Chapter 932 Trap

Two thousand figures swiftly moved through the cloud-covered mountains and forests; no obstacle could stop them. 

As they marched forward, the group kept particularly quiet as Zhou Yuan led them.

He could feel the heavy atmosphere around the team. Everyone was aware of the serious consequences if they lost, but there was nothing they could do. Many things had happened in the Tianyuan Region in the past few years, and their overall strength had been steadily weakening. The team of 2,000 people present was already the region’s elites of the Divine Dwelling stage. 

The impact that Cang Yuan’s disappearance had on the Tianyuan Region was too great.

Or perhaps the weight of a Saint expert was too great.

The reason that the Tianyuan Region could stand in Hunyuan Heaven for so many years was most likely due to supreme sovereign Cang Yuan.

Now that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had been missing for so many years, if it weren’t for the fact that his power and prestige remained, the Tianyuan Region would most likely be worse than it was now. It was difficult to defend a territory of this level with just a few Law Domain experts.

Zhou Yuan sped across the mountains and through the forest, the look in his eyes becoming increasingly resolute. No matter how difficult it was, he needed to achieve the best results in the nine regions tournament and obtain the Ancestral Dragon lantern!  

It was his main purpose for coming to Hunyuan Heaven!


The Genesis Qi at his feet surged, and his body soared into the sky; he was the first to leap up a mountain.

Then he narrowed his eyes.


The thousands of figures behind him landed, all staring ahead with solemn expressions.  

Flags were fluttering between the mountains, and black silhouettes formed a strong line of defense in front of them. They almost completely blocked their path leading to the distance.

On a sword-like mountain peak behind the defensive line, three figures stood with their arms crossed. They were staring ruminatively at Zhou Yuan and the others. Behind them was a huge red flag flapping in the wind like a ball of fire.  

Genesis Qi faintly flashed above the red flag, and on the flag was the seal to enter Fallen Abyss. To get the seal, however, Zhou Yuan and the others needed to pass the trial.

“Haha, chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, I am Lu Hai of the Scarlet Cloud Sword Sect. We’ve been waiting for you,” the scarlet-robed man roared in laughter, his voice sounding from the top of the mountain. He carried a sword on his back.

He didn’t conceal his Genesis Qi, and it shrouded him like a roaring sea of flame. Even from a distance, his powerful Genesis Qi foundation made Lu Xiao and the others inwardly shudder.

The man wasn’t any weaker than Chen Xuandong.

“The top forces really know how to hide.” Yi Qiushui gritted her teeth. It was obvious that the top forces had been preparing for many years. They had to have exhausted a lot of resources to cultivate a Divine Dwelling heaven pride of this level.

On the contrary, if Zhou Yuan hadn’t suddenly emerged in the Tianyuan Region, they would have had to rely on Lu Xiao alone. From this, it was obvious what a mess the Tianyuan Region was, both inside and outside. It was no wonder that the major forces dared to step on the Tianyuan Region’s face.

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you won’t be able to pass through this path in the nine regions tournament. If you don’t want to create a big scene, I advise you to turn back. As for your eligibility to participate in the nine regions tournament, I will help you enjoy it.” Lu Hai’s laughter, filled with arrogance, sounded again.  

His words infuriated the 2,000 people from theTianyuan Region, and they all stared at Lu Hai with flames spewing from their eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. He paid no attention to Lu Hai’s obvious provocation. He only gave a glance at the forest around the mountains. The Genesis Qi fluctuations, which numbered in the thousands, signaled that the opponents were well prepared.

“Follow the plan I said earlier.” Zhou Yuan turned to remind Lu Xiao and the others.

“Do you really want to do this?” Lu Xiao asked again.

“You just have to stall the 4,000 Divine Dwelling experts. Leave the rest to me,” Zhou Yuan said.

Lu Xiao took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and said, “You are the chief pavilion master, and we listen to everything you say, but if we fail because of your decision, you will need to take responsibility.”

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile.

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything more. With a wave of his hand, he shot out first, and the members of the Fire Pavilion closely followed behind him.

Ye Bingling, Mu Liu and Han Yuan also led the members of the other three pavilions and charged straight into the strong line of defense ahead.


Genesis Qi erupted everywhere.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan’s line of sight was fixed on the three figures on the distant mountain peak. All of a sudden, his figure skimmed through the air, speeding directly towards them.

Attacks of Genesis Qi broke out from the mountains and forest in an attempt to stop him, but he easily evaded them all.  

Watching Zhou Yuan approach alone, Lu Hai burst into laughter. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you want to kill us and get the flag single-handedly? Haha, how courageous!”

He gave a mocking laugh. “It doesn't matter. When we catch you, the Tianyuan Region will naturally collapse!”

With a wave of his hand, Lu Hai signaled to several figures to charge out from the forest to block Zhou Yuan, but after ten breaths, Zhou Yuan directly landed on the mountain peak amidst countless shocked gazes. 

Lu Hai and the others narrowed their eyes, staring at Zhou Yuan. “Taking such a risk...chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, you are indeed impressive.”

“Have you heard about what happened to Chen Xuandong?” Zhou Yuan responded indifferently.

Lu Hai smiled. “You have recently risen to fame. Of course we know about your powerful strength. We know that you want to defeat us three alone to reduce Tianyuan Region’s loss. But have you thought about whether or not we would let you?”

“You think you can with just the three of you?” Zhou Yuan asked.

“Although I think the three of us are enough, what’s the harm of inviting more people since you’re so arrogant?”


As his voice faded, two beams of incomparably fierce Genesis Qi suddenly shot into the sky from the mountain peak, stirring up a storm.  

Two long howls of laughter rang out as two figures emerged on a cliff behind Zhou Yuan.

“We didn’t dare to show ourselves in case we scared you away, but it seems our worries were unnecessary.” 

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan is courageous, but I don’t know if it’s from stupidity or fearlessness.” The two figures mockingly laughed as they blocked Zhou Yuan’s escape route.

Lu Xiao and the others also noticed the movements on the mountain peak, their expressions changing drastically. They didn’t expect there to be two super dark horses hiding. It was clear their opponents had come well prepared!  

They were only waiting for Zhou Yuan to come forward!

But it was already too late to help Zhou Yuan. The 4,000 Divine Dwelling experts were already charging towards them from all directions.

Lu Xiao drew a deep breath, suppressing the chill inside him, and peered in the direction of the mountain peak.

“Zhou Yuan, the opponents have come prepared. You have to depend on yourself this time. I hope you can create a miracle!”

He focused his attention back to his immediate surroundings, his gaze turning fierce.

“Kill!” With a thunderous roar, he led many people to meet the people coming from all directions head-on.

Bursts of battle cries resounded.

Genesis Qi shook the mountains and forests.

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