Chapter 931 Trial starts

When the draw was decided, numerous silhouettes sped away and skimmed across Fallen City’s sky.  

The top forces were making preparations.

Several miles outside Fallen City was an ancient mountain range with incredibly complex terrain, and behind it was Fallen Abyss.

While the whole Fallen City was buzzing with excitement, Zhou Yuan descended in front of the people of the Tianyuan Region.

He scanned around and saw that Lu Xiao, Mu Liu, Han Yuan and the others all scrunched their brows in a worried frown. They were clearly worried about the difficulties they would face.

“Information on the second path has come. This time there will be people from five different forces blocking us. There are around 4,000 people, which is slightly more than us, and among them are 900 people at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage,” Zhou Yuan explained. 

Everybody’s heart sank. Their opponents were double their number and had 500 extra people at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. If they fought, they would be greatly pressured.

Although the combat strength of the Tianyuan Region was a little stronger, it wasn’t enough to make up for the difference in number between the two sides.

Lu Xiao cast a glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “The most troublesome thing is that there will be some dark horses hiding, and they are likely not weaker than Chen Xuandong.  

“I can beat one of them, but that's my limit.”

Mu Liu and Han Yuan pondered for a moment before they said, “We each can try to stop one of them, but the chance of winning won’t be high. We can stall them at most.”

In terms of strength, they were both weaker than Lu Xiao. They knew that they could at most stall an expert with strength similar to Chen Xuandong.

Everyone knew that once the super dark horses charged over, their defensive line would quickly fall, and their situation would collapse. In the end, facing the attacks of thousands of Divine Dwelling experts, they would be utterly defeated even with Zhou Yuan leading them.

Feeling the gloomy atmosphere around them, Zhou Yuan went silent for a moment before saying, “The dark horses of the other forces—you don’t have to deal with them.

“Leave them all to me. You guys only have one task: stall the 4,000 people to buy some time for me so that I can kill them and get the flag!”

Even Lu Xiao was surprised by his words. “Leave them to you? Do you know that there are most likely more than three dark horses as strong as Chen Xuandong!”

Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Xuandong, his opponents this time were several Chen Xuandongs!

Zhou Yuan calmly explained, “It isn’t beneficial for us to get caught in a large-scale fight. We can’t suffer too much of a loss; otherwise, the situation will become even more unfavorable before we even step into Fallen Abyss. 

“They must have thought about this too, so they are likely willing to accept this since it will minimize their losses.”

Mu Liu hesitated and said, “How confident are you?”

If the other side captured or defeated Zhou Yuan, the morale of the Tianyuan Region’s 2,000 people would crumble, and the Tianyuan Region would completely lose face.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “If I say I’m confident, would you believe me?”

Mu Liu and the others exchanged a glance with each other, feeling a little awkward because it was true they didn’t have much confidence in him.

Zhou Yuan didn’t try to explain more but said, “There is no better way, anyway, so let’s go with this plan.”

Seeing he had made up his mind, they could only nod their heads.

Fallen City quietened, but everyone knew that the silence was just the calm before the storm.

After an hour had passed, in the void above, Zhao Xiansun flung his sleeve, and a melodious bell rang throughout the world.

“It is time—the nine regions tournament starts now! Everybody get ready!”

As his voice faded, several beams of mighty Genesis Qi swiftly shot into the sky from Fallen City, and silhouettes swept across the sky like locusts, blotting out the sun and sky for a good while.

“Let’s go!” Zhou Yuan took the lead, soaring into the sky.

Lu Xiao, Mu Liu and other members of the four pavilions quickly followed. 

Nine waves of people skimmed through the air, each group distinctly separated from each other, heading for the ancient mountain range to the south at full speed.

In awe, countless people in Fallen City stared at the figures in the distance.

In the void above, Zhao Xiansun flicked his finger, causing the Genesis Qi to pulse and gather into a gigantic nine-sided mirror that revealed the movements of the nine groups.

Many people fixed their gazes on the Genesis Qi mirror and whispered to one another.

“I wonder if one of the dragons would be severed in this year’s Sever Nine Dragon?”

“Haha, do you want to say the Tianyuan Region is unlucky?”

“It’s pitiful. As one of the nine regions, the region has deteriorated to this state. If this continues, it will most likely have to give away its position.”  

“How can 2,000 people from the Tianyuan Region defeat the people of five top forces? They are bound to lose.”


Many people secretly shook their heads, sighed, or gloated over the Tianyuan Region’s bad luck. However, it was clear that almost everybody felt that the Tianyuan Region had fallen into a hopeless situation.

Zhou Yuan and the others moved at full speed, and in around ten minutes, an endless ancient mountain range appeared in view. Cliffs lined every single mountainside and stabbed into the sky like swords piercing above the clouds.

The mountain tops were so high that it was difficult for even Divine Dwelling stage experts to leap over them.

At such a high height, a Genesis Qi storm was raging and causing havoc, making it impossible for the Divine Dwelling stage experts to shuttle through.

When the nine waves of people came to the mountain range, they quickly separated and headed for different routes.  

The nine routes were separate.

It was then that Zhou Yuan met Zhao Mushen, Hunyuan Heaven’s king of the Divine Dwelling stage. He stood calmly in front of the thousands of people from the Wanzu Region, his robe billowing around him. 

He was indeed a handsome person, but he was very arrogant.

It was obvious that Zhao Mushen was aware of Zhou Yuan’s gaze, but he didn’t glance at him. That feeling was similar to how he treated the respectful gazes of usual passersby.

Next to Zhao Mushen was a pretty woman who swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and curled her lips contemptuously.

Zhou Yuan ignored them and unhesitatingly waved his hand, leading the 2,000 people from the Tianyuan Region into the ancient mountain range with dangerously sharp ridges and steep peaks.

Looking at their shadows, countless people felt the fierce wind howling.  

After this trip, the Tianyuan Region would most likely become turbulent.

And the Tianyuan Region’s reputation would suffer an unprecedented blow!

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