Chapter 933 One Punch

In Fallen City.

Countless people fixed their eyes on the light mirror in the void above them. Mighty Genesis Qi was constantly erupting, and figures were locked in fierce battles.  

The people of the nine regions were starting to break through their allotted paths.

“The strength of the Wanzu Region is indeed too terrifying. They easily tore down the line of defense composed of six top forces.”

“The six forces’ dark horses were also too afraid to appear in front of Zhao Mushen.”

“The gap in strength is too great, so how would they dare face the Wanzu Region?”

“There's no suspense anywhere else—”

“Wrong, there is a place where the suspense isn’t little...”

Someone roared with laughter and turned to look playfully at one side of the mirror. There, the mirror showed the people of the Tianyuan Region. Their number was fewer than the five forces they were against, but the Tianyuan Region’s Divine Dwelling experts were still significantly stronger. Therefore, even if they had a disadvantage in number, it was still difficult for the people of the five top forces to break through.


Some people looked to the top of a mountain where five super dark horses surrounded Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan is really too arrogant. He even dared to take the risk alone. Does he really think his opponents wouldn’t be prepared?” Someone couldn’t help but shake his head. Zhou Yuan’s behavior was very reckless. 

“He's trying to kill them and take the flag directly since his side is bound to suffer losses if they attack normally.”

“He’s too naive. What is he going to do? Lu Hai and the others are all Divine Dwelling heaven prides specially cultivated, and their strengths aren’t in the slightest inferior to Chen Xuandong’s. Now that the five have joined forces, no matter how strong Zhou Yuan is, he will inevitably lose!”  

Countless people nodded secretly. It was unknown how many talents were hiding throughout Hunyuan Heaven, but the people ranked on the Divine Dwelling List was only a small fraction. It was only at these critical times that the dark horses would emerge and make people marvel at Hunyuan Heaven’s strength.

Zhou Yuan, who had been the brightest black horse, was now surrounded by several hidden dark horses.

Would Zhou Yuan, the super dark horse who had attracted untold attention, continue to advance, or would he be killed in the siege?

Many people were curious about the result.


On the mountain summit, Zhou Yuan studied the five figures shrouded in pulsing Genesis Qi and sighed. “No wonder you are from Hunyuan Heaven’s top forces. You have concealed yourselves very well. Do you intend to attack together or alone?”

Lu Hai grinned. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you don’t need to use such a lowly indirect psychological method to make us do what you want. We know that you aren’t weak, so we don’t plan to play with you one on one.”  

Lu Hai was very cunning. He understood that their advantage lay in their numbers, so how would he give it up just because of Zhou Yuan’s taunts? 

“Go! Let's first assess chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan’s strength,” Lu Hai thundered.


As soon as his voice faded, five torrents of majestic Genesis Qi gushed out from all directions. They pierced through the void and roared towards Zhou Yuan, completely blocking his escape routes.

Lu Hai and the others launched a full-strength attack immediately, and their Genesis Qi lit up the void, forming a sky behind them full of Genesis Qi stars. 

There were no less than 30 million Genesis Qi stars!

The joint attack of five people could be described as a terrifying earthquake of momentum. 

If Zhou Yuan were still at the same level as when he had fought Chen Xuandong, their attack would most likely kill him!

But Zhou Yuan didn’t show any intention of evading their attacks, surprising Lu Hai and the rest. He instead stood there blankly.

“Well, since you want to die, you can’t blame us!” Lu Hai smiled coldly. In a fight among top Divine Dwelling experts, death and injury were inevitable. Even if Zhou Yuan was the chief pavilion master of Tianyuan Region, he could only blame himself for his stupidity. 


Under countless gazes, the five torrents of Genesis Qi repeatedly bombarded Zhou Yuan like enraged dragons.  

The ground quaked, and the mountains trembled as though a huge mountain was crumbling.

The movements on the mountain summit stunned everybody below it. After they learned of the situation, the top five forces burst into cheers, while the members of the four pavilions couldn’t stop their expression from changing drastically.  

Even Lu Xiao's heart sank. He also felt the attack from Lu Hai and the others, and he knew that the five hadn’t held back. If he were to face an attack of that level, he would most likely be crushed to smithereens.

