tongues, and blood spurted out, turning into tens of thousands of red beads. Each bead was wrapped in Genesis Qi, and they fused into the pillar. 

Above the pillar, the light grew bright.

Zhou Yuan raised his brows as he carefully watched them. A sword pill emerged in the palm of his hand, then split into four beams of sword light, slashing through the air towards Lu Hai and the others. 


But before the sword light touched them, the mysterious pillar in the void spewed out four rays of brilliant light and enveloped the four beams of sword light. The rays rapidly broke the sword light down into specks of light.  

Lu Hai lifted his head, looking mockingly at Zhou Yuan, and laughed, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, don’t waste your efforts. In order to deal with you, I came well prepared. You will definitely lose!” 

As his voice faded, the mysterious pillar finally took shape, becoming a light tower hundreds of meters tall. 

The light tower was suspended in the air, releasing a four-colored light as it swallowed an untold amount of Genesis Qi. The tower seemed mysterious and unfathomable. 

Zhou Yuan stared at the light tower, furrowing his brows. He sensed danger, but the object was very bizarre. It appeared to be a Genesis technique, but it contained the aura of a Genesis Artifact. 

It seemed that, as Lu Hai had said, they had come fully prepared.    

But why were they so certain that their preparation was for dealing with him?

It was as though they were confident that Zhou Yuan would be allocated the second route. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. All this gave him the feeling of a conspiracy, and combined with the fact that Zhao Xiansun controlled the draw, it made him suspect that the Wanzu Region was secretly targeting the Tianyuan Region. 

Could it be supreme sovereign Wan Zu?

Zhou Yuan knitted his brows and let out a long sigh. He couldn’t intervene in a battle of that level, and he could only concentrate on passing the obstacle in front of him.

He knew that the four-colored light tower was Lu Hai and the others’ final trump card. As long as he could withstand it, he would naturally be able to solve the crisis. 

The four-colored light tower grew brighter and brighter in the void, while Lu Hai and the others’ faces became paler and paler, but their eyes were blazing with excitement. They believed that they could suppress Zhou Yuan with their killing move!

So what if he had a foundation of 38 million Genesis Qi stars?!

Lu Hai lifted his head and roared skywards.

“Five Spirits Universe Tower! Seal all objects and beings!”


Following his roar, the light tower wrapped in four different colors suddenly vanished. When it reappeared, it was already directly above Zhou Yuan and crashing down at lightning speed. 


The ground quaked.

The light tower enveloped Zhou Yuan’s body.

Lu Hai’s mouth twisted in a sneer. Once Zhou Yuan is trapped in the tower, he will no doubt lose! 

“Zhou Yuan, even if you are talented and remarkable, you’ll become our stepping stone today!”

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