“Zhou Yuan was too careless!” Lu Xiao uttered, his expression dark.

They were already under great pressure, and if Zhou Yuan was defeated in front of so many people, it would no doubt have a huge impact on their morale. 

Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling all felt their hearts in their throats.

The Genesis Qi gradually receded from the mountain summit, and the smoke faded.

What first caught their eyes was a huge crack spreading out like a cobweb. It stretched across almost the entire mountain, and there was a dark pit in its center.

Seeing the crater, Lu Hai and the others’ pupils suddenly shrank because a figure was silently standing in the air above it.

It was Zhou Yuan!

His position hadn’t changed, and his body, just like a boulder, hadn’t budged an inch. Even his clothes were undamaged.

If it weren’t for the deep pit, everyone would have thought that the attack from Lu Hai and the others was just an illusion.

Zhou Yuan is unscathed!


Exclamations of disbelief erupted, regardless if one was in the mountains or Fallen City.

The five’s joint attack didn’t harm Zhou Yuan?

How is that possible!

Even Lu Hai’s expression changed abruptly. “Impossible!”

Zhou Yuan fixed an indifferent yet piercing gaze at Lu Hai and the others. “If I had met you two months ago, you would have given me a headache, but unfortunately...”

He smiled. “You seem to have already lost your best chance.”


The moment his voice faded, a dragon’s roar reverberating throughout the world. Mighty Genesis Qi erupted from his body, and azure-golden Genesis Qi lit up the void, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars.  

38 million!

Astonishing Genesis Qi pressure overwhelmingly filled the sky, and it instantly suppressed Lu Hai and the others’ Genesis Qi.

Their expressions changed drastically. According to the information they had received, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was just over 20 million when he had fought Chen Xuandong!

But now, his foundation skyrocketed to 38 million?! That bastard concealed his strength so well! How cunning! 


While they were in a state of shock, Zhou Yuan’s figure suddenly vanished. 

Lu Hai's pupils shrank, and he roared, “Gather together! Be careful. He wants to strike us one by one!"

The other four dark horses rapidly withdrew at his command, trying to gather together. 

But one person was still too slow. Zhou Yuan’s figure immediately appeared in front of him like a ghost. With an indifferent expression, he clenched his hand and blasted out a punch, sending a torrent of 38 million Genesis Qi stars roaring out like an azure-colored dragon. It tore apart the sky and aimed for the lone dark horse.

“You think I would be afraid of you!”

That super dark horse was also a proud person. Genesis Qi immediately erupted from his body without reservation. He knew that as long as he could block Zhou Yuan for a moment, Lu Hai and others could take the opportunity to attack Zhou Yuan.  

“Iron venomous dragon!”

The super dark horse Zhou Yuan was aiming for was from a top power called the Venomous Dragon Palace. As he roared, his Genesis Qi seemingly transformed into a black venomous dragon. It wrapped around his body as though it was a part of him, turning him into a mountain of steel.  

It was a terrifying defense.


Zhou Yuan, however, didn’t pause once because of the defensive qi. He slammed out a fist and struck the steel mountain with the azure, dragon-like Genesis Qi. 


Countless people cried out in shock, witnessing the Venomous Dragon Palace’s super dark horse wail loudly, his black venomous dragon shattering.

A look of horror came onto his face.

The iron venomous dragon was his strongest defense, and he hadn’t expected it would fail to withstand one punch from Zhou Yuan!


As the black dragon protection shattered to pieces, mighty Genesis Qi exploded above his body.  

The void violently shook as the super dark horse’s tragic scream rang throughout the void. The force blasted him back like a cannonball, sending him tens of thousands of feet before he slammed into a huge mountain. The entire mountain collapsed and completely buried him.  

Zhou Yuan’s attack had happened at lightning speed, and before Lu Hai and the others could do anything to save the dark horse, the battle was already over. 

Lu Hai and the others peered at the collapsing mountain in the distance, then turned to Zhou Yuan. Zhou Yuan was wearing an indifferent expression and rubbing his fists. The four felt an insuppressible chill gush out from their hearts.  

It had never crossed their minds that Zhou Yuan’s strength would improve so greatly in two months’ time!

With just one punch, he had killed a super dark horse who was in no way weaker than Chen Xuandong.

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